boriginals Northern Territory Conditions of Employment 1945 - 1949

National Archives of Australia Series A431 Item 1950/294 Aboriginals Northern Territory Conditions of Employment Employment of Aboriginals Country Districts 30 June 1935 District Timber Creek Location Victoria River Downs Employer Bovril Australian Estates Ltd Licence Alfred Martin, Fence Repairing Plant Employee Tribe Sex Age Employment Dependents Charcoal Heinman M 1903 Labourer Alice born 1893 wife Mat Wilson Heinman M 1903 Labourer Linda born 1898 wife Licence C Linderoth No 2 Mule Team Employee Tribe Sex Age Employment Dependents Johnson Heinman M 1905 Labourer Judy born 1881 wife, Maudie (Mollie) born 1888 wife Noble Nallywoora M 1898 Labourer Dinah born 1905 wife, Bobby, born 1925 son Licence Alfred Martin, Camel Team Plant Employee Tribe Sex Age Employment Dependents Jakiloo Mootboora M 1916 Labourer Sambo Heinman M 1903 Labourer Clara born 1903 wife Willie Heinman M 1898 Labourer Licence Alfred Martin, Head Station Employee Tribe Sex Age Employment Dependents Barney Heinman M 1903 Stockboy Maggie Yuninni F 1898 Domestic Wife Joe Beckett Heinman M 1903 Cowboy May (Short) Heinman F 1911 Cowgin Wife May (Long) Heinman F 1911 Domestic Wife Banjo Nallywoora M 1918 Stockboy Brumby Karangboora M 1893 Garden Violet born 1903 Wife, Clara born 1918 Wife, Pat born 1931 Daughter of Clara, Arthur H/C born 1933 Son of Clara Bennie Billynarri M 1916 Labourer Bambalina Nallywoora F 1916 Goar herd, picker Doris born 1933 Daughter Don Nallywoora M 1893 Stockboy Lilly born 1898 Wife, Young Don born 1925 Son, Adam born 1931 Son, Allan born 1932 Son, Pam born 1934 Daughter Dora H/C Heinman F 1913 Domestic Dummy Nallywoora M 1905 Killer boy Grasshopper Karangboora M 1893 Labourer Little Rosie born 1890 Wife Doris Billynarri F 1901 Domestic Wife Mary Jane Heinman F 1903 Garden and Hut Wife George Heinman M 1921 Killer boy Japanee Nallywoora F 1908 Garden & hair pk Harry (Bld) born 1878 husband Jakiloo Mootboora M 1916 Killer boy Jerry Heinman M 1896 Goat herd Died 15. 2.1935; Alice born 1888 wife, Eileen born 1909 wife Jessie H/C Heinman F 1912 Domestic Mat Wilson Heinman M 1903 Stockboy Linda born 1898 wife Minnie Nallywoora F 1886 Domestic Willie born 1888 husband Noble Heinman M 1903 Kitchen boy Topsy born 1903 wife Topsy Heinman F 1903 Garden Nipper Heinman M 1898 Labourer Minnie born 1885 wife Rodger Heinman M 1893 Garden Lozie born 1912 wife, Teddie H/C born 1930 son, Louie born 1888 wife Sambo Heinman M 1890 Garden Nellie born 1898 wife Topsy (Hmbt) Nallywoora F 1893 Garden Charlie born 1884 husband Willie Heinman M 1898 Labourer Maggie Heinman F 1915 Garden Aged and infirm natives being fed by Station but not dependent on any employees are Rosie Mulligan, Paddy, Charlie, Judy and Diver. Licence F E Spencer Pigeon Hole Plant Employee Tribe Sex Age Employment Dependents Banjo Billynarri M 1908 Stockboy Mary born 1905 wife Bob H/C Billynarri M 1916 Stockboy Mary Anne born 1915 wife Calico H/C Billynarri M 1912 Stockboy Kadooga (Jessie) born 1915 wife George Mootboora M 1898 Stockboy Mabel born 1888 wife, Jimmy born 1926 son, Jacko born 1928 son Hector Mootboora M 1921 Stockboy Joe Billynarri M 1876 Garden Alice born 1890 wife, Mary born 1900 wife, Dolly born 1921 wife Johnny H/C Billynarri M 1915 Stockboy Paddy (Old) Billynarri M 1893 Stockboy Lizzie born 1904 wife, Biddy born 1890 wife Peter Mootboora M 1903 Stockboy Ruby born 1893 wife, Daisy born 1926 daughter Rollo Billynarri M 1921 Stockboy Sandy Mootboora M 1888 Stockboy Lilly (Little) born 1893 wife, Doris born 1920 daughter Tiger Mootboora M 1903 Stockboy Toby Mootboora M 1883 Stockboy Lilly (Big) born 1893 wife, Anzac born 1923 son, Amy born 1928 daughter Licence J Know Moolooloo Plant Employee