Some Aboriginal Marriages 1948 - 1950

National Archives of Australia F315 1949/265 Part 2 Marriages Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2009 NB I have attempted to group correspondence about marriage applications together. (1) Correspondence 27. 9.1948 - Maranboy Police Station Fred White exempted H/C and Daisy F/B Fred White is an invalid pensioner residing at Eva Valley Station. Daisy Meerabooma is from the Mary River Country north of Maranboy and about 20 years of age and has been at Eva Valley Station for about 6 months. Her Auntie is Alice Jibuna who is the wife of a stockboy George Youngrung at Thompson's stock camp. Also mentions Police Tracker Bob Ilbinyo who says he is a tribal uncle of Daisy and the marriage should not take place. 1.10.1948 Marriage refused and Daisy to be sent to Tandangal Native Settlement. 7.11.1948 Fred White still wants to marry Daisy. 11.11.1948 Permission refused. 20.11.1948 Daisy still at Tandangal Native Settlement. (2) Correspondence 14.10.1948 Borroloola P J Mulholland requests permission for extension of time to marry native woman Amoraleara. Permit extended six weeks. 11.11.1948 P J Mulholland and Amorleah married 28.10.1948 at Borroloola. Marriage carried out by Rev Beckett Patrol Padre of the A.I.M. (3) Correspondence 1.11.1948 Cummins Benson not married. Wedding tomorrow. 29.10.1948 Maxwell Benson 24 yrs and Jeanette Mary Cummings 17 yrs wish to marry. Both signed names to letter. 2.11.1948 Maxwell Benson, 24 yrs and Jeanette Mary Cummings, 17 yrs wish to marry. Both are half-castes. Intend to marry 3.11.1948 at the Catholic Church Alice Springs. Maxwell Benson served in the last War and was for two years a member of Patrol Officer Penhall's unit. George Cummings is the father of Jeanette. Jeanette has been resident at the Alice Springs Convent since 20. 1.1947. Mother Lulu Cummings objects to the marriage. Maxwell and Jeanette reside with Mr and Mrs Alf Price. Mr Price is a half-caste. Marriage is approved and objection cannot affect this. Permission granted 5.11.1948 for Maxwell Benson and Jeanette Mary Cummings both of Alice Springs to marry. (4) Correspondence 30.10.1948 Pine Creek C Sagabiel wants to marry Aida. (5) Permission granted 3.12.1948 for marriage of Nida Wilson H/C to Bill Ryan H/C both of Croker Island (6) Correspondence 3. 2.1949 Darwin Dawn Carmen Chi P/A wants to marry Edward Groves of Darwin. Various correspondence about Dawn - (a) No record of birth in N.T. Born Thursday Island. Paddy Carolin is step-father. (b) Genealogical chart Dawn Carmen Chi commonly known as Dawn Carolin Father Eric Fitzgerald of Thursday Island whose sister was Mrs Hardy P/C Mother Mary Damaso, about 40 yrs, born at Borroloola Mother's father Cebia Damaso (deceased, Malay from Macassar, Celebes Island Mother's mother Polly F/B lubra, deceased, of Anula Tribe, Borroloola district (c) Damaso, male, H/C or K/C - Phillipines Mary Chi known as Domaso, quadroon abo, now known as Mrs Paddy Carolin Dawn Carolin Chi, child, octoroon, daughter of quadroon Mary Chi and Eric (Mick) Fitzgerald (d) Degree abo blood Mary Chi Exemption Dawn Carmen Chi Convictions Dawn Carolin - Larceny as a servant Edward Groves - Drunkenness 30. 1.1948, bail forfeited 14. 2.1949 Mr and Mrs Carolin have not yet consented to the marriage. 16. 2.1949 Consent actually given 19. 1.1949 by Mary Carolin, mother (7) Permission granted 23. 2.1949 for marriage of Alda Josephine Cooper P/A to Francisco Augusto Perez, both of Darwin (8) Correspondence 18. 2.1949 W Anderson of Mt Doreen Station wants to marry a lubra Maggie Nangal between 18 or 19 years old. She was at Mt Doreen until yesterday when Mr Penhall took her to the Mission (Rock Hill Bore Mission ?). 23. 2.1949 Penhall states following Anderson admitted a couple of young girls, in particular one named Lizzie about 7 yrs and an orphan, used to clean his camp for tucker. Maggie is about 14 years old and was a companion of Lizzie and May (about 9 years old) and frequently visited Anderson's camp. Anderson is 53 years old. The three girls were left in the custody of Mr Coate at Yuendumu. 4. 3.1949 Permission refused. (9) Correspondence dated 3. 