Corner Talk- Sarah Martin

CORNER TALK- AN ANNALES INFLUENCED NARRATIVE FROM THE CORNER COUNTRY OF NSW by Sarah Martin Original PDF file made available on the Web in 2004. I converted this to a text file and extracted the sections listing people. Olive Downs is a remote Corner Country historic pastoral complex located approximately 65 km north of Tibooburra on Sturt National Park, in the extreme North-West Corner of NSW. It includes a homestead, outbuildings, and other associated built environment embedded in a cultural landscape of significance to Aboriginal people. The focal landscape feature for the indigenous and non-indigenous occupation of Olive Downs is the ephemeral Warri Warri Creek which emanates from the Mt King Ranges and runs north across the Strezlecki Desert to the Wilson River near its junction with Cooper Creek. TABLE 2 CENSUS 1891 AO CITY MICROFILM REELS 2534, 2533 FAR NORTH-WEST : DISTRICT MILPERINKA District Place Householder Aboriginal Aboriginal Notes MILPERINKA Mt Stuart W O Thomson 5 1 Mt Stuart W O Thomson 2 2 Yalpunga Jacky 1 1 total Yalpunga Sandy 1 3 total Onepar ? Run Frank 2 2 total Olive Downs Bandycoot 4 2 total Connulpie Downs J Jackson 3 2 1 non-Aboriginal in household Onepar Nallaalie (sp) 4 2 total Wori Wori Hugh Bill 0 1 Olive Downs 1 0 Fromes Creek 1 0 Yandama 1 0 Yandama Tilcha Polly 2 2 total Boulka Jimmy 7 8 total Quinyambie Old Tiga 2 1 total Tibooburra Blacks Camp 9 7 Milparinka P Murphy 1 1 total Mt Browne S Neale 2 2 Plus 2 non-Aboriginal Mt Browne Billy 2 0 Cobham G Barrow 2 0 One Tree Will Wheatley 2 0 total Yantara Abo Camp Emily 5 7 total Yancannia Abo Camp Davey Campbell 12 7 total Yancannia Abo Camp Nellie 1 3 total Yancannia 1 total Artesian Bore NB Word total in notes means all people in household were Aboriginal TABLE 3 : CENSUS 1901 FAR NORTH-WEST NSW AO CITY MICROFICHE 2.8452 District Place Householder Total Aboriginal Notes Number People M F M F Milparinka Mt Poole Duffield 16 1 2 1 Yandama Davies 18 2 3 2 Mt Browne 1 Packsaddle Colman 11 1 Nundora Hughes 5 1 Quinyambie G McDiarmid 3 1 1 1 Quinyambie M O'Keif 3 Quinyambie Aborigines 2 4 2 4 Tibooburra Tibooburra Stn G Smith 3 3 1 Tibooburra J Richards 3 7 1 1 Tibooburra Tommy' 5 4 5 4 Onepah Aboriginal' 1 1 1 1 4M 8F crossed out Cobham Robinson ? 6 4 1 1 Milparinka T'ship Rich Gilby 3 1 2 1 Mil Goldfield Aborigines 51 19 51 19 Yancannia Aborigines 4 7 4 7 Salisbury J Welsh 18 2 2 Salisbury J Welsh 16 4 2 0 Bootra J Harrison 13 2 2 1 TABLE 4 : MENTIONS OF FAR NORTH WEST NSW IN APB MINUTES SEPTEMBER 1890- JUNE 1901 Date Place Rations Clothing Notes 20.11.1890 Tibooburra 10 adults Police recommendation 17.12.1891 Milperinka district 22 11 M & 11F 28. 1.1892 Milperinka Medical attendance for girl 18. 2.1892 'Minnie' 10.11.1892 Milperinka District 24 Police rec. ­ approved 2.11.1893 24 for '24 old and infirm' 22.11.1894 24 12 men & 12 women 7.11.1895 24 21.10.1897 24 Above coments apply to 17.11.1898 24 all this set 23.11.1899 24 27. 1.1898 Mt Stewart 4 people Police Tibooburra rec 28. 