Medical Surveys of Coloured Evacuees from N.T. Leprosy

National Archives of Australia A431 1946/1435 Medical Surveys of Coloured Evacuees from N.T. - Cases Admitted Southern Institutions and Maintenance of. Paul Mackett 2009 28. 7.1942 Premiers Department Sydney Mentions Mrs Priscilla Herbert presented at the Prince Henry Hospital, NSW, as a suspicious case of leprosy. Examination confirmed this and she has been sent to the Lazaret, Little Bay. She was born on 10. 2.1909 at Alexandria, Queensland and at the age of 6 or 7 was taken to Roper River. In 1925 or 1926 she went to Groote Eylandt where she married in 1930. In 1937 she was sent to Channel Island Lazaret and was discharged in 1941 following which she worked at Darwin Hospital nursing coloured patients. Following the Darwin air raid she went to Alice Springs and three months later was brought to Adelaide with about 40 others. A medical examiner in Adelaide thought she may have leprosy. Subsequently she was brought to Sydney by the Church Missionary Society. Her husband is understood to be at Groote Eylandt and her children (aged 7 and 9 respectively) are in Sydney under the care of the CMS. 8. 9.1942 Commonwealth Department of Health Mrs Priscilla Herbert has been discharged from Little Bay, NSW. 4. 1.1943 Commonwealth Department of Health Lepers from N.T. in Little Bay Lazaret, NSW The Deaprtment will accept the debit for the maintenance of Mrs Priscilla Herbert in Little Bay Lazaret. The same principle arises in connexion with the case of Mr Michael Corbett also an inmate of Little Bay and a former resident of the Northern territory. 25. 3.1943 E W P Chinnery to Mr Barrenger, Kirkston, Rupert St, Windsor, Brisbane Re visit to Mulgoa. (1) Harriet Parker - Elderly woman wishes to be transferred to Balaklava to be amongst her friends there. I requested the CMS to make arrangements for this to happen. (2) Mrs Hamilton at Hazelwood in the Blue Mountains. Her children are at Mulgoa. (3) Priscilla Herbert leper - children are at Mulgoa. (4) Mrs Barbara Rolfe - no half-caste labout available at present. 4. 3.1943 From Mrs P Herbert, c/o Miss Dyer, Prince Henry Hospital, Little Bay, NSW to the Superintendent, Aboriginal Protection Board, Bridge Street, Sydney I am an inmate of Prince Henry Hospital for a period under-going treatment. I have left my children with the Church Missionary Society but wish them withdrawn from the care of that organization as soon as possible as I am not satisfied with the conditions under which they are living. I wish them placed in the Cootamundra Home. Trusting to hear from you. Yours faithfully P Herbert (Mrs) 21.11.1943 From Department of Labour and Industry NSW to Mr Chinnery, Director of Native Affairs, Canberra Regarding Priscilla Herbert, I advise that in order to avoid any publicity we have terminated Priscilla's employment with the Day Nursery Holiday Home. We sent her to stay with Marjorie Hamilton at Berowra, and whilst there, she solved the problem by obtaining employment for herself in Hornsby. Her address is c/o 75 Hazelwood, Pretoria Parade, Hornsby. Harold Hamilton has arrived in Berowra, but up to date we have not heard what action he proposes taking. 7. 2.1944 From Native Affairs Branch, Balaklava, SA to Director of Native Affairs, Alice Springs. Re: Angas Beer aged 12 years Admitted Adelaide Childrens Hospital 5. 9.1942 suspected Leprosy, not confirmed. Admitted Balaklava District Hospital 9. 1.1943 and discharged 21. 1.1943. Admitted to the Institution Hospital 19. 1.1944 Now a patient at the Northfield Infectious Diseases Hospital probable leprosy. If so will need to be transferred to Prince Henry Hospital Sydney or to Leper Island Darwin. 14. 2.1944 From Welfare Institution Balaklava SA to Department of the Interior Canberra. Two cases of leprosy discovered among evacuees :- Beer at Saints Homestead Daby at Blyth. 15. 3.1944 The Sun Newspaper Adelaide, Wednesday. A full-blooded native boy, who was suffering from leprosy, died recently at Northfield Infectious Diseases Hospital. He had been evacuated from Katherine district, in the Northern Territory because of Japanese air raids. 