3.1949 Darwin John Liddy, son of .... (Tom ?) and Daisy Liddy, born in Darwin 13. 9.1930 would like to marry Imelda Walker, daughter of William Walker and a native woman, and born at Nutwood Downs on 12. 5.1930. Both reside at the Catholic Mission garden Point. Permission granted 4. 3.1949 for marriage of Imelda Walker P/A to John Liddy. (10) Correspondence dated 17. 3.1949 Darwin Miss Noeline Pauline Cubillo, daughter of John Cubillo (deceased) and Louisa Cubillo of Stuart Park Darwin, wishes to marry Patrick Wright, Bus Driver of Darwin. ... 3.1949 Consent given by mother. 17. 3.1949 Permission granted for marriage of Noeline Pauline Cubillo P/A and Patrick Wright both of Darwin (11) Correspondence undated Pearl Green, 22 yrs, born in N.T. wants to marry Harold Graham. 14.10.1949 Permission granted for marriage of Pearl Green P/A and Harold Graham both of Darwin (12) Correspondence dated 15. 5.1949 Darwin Is there a marriage certificate for Mr T Nicoloff and full-blood native woman Bil-u-wuk. 17. 5.1949 No marriage between 1942 to date. 23. 5.1949 Mr T Nicoloff of Bamboo Creek Mine No record of marriage. Please legalize union as soon as possible. When legalized make application for adoption of your children. Permission granted 8. 7.1949 for marriage of female aboriginal Biluwuk and Tom Nicoloff both of Mt Finnis district. (13) Correspondence dated ......... K McMahon applies for permission to marry Sheila Pechham. Intends to marry 29th June. 18. 5.1949 To Whom it May Concern Permission is hereby granted for Kenneth McMahon to be in the company of Sheila Peckham after the time of sunset pending their marriage which is to take place on the 29th June 1949. Undated states marrying today. (14) Correspondence dated 2. 6.1949 Berrimah Robert better known as Robber, a Melville Island native was promised Bessie, daughter of Greenant Paddy and deceased mother. Confirmed by George (Bringan), Jerry (Melville Island), July (Melville Island) amd Mick (Melville Island). Bessie did live with Robert for a period but was taken to Delissaville and lives there with her father and sister. Correspondence 3. 6.1949 Robber's problem is an old one and came up in 1948 when Mr Bowden was at Berrimah. Green Ant Paddy's daughter was then staying with her foster mother Bessie at Bagot Hospital. Robber claimed the daughter but Bessie objected. The girl did not appear willing to go to Robber. The girl is in her early teens and Robber is between 30 and 40 years old. It was then decided to leave the girl in the care of her foster mother until she would go voluntaryily with Robber. Recommended that Robber be given permission to go to Delissaville to talk the matter over with Green Ant Paddy and the daughter. (15) Correspondence dated 3. 6.1949 Permission is hereby granted for Alan Stanton to be in the company of Mona Waters after the time of sunset on Friday of each week. (16) Correspondence dated 20. 6.1949 Alice Springs Mr Tommy Maddern exempt half-caste and Ruby Turner widow seek permission to marry. Permission granted 24. 6.1949 for marriage of Ruby Turner P/A and Tommy Maddern both of Alice Springs. (17) Correspondence dated 6. 7.1949 Snake Bay Settlement The bearer Danny Japalimari is proceeding to Snake Bay for the purpose of marrying Betty of Snake Bay. 31.10.1949 Has Danny returned to Snake Bay. 10.11.1949 Berrimah. Some confusion in the names - Danny is Dannyy or Paw Paw Bahloo-roonga-wyee Charlie One is known as Japalamari. 22.11.1949 Snake Bay Danny Japalimari married Betty Ballurini. Danny is known as Paw Paw and aboriginal name Bahloo-roonga-wyee. His brother Charlie One is in Darwin. (18) Permission granted 26. 7.1949 for marriage of Gladys Walker P/A and Ron Roberts both of Croker Island. (19) Permission granted 2. 8.1949 for marriage of Kitty Goodall P/A and Odon Cubillo both of Darwin. Undated states Odon Cubillo approx 1/8 abo Father John Rogue Cubillo half-caste White / Philipino Mother 1/4 abo, 3/4 mixed Chinese (20) Correspondence dated 16. 8.1949 Darwin James Alphonsus Corpus aged 30 yrs wants to marry Violet Yvonne Liddy aged 19 yrs. Undated states James Alphonsus Corpus 20 yrs Father is full blood Philipino Mother is W.A. aboriginal Violey Yvonne Liddy 19 yrs born 1. 