Orange Creek 1967

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office CRS E944/0, Orange Creek Stn CA 7112 ATSIC Northern Territory State Office Aboriginal Population Records Census Results for Orange Creek for circa 1967 Paul Mackett Copyright P J Mackett, 2001, 2003 Census for Undated Post 1967 European Name Aboriginal Name Group Tribe Reln Sex Born Place Born Notes Harry Taylor Pitjantjara H M .1927 Finke P/C (Father is Dick Taylor and mother is Maggie Taylor. They are at the Lutheran Mission in Alice Springs.) Daisy Taylor Aranda W1 F .1943 Finke F/B (Father is Brownie Doolan and mother is Betty Doolan. They are at Finke.) Mary Moita Pitjantjara W2 F .1942 F/B (Father is Yukompara (died at Haasts Bluff) and mother is Mary / Sitrula at Papunya. Brother is Tripper / Wandama at Papunya.) Willy Taylor Ch M .1963 Finke (Attends Traeger Park School.) Marleen Ch F .1967 Finke At Papunya