28. 4.1944 From Department of Health Canberra Information has been received from the new South Wales State Department of Public Health that Peter Marshall, aged 9 years, half-caste aboriginal, evacuated from Northern territory and letely residing at the Methodist Home, Otford, New South Wales, has been certified as a leper and admitted to Little Bay Lazaret, Sydney. 11. 5.1944 Premier's Department Sydney note Peter Marshall, 9 years, and Matilda Frith, aged 14 years, were presented at Prince Henry Hospital and were found to be suffering from leprosy. Warrants have been issued for their detention in the Lazaret, Little Bay. 16. 5.1944 From Department of Health Canberra Matilda Frith, 14 years, half-caste aboriginal, a native of Pine Creek, and lately residing at the Methodist Mission Home, Otford, NSW, has been certified a leper and admitted to the Lazaret at Little Bay, NSW. 16. 6.1944 From Director of Health Canberra to Department of Health Adelaide Re: Inspection of evacuees Letter mentions Clara Mollomini, aged 15 years, at Carrieton with probable leprosy. At Peterborough one of the evacuees, Mrs McCoy, incited others to refuse examination. List of Half-Caste Evacuees medically examined by Dr Ponsford At Carrieton Philomena Palmer Mercy Gorman Mary Rudellas Kathleen Anon Martha Pin Edith McGuinness Geraldine Cusack Louise Martin Barbara Tippolay Helena Labuti Maud McKenzie Maureen Nambi Evelyn Liddy Margaret McGuinness Sheila Lapez Edmina Tipponaumani Phillipine Sunter Freda Umpalacciamani Melanie Pannawoppi Eileen Sloper Josephine Naumaga Genevieve Renn Mersia Barnabas Dorothea Dempsey Imelda Walker Rose Panny Catherine Lamporay Clare Mollomini (leprosy suspect) Anna Criforiu Magdalen Kokomi Marjorie Tamuti Marie Bailey Margaret Duncan Richard Ambrose Nona Sullivan Bernard Raphael Frances McKee John Greddon Raymond Hensley Fay Minchin At Hawker Vincent McGinnis Jack Cusack Ted McKenzie Tom Cusack Fanny McLennan Patricia McLennan Delorius McLennan Wilfred McLennan Ada McLennan Reginald McLennan William McLennan Mrs Agnes McLennan Mrs Ethel Buckle Raymond Buckle Irene Peckham Shiela Peckham Marie Peckham Jacqueline Peckham Mrs Lindy Peckham Stanley Peckham George Peckham Peter Tolbert Keith Tolbert Vernon Tolbert Kevin Tolbert Emanuel Tolbert Lawrence Tolbert Geraldine Tolbert Mrs Elsie Tolbert Paul Calma At Peterborough Mrs Martha Hart John Hart Margaret Hart Alfred Hart Mrs Ada Ali Matt Lily Cusack List of Half-Caste Evacuees examined by Dr McEwin 21. 5.1944 From Blyth Eileen Laughton Sylvia Evans Peggy Chandler Thomas Chandler Ruby Zane Ethel Francis James Laughton From Hamley Bridge Amy Laughton Pauline Laughton Fred Laughton Clarence Laughton 11. 7.1944 Commonwealth Department of Health Clare Mollomini, from Carrieton, is positive for Leprosy. Arrangements are being made for her admission to the Channel Island Leper Station, Darwin. Anna Criforiu and Freda Umpalacciamini (a cousin) are negative. 18.12.1944 Commonwealth Department of Health Three more cases of leprosy have been found in evacuees from the N.T. and admitted to the Little Bay Lazaret in Sydney Carey Hall, aboriginal boy aged 8, ex Roper River Mission Station and CMS Home Mulgoa NSW Mrs May Ethel Jacobsen, aged 45, ex Emungalen, Katherine, Birdum and Darwin Mrs Margaret Rosalind Hall, aged 30, ex Roper River Mission Station and CMS Home Mulgoa NSW Also at Little Bay, ex N.T., are Madge Gaden, formerly inmate of Channel Island Michael Corbett, formerly inmate of Channel Island Frederick Chan Peter Marshall Matilda Frith T E Cole 7. 5.1946 Premier's Department Sydney Bet Bet McDonald, leprosy patient, presented at Prince Henry Hospital on 26.10.1945. Found to have leprosy. Transferred to the Female Lazaret until 5. 4.1946 when she was discharged to the care of the Methodist Overseas Mission for return to the Northern territory. Bet Bet McDonald is a half-caste aged 11 years and had been a resident of Croker Island, Northern Territory, whence she had been evacuated in April 1942.