1.1931, correct name being Violet Yvonne Prior Father European (F Prior) Mother 1/2 caste abo Permission granted 23. 9.1949 for marriage of Violet Yvonne Liddy P/A and Alphonsus Corpus both of Darwin. (21) Correspondence dated 22. 8.1949 Darwin H D Lee of the Records Section N.T. Administration wishes to marry Agripina Cubillo on or about 9. 9.1949. 25. 8.1949 Mary Agripina Cubillo has applied for Exemption which will be granted. (22) Correspondence dated 2. 9.1949 Alice Carroll, approximately 20 yrs of age, daughter of George Carroll, European, and an aboriginal woman Polly wishes to marry Sebastian Briston, 24 yrs, born Bathurst Island to Carry McGuinness P/A who married Agostino Briston a Philipino at Bathurst Island in 1920. Permission granted 21. 9.1949 for marriage of Alice Carroll P/A and Sebastian Briston both of Darwin. (23) Correspondence dated 3. 9.1949 Henbury Jim Kernon, father James Kernon (deceased) and mother Leddie and Vera Armstrong, father Tim Armstrong and mother Molly Armstrong request permission to marry. Tim Armstrong gives his permission. Permission granted 12. 9.1949 for marriage of Vera Armstrong P/A and Jim Kernon both of Henbury Station. (24) Correspondence dated 15.10.1949 Buffalo Camp Wildman River H Knowles wants to marry Lilly 18.10.1949 Lily has been returned to Daly River. Permission to marry granted. 21.10.1949 To whom it may concern The bearer, Mr Harold Knowles of Point Stuart Station, is proceeding to the Daly River for the purpose of picking up and transporting to Point Stuart Station aborigine Lily Ningarwerrie where the said aborigine and the bearer will be married on 26.10.1949. Permission granted 25.10.1949 for the marriage of female aborigine Lily Ningarwerrie with Harold Knowles both of Point Stuart Station. (25) Correspondence dated 26.10.1949 Permission granted 26.10.1949 for marriage of Nida Wilson P/A with Bob Lowe both of Darwin. (26) Correspondence dated 7.11.1949 Helena Clarke born Port Hedland some 17 years ago and Cyril Murphy of Beagle Bay and born at Beagle Bay Mission Station wish to marry. The parents of both parties are said to live at Port Hedland. 17.11.1949 Correspondence from Perth Helena Katherine Clarke H/C born 1922 Port Hedland Certificate of Exemption granted 22.11.1943 Father Lawrence Wm. Clark H/C Mother Catherine Clark nee Gamble H/C Cyril Murphy H/C born 12. 5.1927 Beagle Bay Mission Certificate of Citizen Rights granted 27. 9.1948 at Port Hedland Father Thomas Murphy H/C Mother Zita Murphy nee Edwards H/C They do not need permission to marry. (27) Correspondence dated 10.11.1949 Permission granted 10.11.1949 for marriage of Dorothy Dempsey P/A with Norman George both of Darwin. (28) Correspondence 2.12.1949 Burrundie Siding A Knight wants Kitty sent to Pine Creek where he will be working. Prepared to marry her. 26. 4.1950 Lubra with Knight at Pine Creek. 27. 3.1950 A Knight has kept lubra Kitty for 6 years. 31. 3.1950 Report on Andy Knight. Constable is inclined to favour this application as the lubra has been with him for 6 years, and should they be separated the woman would be at a loss to reorientate herself. Has two convictions, supply liquor to Aboriginals at Pine Creek and assault. He supplied sum to Nellie, the lubra Wilson has made application to marry. 8. 4.1950 Pine Creek - A Knight, 56 yrs, wants to marry Kitty. 4.12.1950 Pine Creek - Andy Knight wishes to apply for his Exemption which was revoked 26. 4.1950. 2. 5.1950 Permission granted for marriage of female aborigine Kitty with A Knight both of Pine Creek. (29) Permission granted 1. 1.1950 for marriage of Susan Markham P/C with Arsinue Calma both of Darwin. (30) Correspondence 12. 1.1950 from Daeby W.A. Proposed marriage Peggy D'Antoine and John Clements. Peggy's mother is Mrs Amy D'Antoine of Broome, a good type of coloured woman. John Clements is supposedly Greek and is divorced but had a wife and 2 children. Northern Standard January 20 1950 Miss Peggy D'Antoine and Mr John Clements were married 12. 1.1950. 26. 1.1950 They were married without permission of the N.T. Department. 