Doomadgee Mission Correspondence 1958 - 1965

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office Series E155 Item 1957/68 AA Doomadgee Mission Correspondence 1958 - 1965 Copyright Paul Mackett 2007 28. 3.1958 Enquiries by Doomadgee Mission Superintendent about Aboriginal boy Roy Darby from the Mission. Possibly at Tanunbarini Station. 20. 2.1961 Doomadgee Mission wants to locate an Aboriginal named Anthony Diamond. Was employed on 2. 6.1960 by Brian Macanamara (?McNamara) of Camooweal to go to the Territory on a droving trip. Anthony Diamond left the droving camp sometime in July 1960 at Daly Waters. 7.11.1963 To Superintendent Doomadgee Mission. Cannot identify Paddy George. Please name last residence. 7.11.1963 From Doomadgee Mission to Welfare Office Tennant Creek Paddy George now at Mission and wants to transfer to the Mission. 7.11.1963 From Doomadgee Mission to Welfare Office Tennant Creek Full name is Paddy Guroungamage usually employed at Greenmount, this year at Robinson River Northern territory. 7.11.1963 About Nora H.D. patient located at Greenbank. Is her husband Paddy Guroungamage also known as Paddy George. 8.11.1963 From Darwin to Tennant Creek Please present Nora at routine medical Borrooloola. We have Nora at present at East Arm. 8.11.1963 From Darwin to Tennant Creek Paddy Ganagamaji tribe Garawa born 1925. Children are Gimima Eileen Stanley Young Paddy. 12.11.1963 From Doomadgee Mission to Tennant Creek Paddy at Mission approximately 18 years of age and son of Paddy and Nora believed to be at Seven Emus. Understand father and son have same bush name. 31. 8.1965 From Welfare Branch tennant Creek to Doomadgee Mission Mentions the following Brownie, husband of Bella Wilson, son of Jack Roy Census at Borroloola for 31. 7.1965 gives the following Jack Roy, Walbungu, Balyarinji, Garawa, born 1920 Molly, Araminjimirra, Niwanama, Garawa, born 1954 Wilson, Mudjinudg, Janama, Garawa, born 1952 Dulcie, Wulluribinna, Nanama, Garawa, born 1952 Bobby, Janama, Garawa, born 1954 Colin, Janama, Garawa, born 1955 Jimmy, Janama, Garawa, born 1956 4. 9.1965 From Doomadgee Mission to Welfare Office Tennant Creek Molly Jackaboy has been at the Mission for the last couple of months under medical observation. This morning, Oscar, who is a Wollogorang boy, passed through to Burketown on the mail truck. He has asked Molly to go back with him in a week or so as he claims Jackaboy has told him he can have her. Molly is quite willing to return with him. No doubt you would know whether Oscar is already married, and, if not, could arrange the papers for their legal marriage. Westmoreland Station has made constant requests for her to return there. If there is any reason why Molly should not return to Wollogorang and marry Oscar I would let her go to Westmoreland under Agreement. I saw Jackaboy recently at Westmoreland Station. He has gone to Borrooloola to bring his children down to the Mission for schooling. 21. 9.1965 From Welfare Branch tennant Creek to Doomadgee Mission Our records show Molly Jackaboy to be a girl of about 11 years of age and therefore any association with Oscar cannot be condoned. I suggest that the girl should remain under her father's control until she is old enough to sensibly decide on her own future. In the best interests of the girl I suggest that she remain at your Mission until her father returns from Borroloola, or should her father decide to remain at Borroloola, arrangements could then be made for Molly to proceed to her family as soon as practical. 22.10.1965 From Doomadgee Mission to Welfare Office Tennant Creek Your letter of the 21st September is acknowledged in connection with Molly Jackaboy already referred to in mine of the 14th September. It is noted that in your letter of the 31st August Molly is thought to be about 12 years. Actually she is a big girl for her age and after receipt of your letter I made some enquiries from the folk here at Doomadgee who knew her as an infant. It would seem to confirm that she would be about this age, although much bigger in appearance. I certainly could not condone such an association either, and it seems that it has been good that she has come away from Woologorang Station. There does seem some discrepancy as regards the age of Wilson as being born in 1952. Wilson is married to a girl from Doomadgee and from information received when he was married, his date of birth was estimated to be the year 1939. This has been accepted officially in connection with his records at the Mission also his marriage records. Since writing, Molly's brother Bobby, has returned from Mt Isa Hospital where he has been hospitalised for some months. He is at present at the Mission and attending school. Westmoreland Pastoral Company desired to have him there working on the Station, but receipt of your letter as to his date of birth only confirmed Jackaboy's request that he stay here at Doomadgee until he returned from Borroloola with the other children. It would apear that no application in respect of Child Endowment Claims for either Molly or Bobby have been made. I will include these in my next return to the Director of Native Affairs, Brisbane. Receipt is enclosed on behalf of Brownie in connection with cheque B663806 for 39/14/11. That of Wilsons has not returned from his place of employment at Nockatunga, Thargomindah, south west of Queensland.