2.1898 Tibooburra rations approved 14. 4.1898 Milperinka 14.8.0 19. 5.1898 Tibooburra 2.14.0 14. 7.1898 Tibooburra 8.15.0 20.10.1898 Tibooburra 7.9.6 Meat rations 19. 1.1899 Tibooburra 8.4.0 20. 4.1899 Tibooburra 7.9.6 27. 7.1899 Tibooburra 7.9.6 20.10.1899 Tibooburra 6.14.4 23.11.1899 Milparinka 14.8.0 12 men & 12 women 18. 1.1900 Tibooburra 7.11.8 19. 4.1900 Tibooburra 6.14.4 19. 7.1900 Tibooburra 6.14.4 8.11.1900 Milperinka 24 people Ages from 40 to 55 31. 1.1901 Tibooburra 8.3.6 2. 5.1901 Tibooburra 7.3.0 23. 4.1901 Milperinka Police rec rations for 90 people unable to obtain employment -approved SOME FAMILIES ASSOCIATED WITH TIBOOBURRA IN THE 1901-1938 PERIOD Family Father Mother Children Group Polly Albert Ebsworth, Wangkumara Sam Burgamar, Tommy Burgamar (Bugmy) Ebsworth Albert Rosie Jones Una, Wangkumara Albie, Arnold, Lorna, Ngaka (Cecil), Martin, Lena, Alma, Jean Jones/Hines/ Charlotte Rosie Jones Wangkumara/Paakantyi Dutton/Clayton Jack Hines (Willy Dutton) Queenie Hines May Hines Willy Dutton Bates Harry Rosie Jones Ruby Bates Paakantyi/Wangkumara McDermott George Ruby Bates Edith Wangkumara Johnson Fred Donald Flinders Johnson Donald Ruby Bates Steve Flinders/Wangkumara/Paakantyi Lenny, Ronnie, Gladys, Amy, Roy Hines Jack Madelaine Gibbs Ray, Wangkumara Jean, Georgina Booth Frank Queenie Hines Children Wangkumara Clayton Scottie Sam's uncle Hartnett Thomas & Tarella Elizabeth, White & Paakantyi? Hartnett Fred Una Ebsworth Rita, ?/Wangkumara Cyril, Cliff, John, Shirley Agatha Monaghan John (Jack) Elizabeth Hartnett Alma Jean, ? Pat (Paddy) Mick, Tom, Colin, Maggie, Dorrie, Kate, Clarrie, Fred, Brian Quayle Judy John Paakantyi? Quayle John Hannah Hamilton Ruby, Paakantyi? & Malyangapa (Williams) May, Marjorie, Jack, Lawrence, Eileen, Monica, Frank, Edith Riley George Ruby Quayle Ada, ? Koa & Malyangapa Hazel, Ida, Mary Williams John Elsie Podmore Lawrence Malyangapa Williams Gilbert (Thintyu) Leta Allen Malyangapa Hunt May Rachel Malyangapa.Paakantyi Bates Albert Rosie Stapleton Alfred, Paakantyi & Malyangapa Alice, Ethel, Gilbert, Albie, William, James, Elsie, Maudie Bates Jim (not related) ? Bates Peter (?) ? Gilby Richard & Alice Stapleton White & Malyangapa Morris Henry & Grace Knight Henry Wally ++ White & Paakantyi Morris William & Lucella Quimby Ivy, White & Paakantyi Pearl Dutton George Alice Bates Jim, Paakantyi & Malyangapa Evelyn, Lorraine, George, Norma, Charlie Harding Norman Lucy ? Wangkumara Barlow Jimmy Jennie Alf Malyangapa & Wangkumara Gibson Taylor Tottie Teetalpa Hilda, Paakantyi Ethel Crow Rupert Hilda Gibson Henry, Paakantyi Alfie Nappa Merrie Jimmy Barryoolah Alice ? Wangkumara? & Wangkumara Whyman Walter ? ? Moore Kerwin Benny Nellie Parker Lennie, Yandawantra TABLE 6 TIBOOBURRA CATHOLIC CHURCH BAPTISMS 1927-1937 Surname Christian Name Age/Born Father Mother Date 'Godparent' Johnson Ronald c1930 Donald Ruby Ebsworth 12.11.1931 T Dalwood Johnson Leonard 14. 6.1927 Donald Ruby Ebsworth 12.11.1931 T Dalwood Johnson Hazel 9. 