N.T.Channel Island Leper Station 1948 - 1955

National Archives of Australia A1658 756/11/7 N.T.Channel Island Leper Station - Inmates transfer of lepers to and from stations Paul Mackett 2009 1. 7.1948 Letter from Mrs N Cahill, patient at Channel Island to Minister of Health Canberra Would like transfer to Peel Island or Little Bay Lazarette. 18.11.1948 Inquest into death of native Harry at Channel Island Native Harry was readmitted to Channel Island during February 1948 suffering from leprosy. Diagnosed in approximately May 1948 with pulmonatu tuberculosis and chronic nephritis. Died at 4.00pm Wednesday 20.10.1948. 14.12.1948 Is accomodation available at Peel Island or Fantome Island for Mrs N Cahill. She is believed to have relatives in a Southern state. 30.12.1948 Mentions Half-caste Murray 22. 1.1949 Following patients of Channel Island would like a transfer to Derby Hospital WA. H/C H Daby, H/C N Raymond and H/C H James Daby. 30. 3.1949 Patient Gregory Howard recently transferred from Channel Island to Derby has proved a disturbing element. He stated that he never requested a transfer to derby. 6. 4.1949 Asiatic patient Nati at Channel Island An Asiatic patient, believed to be a Javanese boy named Nati, admitted to Channel Island Leper Hospital on 2. 6.1945, is now free from any active signs of leprosy and fit to be returned to his country. He understands no language which has been tried on him so far. I understand that he had a companion, also a Javanese, who was treated on Channel Island some years ago, and who was later repatriated via Sydney. I should be glad of advice as to what arrangements could be made regarding Nati's repatriation. 6. 6.1949 Re: Gregory Howard at Derby wanting transfer to Channel Island. Originally believed he has a leprous daughter and possibly a wife at Derby Leprosarium and wanted to be transferred there. 21. 7.1949 Nati appears happy at Channel Island. 10.11.1949 No repatriation can be made for Nati till his nationality is established. He has permission to enter the pearling industry in Darwin. 5.10.1955 From Deaprtment of Health and Home Affairs Brisbane In May 1942 Mrs Lucy L Delacruz of the Northern territory was admitted, under arrangement, to Fantome Island. She has given negative smears since 12.10.1953 and a biopsy taken on 22. 9.1955 is negative. I have written to the Medical Superintendent to see if she is suitable for discharge, and if so, I shall advise you so that the necessary arrangements can be made to return her to the Northern territory. Undated Note to Dr Weinholt from C E Cook Lucy de la Cruz is a mixed blood female of late middle age - ? Malay aboriginal cross. She was formerly associated with men of the Armed Forces in Darwin, and with Nida Cahill whose outbursts of rage and indiscipline at Channel Island are probably well known to you. She was evacuated to Channel Island from Katherine apparently after the February raids in 1942, and from there was transferred in company with E R Cobb and J W Anderson to Queensland. Cob and Anderson were admitted to Peel Island and de la Cruz to Fantome Island, where all three have been maintained since, by the Queensland Department of Health and Home Affairs at the expense of this Department.