Royal Commission British Atomic Tests

National Archives of Australia Series A6455 Item AB1 Exhibits tendered before the Royal Commission into British Nuclear Tests in Australia During the 1950s and 1960s G M Eames and A C Collett - Preliminary submission on behalf of the aboriginal people - Presented 2/10/84 at Sydney Example interview for Yami Lester Copyright P J Mackett 2020 NB There are a lot of abbreviations here but most is straightforward. Maralinga / Emu Atomic Tests Source / Author / Informants Yami Lester Title Anangu Interview 07 Date 25. 2.1984 For Interview with Cliff Goddard and D Vachon at Indulkana Synopsis Genealogical info and camp make-up at Wallatina, Granite Downs and Welbourne Hill Fallout / Contamination incident Personal details of informant Yami was at Wallatina when the "dark smoke" came over. Soon after the incident (in 1954) he went with his F/ Kanytji and M/ Pingkayi, along with others, to Everard Park. Presently Director of the Institute for Aboriginal Development in Alice Springs. Closely related to the Mimili people. Date / Location of the Incident Alost certainly the "dark smoke" incident occurred during 1951. i.e. one of the Emu tests. This is on at least one basis and that is a storv Yami recounts about the Queen's visit to Australia in 1954. This was after the Wallatina events when Yami was with his family at Everard Park. He had only one good eye then. Yami was with some stockmen at Dinner-time Well, Atutja, and they were tailing fat cattle and preparing to go to Finke with them. Andy Pungkayi and Fred Hoke (a white bloke from Queensland) were also tailing cattle. At that time Kelly and Whiskey's initiation was being held at Granite Downs. A red truck and a red ute had arrived from Ernabella. Lucy Lester was with the people in the trucks and they were on their way to Adelaide to visit the Queen. Doctor Duguid had asked Ron Trudinger to help anangu see the Queen. Yami remembers hiding in the shed next to the homestead and ewbarrassedly looking at the people arriving from Ernabella. Lucy's school teacher at that time was Allison Elliard (ne: MacDonald). [N1] Therefore, that camp make-up of Wallatina and Franite Downs refers to 1953 and 1954. People involved in incident People at Wallatina at the tine of the "dark cloud": [N1] Kanytji (k/ Pingayi, res: Mimili) Pingkayi Auntie Munyi (res: Alice Springs, #2sib/ Teddy Boy (deceased), #3sib/ Old William Wangkati, #4sib/ Kanytji) may have been at Wallatina during the "cloud". Old William Wangkati (res: Mimili, lived at Wallatina and may have been there during cloud) Eileen Brown (res: Indulkana, #3sib/ Pingayi), may have been at Wallatina at the time of the "cloud" Yami (k/ Lucy Lester, res: Alice Springs) Yami's baby sister, deceased, perhaps before the "cloud" Yami's younger brother, (deceased Port Augusta), from horse accident, ill after the smoke, sore, watery eyes which got better Harry Wallatina (half sib/ Pingayi, res: Indulkana and Mimili) Norman Wallatina (half sib/ Pingayi, res: mimili?) Kukika (half junior sib/ Pingayi, k/ Barney Yanima) Kukika et al F/ (ini: Dick Wallatina) Kukika et al M/ Dick Wallatina's brother (k/ Lily Wallatina) [N2] Lilly Wallatina (#1sib/ Betty, #2sib/ Pompey Everard, #4sib/ Linda Kutatji) Mutanya (k/ Betty) cannot recall if ill after smoke, lived alone at Wallatina after separating with Betty, probably at Wallatina during "dark cloud" Teddy Edwards, used to stay at Wallatina but not sure if present during "dark cloud", as was a nyiinka pulka at the time, used to go back and forth to Mimili Kanginy (k/ Tommy Nyuntungku, #3sib/ Jack Tjapilyi, #1sib/ Walter (deceased)) Jack Tjapilyi Walter (deceased Granite Downs c1956) almost a nyiinka at the time of the "cloud" [N5] Kelly Tjulyanya (res: Mimili) about 12-123 at the time, cared for by Kanytji after the "cloud" Kelly's F/a (deceased Wallatina, c. before "cloud") [N4] Kelly's M/ (deceased Mimili c1979, ini: Walykaka, #2sib/ Judy Mayawara) Judy Mayawara (k/ Jack Kumantjara, res: Mimili) may