9.1931 Donald Ruby Ebsworth 12.11.1931 T Dalwood Kennedy Sylvia May 17. 8.1930 Charles Florence Boswell 12.11.1930 T Dalwood Hunt Rachel 5.11.1931 William May Quayle 12.11.1931 T Dalwood Quayle Keith Francis 19. 3.1931 Laurie Ethel Bates 12.11.1931 Myrtle Riley Bates Gilbert c21 yrs Albert Rose 14.11.1931 T Dalwood Bates Albert c18 yrs Albert Rose 14.11.1931 T Dalwood Bates William c16 yrs Albert Rose 14.11.1931 T Dalwood Bates Elsie c11 yrs Albert Rose 14.11.1931 T Dalwood Bates Maud c8 yrs Albert Rose 14.11.1931 T Dalwood Bates Myrtle c4 yrs Albert Rose 14.11.1931 T Dalwood Dutton James c4 yrs George Alice 14.11.1931 T Dalwood Dutton Eileen c2 yrs George Alice 14.11.1931 T Dalwood Dutton Mary 26. 7.1932 George Alice 04.11.1932 Thos Dalwood Coon Kathleen M. 26. 7.1932 William Diana Lynette 8. 7.1933 Ivy Morris Riley Cecil James 28. 3.1932 George Marjorie Quayel 17. 6.1932 MonicaQuayle Hartnett Henry c27 yrs Tom Hartnett Terella 12. 7.1933 T McManus Monaghan Elizabeth c33 yrs Tom Hartnett Terella 12. 7.1933 T McManus Harding Norman P. c43 yrs Harry Harding Fanny 12. 7.1933 T McManus Ebbsworth Albert c23 yrs ? Polly 12. 7.1933 T McManus Ebbsworth Rose c48 yrs Joe Jones Charlotte 12. 7.1933 T McManus Johnson Ruby c29 yrs Albert Ebbsworth Rose Jones 12. 7.1933 T McManus Dutton George c45 yrs George Dutton 15. 7.1933 T McManus Dutton Alice c27 yrs Bates 15. 7.1933 T McManus Morris Lucy c33 yrs William Quimby 15. 7.1933 T McManus Coon Diana c22 yrs Jim Lynette 15. 7.1933 T McManus Johnson Amy 25. 3.1934 Donald RubyEbbsworth 7. 7.1934 E Monaghan Hunt Willaim E. 9. 7.1934 William Hunt May Quayle 13. 7.1934 Laura Ebbsworth Morris Mary Eliz. 3. 9.1921 Thomas Morris Grace Knight 6. 7.1935 Laura Ebbsworth Morris Edith Marie 31.12.1928 Thomas Morris Grace Knight 6. 7.1935 Laura Ebbsworth Morris Doreen Iris 2. 31932 Thomas Morris Grace Knight 6. 7.1935 Laura Ebbsworth Hines Raymond 1. 8.1925 Jack Hines Madeline Gibbs 6. 7.1935 Laura Ebbsworth Hines Jean 2. 3.1928 Jack Hines Madeline Gibbs 6. 7.1935 Laura Ebbsworth Hines Georgina 2. 9.1930 Jack Hines Madeline Gibbs 6. 7.1935 Laura Ebbsworth Kerwin Leonard c10 yrs Bennie Kerwin Ivy Parker 6. 7.1935 Ivy Morris Kerwin Edna c9 yrs Bennie Kerwin Ivy Parker 6. 7.1935 Ivy Morris Hartnett Phillip John 23. 7.1934 Fred Hartnett Una Ebbsworth 6. 7.1935 Laura Ebbsworth Dutton Evelyn 15.11.1934 George Dutton Alice Bates 6. 7.1935 Ivy Morris Ebbsworth Mary Hope 19.10.1935 Albert Ebbsworth Rosie 8.12.1935 Laura Ebbsworth Hartnett Shirley A. 25. 8.1936 Fred Hartnett Una Ebbsworth 22. 9.1936 Edith Johnson Johnson Roy Bray P. 3. 7.1936 Donald Johnson Ruby Ebbsworth 22. 9.1936 Pat Clarke Monaghan Maureen 13.12.1935 Jean Monaghan 22. 9.1936 Ruby Johnson Moore Henry W. c2 yrs Albert Moore Molly 22. 9.1936 Pat Clarke Dutton George 7. 6.1937 George Dutton Alice Bates 6. 9.1937 Edie Johnson Bates Hector J. 11. 1.1937 Elsie Bates 6. 9.1937 Maud Bates Ebbsworth Vincent 2. 8.1937 Laura Ebbsworth 6. 9.1937 Lena Ebbsworth Morris Thelma Joyce Joan 27. 