6. 2.1950 Peggy's parents were separated legally in the Broome Court in 1938. On 7.11.1947 Mrs D'Antoine obtained a divorce in Perth on the grounds of 9 years separation. Peggy remained with her mother. Mr D'Antoine is believed to be in Darwin. (31) Correspondence 25. 1.1950 Darwin On 24. 1.1950 Miss Agnes Martha Dabey H/C aged about 18 years applied for permission to marry a European Malcolm James Alchin. Desire to be married on 28. 2.1959 at the Catholic Church Darwin. 2. 2.1950 Correspondence Police Darwin Alchin kept company with Rona Laughton H/C in Alice Springs. He immediately contacted Agnes Dabey when he arrived in Darwin and kept company with her. Alchin's mother died and he has a stepmother. His father is Allan Arthur Alchin. Alchin is only 19 years old and born 17. 2.1931. No reason to refuse marriage. Permission granted 20. 6.1950 for marriage of Agnes Martha Dabey P/A with Malcolm James Alchin both of Darwin. (32) Correspondence 7. 2.1950 Alice Springs Roy Schaber wishes to marry Eva Giles of Alice Springs on 13. 2.1950 at the Church of England. Permission granted 14. 2.1950 for marriage of Eva Giles P/A with Roy Schaber both of Alice Springs. (33) Correspondence 13. 2.1950 from Miss Mary Goldsmith of Alice Springs Plans to marry a white man. Both come from South Australia. March 1950 - Name of intended husband is Clive Carter. Permission granted 10. 3.1950 for marriage of Mary Goldsmith P/A with Clive Carter both of Alice Springs. (34) Permission granted 1. 3.1950 for marriage of Mona Joyce Waters P/A with Paul John Calma both of Darwin. (35) Correspondence dated 3. 3.1950 Darwin Jimmy Fejo, 20 yrs in July this year, and Lorna Tennant want to marry. Undated - Lorna Tennant is an ex Croker girl. 20. 3.1950 Kitty Steward Fejo gives permission for the marriage of her son James Fejo. Permission granted 30. 3.1950 for marriage of Lorna Tennant P/A with James Fejo both of Darwin. (36) Correspondence dated 27. 3.1950 from R Wilson of Pine Creek A Wilson wants to marry aboriginal Nellie. 31. 3.1950 Report on Bob Wilson Not a good type has two convictions, supply liquor to Aboriginals and cohabiting with Aboriginal female. On 29. 3.1950 lubra Nellie told Constable she did not want to marry Wilson. Next day Wilson said she did. 26. 4.1954 From R Wilson stating Nellie keeps asking about marriage. 9. 6.1950 Robert Wilson has decided not to marry lubra Nellie. (37) Permission granted 29. 3.1950 for marriage of Irene Peckham P/A with Thomas Kelley both of Darwin. (38) Permission granted 6. 4.1950 for marriage of Betty Harvey P/A with Jim Wauchope both of Croker Island. (39) Correspondence dated 18. 4.1950 Alice Springs Margaret Kerin, 18 yrs, daughter of Mary and M J Kerin wishes to marry Jock Cassidy. Needs parental consent. Believe parents working Underdowns. recommend marriage. 18. 4.1950 Father of Margaret refuses permission to marry. (40) Correspondence 19. 4.1950 Boggabilla Aboriginal Station Would you be good enough to investigate the case of Elizabeth Armstrong who is in the employ or otherwise of the AIM in Darwin. A request has come from that body for the consent, by a J McGrady of this Station, to her marriage, in the mistaken belief he is the girl's legal guardian. Actually the girl has no living parents and McGrady has no legal status. Moreover, in at least one letter she has asked to be returned to this Station where she has relations. It would be appreciated if you will ascertain the position and arrange for her return to this State and / or her marriage. 20. 4.1950 AIM Darwin - Barney Beer of Katherine and Betty Armstrong, Missionary of the AIM and late of Boggabilla NSW, wish to apply for marriage. Wish to marry on 3. 5.1950 and proceed to Katherine where we intend to reside. 20. 4.1950 AIM Retta Dixon Home Darwin - Barney Beer does not know his parentage.He was taken at a very early age (4 - 6 yrs) inro the family of Charlie Beer a Halfcaste Gilbert Islander who lived at Katherine and is now deceased. The family were evacuated in 1942 to South Australia and were under our care at Saints, Balaklava. Charlie Beer died while in South Australia and the family, Rosy (native woman now working at Katherine Hospital), her daughter and Barney returned to Katherine. Barney was then a lad of about 16 years. 