Northern Territory Some Deaths 1956 - 1958

National Archives of Australia CRS F1 Item 1957/1311 Welfare Branch Register of Births and Deaths Police and Procedure 1956 - 1958 Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2008 Undated List of deaths notified to Welfare Branch from 29. 3.1957 ty 18. 2.1958 Topsy, aged 75 years, died 10.11.1957 Moolgarlie, aged 46 years, died 29. 3.1957 Shorty Jungari, aged 40 years, died 30.10.1957 Jimmy, aged 1 day, died 15.11.1957 Brenda, 1 1/2 years, died 10.12.1957 Linda Leo?, age 6 months, died 19.10.1957 Polly Nabananga, aged 70 years, died 25.10.1957 Cecelia Nabababga, aged 7 months, died 26.10.1957 Wadangkamara Jangala, aged 70-80 years, died 25.10.1957 Kopala Banka, aged 78 years, died 10. 1.1958 Ronnie Kenta, aged 8 years, died 28. 1.1958 Mary Nungari, aged 60 years, died 15. 1.1958 Walter, aged 12 years, died 18. 2.1958 8. 7.1958 From Protector of Aborigines Mt Isa to Public Trustee Darwin Re Estate Lucy Wilson, deceased The only information available here is as follows:- The deceased was admitted to Mount Isa District Hospital at 6.00pm on 7. 3.1958 suffering 'premature labour'. She gave birth to a child at 10.32pm on 7. 3.1958 and the child subsequently died at 9.05am on 9. 3.1958. At 12.30am on 13. 3.1958 her condition deteriorated and she died at 12.35am 13. 3.1958. The Post Mortem certificate reveals cause of death as (a) Pulmonary Oedema, (2) Anaema. Prior to being admitted to Mount Isa Hospital the deceased resided at Alexandria Station Northern territory. It is understood that the deceased prior to being admitted to the Mount Isa District Hospital was residing with her husband (name unknown) at Alexandria Station NT. It is not known whether or not the deceased was employed on Alexandria Station. 22. 1.1957 To Registrar General Darwin from Director of Welfare Darwin Death of infant Aborigine John, Beswick Creek Settlement 11.12.1956 __________________________________________________________________________________