Tribe Sex Age Employment Dependents Sando Heinman M 1903 Stockboy Ginnie born 1890 wife Bogey Nallywoora M 1890 Stockboy Clacker Nallywoora M 1916 Stockboy Dan Nallywoora M 1898 Stockboy Alice born 1902 wife, Mabel born 1921 wife Jacob Heinman M 1914 Stockboy Kaiser Heinman M 1898 Stockboy Nellie born 1898 wife Peter (R'maker) Heinman M 1922 Stockboy Possum Heinman M 1908 Stockboy Rockett Karangboora M 1888 Stockboy Dolly Murphy born 1898 wife, Judy born 1883 wife Smiler Heinman M 1914 Stockboy Tim Heinman M 1910 Stockboy Mollie wife Toby Karangboora M 1893 Stockboy Wallaby Mootboora M 1920 Stockboy Maudie born 1884 Mother Licence Geo Shaw Monteginnie Plant Employee Tribe Sex Age Employment Dependents Albert Mootboora M 1921 Stockboy Ah Lai H/C Mootboora M 1914 Stockboy Booty Mootboora M 1908 Stockboy Bowler Karangboora M 1900 Stockboy Nellie born 1893 wife Bungaree Mootboora M 1900 Stockboy Biddy born 1893 wife; Rosie born 1896 wife, Mabel / Lily born 1921 daughter, Ivy born 1925 daughter, Monday born 1926 son, unnamed born 1935 son Billy King Mootboora M 1905 Stockboy Polly born 1900 wife Hector Mootboora M 1903 Stockboy Ginnie born 1903 wife, Nipper (Alec) born 1925 son, Lena born 1906 wife Johnny Mootboora M 1910 Stockboy Ruby born 1900 wife Kaiser Mootboora M 1910 Stockboy King Mootboora M 1925 Stockboy Maggie born 1900 mother Lidy Mootboora M 1920 Stockboy Major Left Nipper Mootboora M 1906 Stockboy Elsie born 1902 wife, Elaine born 1930 daughter, Mary born 1933 daughter Sambo Mootboora M 1916 Stockboy Tommy Mootboora M 1918 Stockboy Fed and clothed but not dependent upon employee was Minnie born 1895 Licence F E Reynolds Gordon Creek Plant Employee Tribe Sex Age Employment Dependents Albert Mootboora M 1902 Stockboy Daisy born 1898 wife, Norman born 1932 son mother Daisy, Jessie born 1921 wife Boxer Heinman M 1893 Stockboy Ginnie born 1888 wife, Bob born 1923 son, Andy born 1925 son Charcoal (Yng) Nallywoora M 1914 Stockboy Mudjudgoo born 1880 mother Donnie (Tony) Heinman M 1915 Stockboy Doug H/C Heinman M 1916 Stockboy Monkey Heinman M 1893 Stockboy Nellie born 1883 wife, Tommy born 1925 son mother Nellie, Violet (Whipnary) born 1923 wife Paddy Heinman M 1915 Stockboy Peter Heinman M 1915 Stockboy Old woman born 1880 mother Sailor Mootboora M 1893 Stockboy Mabel born 1918 wife Sunrise Mootboora M 1900 Stockboy Maggie born 1898 wife Willie Mootboora M 1893 Drayboy Spider Heinman M 1880 Caretaker Lucy born 1880 wife, George born 1921 son, Juliet born 1924 daughter Licence E A Martin Centre Camp Employee Tribe Sex Age Employment Dependents Darby Heinman M 1914 Stockboy Jack Heinman M 1914 Stockboy Kitty born 1924 wife Paddy Nallywoora M 1909 Stockboy Peter Heinman M 1893 Stockboy Minnie born 1903 wife Peter Heinman M 1914 Stockboy Sandy Heinman M 1903 Stockboy Gracie born 1910 wife Sneider Waterman M 1893 Stockboy Judy born 1883 wife Tommy Heinman M 1921 Stockboy Charcoal (Bg) Nallywoora M 1903 Stockboy Maggie born 1878 wife Licence R Nelson Mt Sanford Plant Employee Tribe Sex Age Employment Dependents Ah Lun H/C Billynarri M 1916 Stockboy Mollie born 1893 mother Bob Heinman M 1904 Drayboy Maudie born 1900 wife, Daisy born 1909 wife Davey Billynarri M 1914 Stockboy Frank H/C Billynarri M 1913 Stockboy Elsie born 1912 wife Jacko Billynarri M 1903 Stockboy Millie born 1888 wife, Mary born 1918 wife, Herbie H/C born 1933 son of Mary Jimmy Billynarri M 1910 Campboy Johnny Karangboora M 1898 Stockboy Clara born 1898 wife, Nangoor born 1925 wife Jumbo Yuninni M 1910 Stockboy Parnell Booringie M 1885 Garden Mary born 1880 wife Peter Yuninni M 1922 Stockboy Rabbie Mootboora M 1898 Stockboy Biddy born 1903 wife Vincent M Stockboy Blanche born 1908 wife Fed and clothed but not dependent upon employee was Lucy born 1888