7.1937 Tom H. Morris Grace Knight 6. 9.1937 Edith Morris TABLE 7: SOME BIRTH AND DEATH RECORDS FOR TIBOOBURRA (BIRTHS UP TO 1918, DEATHS UP TO 1945, RECORDS NOTED AS CI (COMPUTER INDEX) IS ONLY GENERAL LOCATION, MAY BE ON A STATION) Name Place Date Notes Nappa Merrie Jimmy Tibooburra 5.5.1942 DC Jimmy Thomson Tibooburra 1914 CI DC Margery Riley Tibooburra c.1901-2 Birth (MC) Eileen Quayle Tibooburra c.1915 Birth (DC) Alf Barlow Tibooburra c.1888 Birth (DC) Eileen Dutton Yandama c.1929 Birth (DC) Ruby Quayle Ada Eilieen Gilby Tibooburra c. 1910 Birth (MC) Alma Jean Monaghan Tibooburra 1919 Birth (MC) Lily Dutton Tibooburra 1914 DC Kathleen Quayle Tibooburra 1913 DC Cecilia Quayle Tibooburra 1914 DC Mona Ebsworth Tibooburra 1914 DC (Born Naryilco) Ada Riley Tibooburra 1916 CI born Tibooburra Ida C. Riley Tibooburra 1918 CI born Tibooburra Una Ebsworth Tibooburra 1910 Birth registered Tibooburra 1929 Yungie Mulla Kitty Tibooburra 1913 CI died Tibooburra Jimmy Panga Tibooburra 1913 CI died Tibooburra Towie Tibooburra 1913 CI DC Duke (King) Tibooburra 1916 CI DC Nellie Lamb Tibooburra 1917 CI DC Gilbert Bates Tibooburra 1910 BC Jimmy Barlow Tibooburra 1928 DC Jennie Barlow Yandama 1920 DC Lily Dutton Tibooburra 1914 DC Geordie Tibooburra 1931 DC Taylor Gibson Tibooburra 1931 DC Albert Bates Tibooburra 1931 DC Goondaburra Frank Tibooburra 1934 DC King Billy Tibooburra 1911 DC Womba Tibooburra 1912 DC Nellie Quimby Tibooburra 1933 DC Tommy Thomson Tibooburra 1915 DC Teddy Tibooburra 1907 DC Tibooburra Frank Broken Hill 1920 DC (from Tib) Dick Willow Tibooburra 1935 DC Rupert Crowe Tibooburra 1934 BC Butter Fred Tibooburra 1911 CI DC Billy Tibooburra 1912 CI DC Sit Down Jimmy Tibooburra 1929 CI DC Peter Bates Tibooburra 1915 DC Edna May Womby Tibooburra 1914 DC TABLE 8 : TINDALE'S PHOTOS OF TIBOOBURRA PEOPLE AT BREWARRINA, 1938 Rosie Bates Albert Bates jnr Ivy Bates nee Quimby Alice Dutton nee Bates Elsie Bates (Parm Coombes) Maude Bates Myrtle Bates George Dutton Eileen Dutton Donald Johnson Ruby Johnson Edith Johnson Steve Johnson Leonard Johnson Gladys Johnson Scott Clayton Albert Ebsworth snr Rose Ebsworth Martin Ebsworth Lorna Ebsworth (Dixon) Alma Ebsworth Jean Ebsworth Lena Ebsworth Harry (Fred) Hartnett Una Hartnett nee Ebsworth Rita Hartnett Madeline Hynes Ray Hynes Jean Hynes Georgina Hynes Charlotte Hynes (Clayton) TIBOOBURRA AFTER THE MOVE TO BREWARRINA MISSION PRE 1938 FAMILIES Family Father Mother Children General Affiliation Monaghan Jack Lizzie Hartnett Tom, White & Paakantyi? Kath Monaghan Tom Lil Landers Raylene, Neville Beer Jack Kath Monaghan Morris Henry Gracie Knight Henry, White & Paakantyi Wally Morris William Lucella Quimby Ivy Quimby, White & Paakantyi Gilby Richard Alice Stapleton White & Malyangapa McDermott George Wangkumara Harding Norman Lucy Wangkumara Ebsworth Martin Gladys Barbara Wangkumara & Paakantyi Ebsworth Alf Ebsworth Ngaka Wangkumara & Paakantyi Ebsworth Albie Wangkumara Nappamerrie Jimmy Barryoolah Alice Wangkumara Bates Albie Ivy