have been at Wallatina at the time of the "cloud" Myrtle Wallatina (k/ Jimmy Wallatina, res: Indulkana, #2sib/ Tulinya, #3sib/Wallace Wallatina) may have been at Wallatina during the "cloud", Kanytji would feed Myrtle and her sibs because he had been close to Myrtle's deceased F/ Tulinya (k/sep Leslie Mingili, k/ Billy the Kid), may have been at Wallatina Wallace Wallatina, may have been at Wallatina Myrtle et al. M/ (ini: Kunytjiriya, deceased Indulkana of cancer in 1977-1978, widow when died, buried at Indulkana) not certain if she was at Wallatina at the time of the "cloud" Billy Cullinan (deceased Indulkana c1983, half-sib Huey Cullinan, half-sib Johnny Cullinan), nyiinka at the time Billy's MF/ and MM/, usually lived at Wallatina and may have been there during "cloud", deceased when Yami was at Granite Downs a couple of years after the "cloud", uncertail if they were ill Lily (k/ David Umala), at Wallatina around the time and may have been there during "cloud" Tommy Cullinan (deceased Alice Springs c1956 of cancer), station owner of Wallatina Tommy Cullinan's k/ Molly Tjapukula (k/ Huey Tjami), may have been at Wallatina during the "cloud" [N2] People not at Wallatina Linda (k/ Billy Kutatji, sib/ Pompey Everard, sib/ Lilly Wallatina [N2]) Kanytji's F/ and M/ (deceased long before the cloud) Shannon (#1sib/ Yami), probably not born yet Billy Cullinan's M/ and stepF/ Distribution of other people People at Granite Downs during the early fifties Whiskey (res: Indulkana) and two siblings, Riley (res: Indulkana) and Harry (deceased Indulkana 1983) and family Huey Cullinan (res: Indulkana) Treacle (res: Fregon) and sibling, Wonga (res: Fregon) Tiger Baker (res: Indulkana) and family Mick Lambina and family People at Welbourne Hill Billy Cullinan's M/ and stepF/ Ambient Conditions Not questioned Explosion Not questioned Fallout (i) nature of - N/A (ii) effects of - Yami said people developed a skin rash after they had come into contact with the "dark cloud" [N3] Events Following (i) involving anangu Yami went away from Wallatina after the smoke with Kanytji. This was during hot time and not immediately after the "dark cloud" (ii) involving others N/A Present / Subsequent medical data of people involved Myrtle Wallatina's M/ (ini: Kunytjiriya) died in 1977-1978 of cancer and is buried at Indulkana. Tommy Cullinan died in ALice Springs of cancer 1956. Walter Wallatina was buried at Granite Downs airstrip. Yami says that sometime after the "cloud", Walter (Yami's Kamaru) became increasingly ill and Kanytji (along with others) took him to the strip awaiting the Flying Doctor. Walter died before the plane arrived and was buried there. Related Events Queen's visit to Australia in 1954 Notes [N1] See below for people who were not at Wallatina as well [N2] Described in the following genealogy HTML5 Icon ego Lily Wallatina, res: Mimili 001 Betty 002 Pompey Everard, res: Mimili Gn1 (uncertain of birth order) 003 Linda Kutajti, res: Indulkana 004 ? 005 Mutanya 006 Charly, res: deceased when Yami was living in Alice Springs c1975 007 Molly, res: Mimili 008 Billy Kutatji, res: Indulkana 009 Dick Wallatina's brother -101 / Jackie Gn2 as with all of Jackie's siblings, uncertain of father, but there were no children from the third marriage -102 Murika Gn3 Andy Daeger's M/ -103 Jack Kumantjara, res: Mimili -104 Teddy Edwards, res: Mimili -105 Kay, deceased Mimili 1983 -106 Judy Mayawara, res: Mimili -107 Ray, res: Mimili -108 Bob Wamatjala, deceased Mimili c1981-2 -109 Kanginy, res: Mimili -110 Waler -111 Jack Tjapilyi, res: Mimili -112 Molly Tjapukula, res: Mimili, Gn3 May have been at Wallatina visiting her F/ Mutanya and M/ Lily Wallatina, malatja -113 Huey Tjami, res: Mimili N3 Yami gave this information after questioned on Judy Mayawara's contention that there was no skin rash. N4 Kelly's second F/ (ini: Wipiya, res: Fregon) married Walytjaka sometime after Kelly's first F/ died at Wallatina N5 See Present / subsequent medical effects Date of last entry 6. 3.1984