Daly River 1953

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office F1 1953/705 Daly River Employment of Aboriginals - G W Taylor 25. 9.1953 Inspection Report by G W Holden, District Officer This property is on the South bank of the River and is about 7 miles from the Police Station. Mr Taylor was not present as he was making a visit to Darwin. Licence to employ No 136 issued 4. 8.1953 to G W Taylor. Date of inspection 11. 9.1953. A few natives were on the property and the following information was gained from them. Employees Name Aboriginal Name Sex Born Skin Tribe Monkey Marindji M 1918 Djanama Moiil Bolger Djar-Ba-Ri M 1918 Djalyiri Brinken Koru:k F 1923 Brinken Major Mine-Yee M Brinken Sugarbag Way-Dja-Nim M Brinken Nellie Yin-Dju:Aree F 1928 Brinken Bob Gnarru M 1936 Brinken Looney Morn-Gee M 1893 Brinken Gipsy Djarra-Marri F 1925 Brinken Longlegs Narl-Bu:Yili-Li F 1908 Brinken Jenny Mar-Way-Gnu F 1938 Brinken Myla M 1937 Brinken In-Dju:ari F 1913 Brinken Children Name Aboriginal Name Sex Born Tribe Father Mother Margaret Djor-Tong F Brinken Bolger Koru:K Arbuckle Bar-Berb 1948 Brinken Bolger Koru:K Family Groupings of young employees Name Aboriginal Name Sex Born Tribe Father Mother Major Min-Yee M Brinkan Bolger Koru-K Bob (No 2) Ngarru M 1936 Moiil Long-Legs Yili-Li Jenny Mar-Way-Gnu F 1938 Moiil Long-Legs Yili-Li Myla M 1937 Moiil Long-Legs Yili-Li Bob Ngarru was previously known as No. 2 but has now adopted the name of Bob. The Natives quarters are approximately 120 yards from Taylor's residence. Latrines are not provided. Ablutions and laundry performed in Daly River which flows past the property. Employment for Half-Year ended 31.12.1952 Daly River - G W Taylor Name Tribe Sex Age Employment Bolga Brinken M 50 Farm Help Daughter Margaret 10 yrs, son Arbuckle 9 yrs, (Margaret and Arbuckle are children of Bolga and Koorrook.) Sugar-Bag Moil M 55 Farm help Long Legs Moil M 55 Farm help Myilor Moil M 18 Farm help No 2 Moil M 19 Farm help Koorrook Moil F 40 Farm help Yilly lee Brinken F 45 Farm help Inguary Moil F 40 Farm help Mowinga Moil F 18 Farm help Navajin F 19 Farm help Lilly Moil F 25 Farm help