Bomaderry Camp - A P Elkin Undated

Personal Archives of A P Elkin University of Sydney Archives Box 11, Item 20 Correspondence and Reports from a folder labelled 'Kelly' Study of a Small Native Community Living near a Country Town Township Nowra Natives Full bloods and half-castes Mode of Living (1) Reserves (2) Privately owned land Bomaderry Camp Name Type School Children Remarks in Family C H Stewart M lt 1/2 4 Sawmills W lt 1/2 Arthur Stewart M lt 1/2 3 Sawmills W dk 1/2 C Stewart snr M dk 1/2 1 grandchild Fisherman, own boat W lt 1/2 (father of all Stewarts on list) -- Carriage M white 1 Relief work W 1/2 W Stewart M lt 1/2 2 Relief and farming W dk 1/2 R Walker M 1/2 Relief and farming W 1/2 J Neil M white 1 Relief and farming W dk 1/2 Mrs Whitty (widow) dk 1/2 Picking M Walker M dk 3/4 1 Sister to J Neil W white -- Bloxam M dk 1/2 Relief and farming W lt 1/2 Snowy (widower) F/B Too old to work Mrs Brown dk 1/2 2 Sons keep her (troublesome) Notes dk Dark lt Light M Man W Wife H/C Half-caste F/B Fullblood