Quimby Alice, Malyangapa/Paakantyi & Paakantyi Johnny, Peggy, Albert, Thelma Bates Gilbert Emily Clark Adrian Malyangapa/Paakantyi & Paakantyi Miller King Alice Wangkumara-Punthamara NEW FAMILIES Family Father Mother Children General Affiliation Harrison Hector Yawarawarka Harrison Bob Yawarawarka Brown Snider Mabel Harrison Mary, ? & Yawarawarka Betty, Fay, Rene, Gloria, Lorraine, Colleen, Fred, Snider, Harold Landers Jack ? Nellie, Diyari Sylvie, Lindy, Lil, Edward, Rene Edge Alec Nellie Edge Antekerepina & Diyari TABLE 9 : CATHOLIC PARISH BOOK ABORIGINAL FAMILIES IN TIBOOBURRA 1961 Parents Children Alma Monaghan & husband Don Roach Dawn Tommy Trevor Robert Patricia Norman Harding Tom Monaghan & wife Lil Lander Raylene Neville Arnold Ebsworth & wife Daisy Judith Lorraine Martin Margaret Helen Mick Monaghan & wife Alma (Anne) Elizabeth Anne Joseph Christine Valerie Eunice TABLE 10: SOME ABORIGINAL PEOPLE (AND PARTNERS &) WORKING AT OLIVE DOWNS AFTER 1938 Names Time Period Place Work Tom Monaghan & wife Lil nee Lander 1940s ­ 1970s Olive Downs Stockman, Fencing Contractor, Windmill & Tank Contractor , Shearer, Cook (Lil) Tom Monaghan's brothers 1940s ­ 1970s Olive Downs Fencing contactors Rene Lander (Kemp) 1959 - 1960 Olive Downs HS Domestic work in homestead Snider Brown & Mabel nee Harrison 1947 ­ 1950s Binerah Well Overseer Snider Brown 1950s ­ 1960s Olive Downs Stockman Snider Brown 1960s - 1970s? Olive Downs Dog Fence Bob Harrison 1950s Olive Downs Ringer, Jockey for Olive Downs horses Hector Harrison 1950 - 1970s Olive Downs Ringer Martin Ebsworth & wife Gladys Mallyer 1950s? - 1960s? Olive Downs Ringer Albie Ebsworth 1950s ­ 1960s Olive Downs Ringer Arnold Ebsworth 1950s - 1970s Olive Downs Fencer Ngaka Ebsworth 1950s - 1960s Wanaaring to Corner Dogger for Pastoral Board including Olive Downs Johnny Nicholls& & wife Fay Brown 1970s Binerah Well Overseer Jack Beer& & wife Kath Monaghan 1950s ­ 1960s Olive Downs Stockman, Fencer, shearer, handyman (Jack), Cook (Kate) George McDermott Early 1900s - late 1950s Olive Downs Dogger, Ringer, Horsebreaker Harold Brown Early 1980s Sturt National Park Field officer NPWS Comments follow from Truthnotfiction64 on my Blog - 24 September 2019 Sarah Martin's 'Corner Country' is not to be relied upon as a source of accurate information. One example is she lists my grandmother Edna Kerwin and her older brother as the child of BENNY KERWIN & IVY PARKER. The mother of Lenny Kerwin and Edna Kerwin was Nelly Parker and Benny Kerwin. their Godmother was Ivy Morris. 24 September 2019 One correction in Corner Talk by Sarah Martin. Lenny Kerwin and Edna Kerwin are not the children of Ivy Parker. They are the children of Nelly Parker of Nappa Merrie, Queensland. Ivy Morris was their God-mother, she married Bill Gorringe and was later known as Ivy Gorringe. Ivy Morris was Paakintji tribe. Edna Kerwin and Lenny Kerwin have two Yandruwandha parents, Benny Kerwin of Innamincka, South Australia and Nelly Parker of Nappa Merrie, Queensland.