Menindee - A P Elkin 1946

Personal Archives of A P Elkin University of Sydney Archives Box 14, Item 1/3/34 Aboriginal Station Management - Menindie Correspondence 1946 Two letters and a report by Mr A W Hicks in connection with Inquiry under Section 9 of the Public Service Act into the administration of the Aboriginal Station at Menindee and the manner in which Mr L N Briggs, manager of the Station, has performed his duties. Witnesses called at the request of Mr W Ferguson - Agnes Johnson Albert Wilfred Johnson, handyman, son of Agnes Oscar Johnson, son of Agnes Gladys Johnson, wife of Oscar Elsie Ferguson, wife of Duncan Eric Ferguson, son of Elsie Albert William 'Scruffy' Woolf Ted Wyman Duncan Ferguson, brother of Mr W Ferguson and husband of Elsie Also mentioned - Jack Johnson, resident of the Station, has 'de facto' wife and two children by her. Personal Archives of A P Elkin University of Sydney Archives Box 12 Reference 1/3/29 Reports on Aboriginal Station Management Letter dated 8 January 1944 from Menindee Station, Aborigines Welfare Board. Unfortunately the page containing the sender's name is missing. The letter contains " a list of Aborigines who died at Menindee Station while I was at the Station". Joan Taylor, 1 month old, died during the Manager's Annual Leave. Bridget Murray, died in Broken Hill Hospital a few days after giving birth to a stillborn baby. Baby Murray, stillborn of the above. Rosie Smith, not a resident of the Station. Brought in dying condition. Died in Broken Hill Hospital. Aged. Baby Whyman, stillborn in Broken Hill Hospital. Matthew Whyman, died in Broken Hill Hospital, 1 year old. Joyce Kelly, 1 month old. Died on Station very suddenly in night. Convulsions. Jack Connelly, died in Broken Hill Hospital. Cause stated to be dilated stomach. Fanny Brown, died on Station. Cancer. Very old. "All of the above deaths were reported to the local Registrars either at Menindee or Broken Hill."