2. 5.1950 Permission granted for marriage of Betty Armstrong P/A with Barney Beer both of Darwin. (41) Permission granted 6. 6.1950 for marriage of female aborigine Harriet with Stephen Collisten Johnston both of Vanderlin Island. (42) Correspondence dated 13. 6.1950 - Venus Crosbie gives her consent for the marriage of Jane Crosbie and Charles William Rotumah as mother of Jane Crosbie. 19. 6.1950 Permission granted for marriage of Jane Crosbie P/A with Charles William Rotumah both of Darwin. (43) 26. 5.1950 Permission granted for marriage of Rona Elaine Laughton P/A, late of Alice Springs and now of Darwin with Leslie Robert Stuart of Darwin. 20. 5.1950 Father Mick Laughton may object to the marriage. 3?. 5.1950 Mick Laughton has no objection. 25. 5.1950 Leslie Robert Stuart, a coloured man from Port Augusta in South Australia, states he is the son of Essie Simpson who was a quadroon born in Alice Springs some 48 years ago and James Wylie Stuart, a white man. Undated - Essie Simpson's sister Nancy Campbell is resident at Gap. (44) Correspondence 26. 6.1950 From Jim Stott of Adelaide River Wants permission to marry Molly, the mother of his daughter Joan (45) Correspondence dated 10. 7.1950 John Davidson of Delemere Station, Katherine Wants extension of tiime for marriage to Maggie. 17. 7.1950 Permission granted for marriage of female aborigine Maggie with John Davidson both of Katherine. 24. 8.1950 Delamare Station - Not married yet. 29. 8.1950 Note - Arrangements made for celebration of marriage of Jack Davidson and Maggie at Katherine on 29. 8.1950 (46) Correspondence dated 31. 7.1950 Catholic Mission Garden Point Consent requested for marriage of Frederick Bennett, son of George Bennett (European) and Nellie (aboriginal), born 5. 3.1933 Katherine River and Isabel Webster, born Menindie NSW on 31. 8.1932 of a European father and a half-caste mother Ada Webster. Both belong to the Garden Point Mission. Permission granted 10. 8.1950 for marriage of Isabel Webster P/A with Frederick Bennett both of Garden Point. (47) Undated Note - Please check if the marriage of William Huddlestone H/C to Gertie F/B has been registered. Possibly celebrated at Roper River Mission 1947. (48) Correspondence 3. 8.1950 Borroloola (difficult to read) William Shadforth of Rocky Glen exemption. Note added states Shadforth to marry woman Bessie. Exemption application lodged. Genealogical Chart 9. 8.1950 Jim Shadforth H/C and Jessie William Shadforth, son born circa 1915, wife 1 Una F/B Children Amy born 1943, and Ray born 1948 William Shadforth, son born circa 1915, wife 2 Bessie F/B Children Male born 1946, Ned born 1949 and infant born 1950 Una has left Shadforth and he now wishes to marry Bessie. 10. 8.1950 Marriage to take place 10.10.1950 (49) Correspondence dated 11. 8.1950 Darwin Peter Brogan, born 29. 6.1928 Darwin, son of a European father (unknown) and an Aboriginal woman (Topsy), and Thecla Lopez or De La Cruz, born 27. 9.1938 Darwin, daughter of Philomeno Lopez (H/C Filipino) and Lucy Pearce (H/C Aboriginal). Proposed date for wedding is 7.10.1950 at Garden Point. Permission granted 28. 8.1950 for marriage of Thecla Lopez P/A with Peter Brogan both of Garden Point Mission. (50) Telegram dated 24. 8.1950 to Broome from Darwin Appreciate urgent advice whether Barbara Robe Assan, daughter of Jack and Lulu Assan subject Native Act (51) Note dated 28. 8.1950 subject F S Raggatt Visited McArthur River Station on 12. 8.1950 and interviewed the manager Fred Sonny Raggatt a quarter-caste. Raggat is the father of an 18 months old male child Ronald Raggatt whose mother is a full blood aboriginal girl Angeline Wunnerreleena. Raggatt wants to marry Angeline. (52) Correspondence 29. 8.1950 re Annie Wauchope Been living with Joseph D'Antoine for the last 12 months. He is living apart from his wife (see above). 23.10.1950 Annie Wauchope is still at the AIM Home Bagot and works
at the laundry at Knucky Street Darwin.
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