Aboriginal Deaths Correspondence 1960 - 1961

National Archives of Australia E739 O15/2 Death Notifications of Death and General - Alice Springs 1960 - 1961 Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2009 25.11.1960 Report of Death of Topsy Narlguda on or about 18.11.1960 Died New Crown Station , 1 mile west of Penunga Well Death reported by ward Alfie of New Crown Station Cause of death thirst and exhaustion Buried where found 25.11.1960 Form of Information of Death Topsy Narlguda died on or about 18.11.1960 at New Crown Station Female aged approximately 70 years Cause of death thirst and exhaustion Topsy was born at Ernabella Mission, South Australia Husband was ward Peter Son was Alfie, aged about 50 years and two male children deceased 6.12.1960 From Mt Doreen to Alice Springs Death of native Edward Juburula, aged 4 months, child of Loomy Jagamara on 4.12.1960 out bush probable cause diarrhoea and or pneumonia. Body buried by family. 15.12.1950 From Yuendumu to Alice Springs Death female native child Bonny Nambajimba, aged 4 weeks 19.12.1960 From Areyonga to Alice Springs Female Aboriginal child born about 12 noon 17.12.1960 died about 9.00am 18.12.1960 19.12.1960 Director of Welfare Notification of Deaths Edward Juburula died Mt Doreen 4.12.1960 aged 4 months of gastro and pneumonia Bonny died Yuendumu 15.12.1950 aged 1 month Unnamed died Areyonga 18.12.1960 aged 1 day 20.12.1960 From Yuendumu to Alice Springs Male child of Polly ..abinardi estimated 22 weeks gestation stillborn last night. 20.12.1960 From Areyonga to Alice Springs Death of female child at Areyonga born 17.12.1960 and died 18.12.1960 Mother is Nguyi Nguyi. 10. 1.1961 Note to Alice Springs Kay Elizabeth aged 12 months child of wards Sarah and Harelip Charlie both Bindaboo died 9. 1.1961 ex Yuendumu. 18. 1.1961 From Hermannsburg to Alice Springs Reinhold Inkamala passed away 1.00am 18. 1.1961 19. 1.1961 From Santa Teresa to Alice Springs Death female baby, mother Louise, father Davy born 4.00am 18. 1.1961, died 5.15pm 18. 1.1961 5. 1.1961 From Darwin to Alice Springs Information wanted about death of Lippett Elbraljira of Epinarra. _______________________________________________________________________