Surveys and Inspections - Alroy_Downs

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office E51 1967/1052 Surveys and Inspections - Alroy_Downs Copyright P J Mackett, 2011 6. 8.1956 E S Kettle to Department of Health Darwin Dear Sir Medical Report on Alroy Downs This property is under the management of Mr G Lewis. TOTAL NATIVES 56, 54 seen, (2 in Tennant Creek Hospital), 17 children, 1 pensioner. HOOKWORM:- 34 examined all negative. Tapeworms 10. These people are mainly all of the Warramunga tribe and have very little contact with those further north. TRACHOMA:- Not treated. No one to carry out treatment conscientiously and I did not think the number warranted me staying longer. Hb ESTIMATIONS:- 45, average 81% lowest 70%. Talquist method used. TRIPLE ANTIGEN:- No one previously immunized. One white child and 49 natives given their first injections. The natives here have not had Mantoux and BCG. CAMP:-On high ground, should not be water logged during the wet. Seven large galvanized iron huts, which are being lived in. Two pit type lavatories of good construction in the camp area, and 2 in the station area. The area around the camp had been thoroughly cleaned up before my visit. Number of dogs is limited and all were tied up beside little shelters away from the huts. Two small neat shower rooms with cement floors, but the water is not laid on into these. Water is available from a tap just outside the women's shower room. DIET:- Natives have a small herd of goats, and they say they milk them. Only 4 working women are fed from the kitchen, and I do not know for sure just what they receive as I was warned that the cook might resign if I went near the kitchen. Camp natives and the working men receive a ration of beef, flour, tea and sugar only. One native cooks for the men outside, over an open fire protected by a piece of iron. His cooking utensils are a round camp oven for damper making and oil drum buckets. They receive no vegetables. The 4 working girls are the only ones who may receive some vegetables. The garden is only grown for the white staff. MEDICAL:- The white staff either dont care or have a defeatist attitude towards the natives. They say they havent the authority to force the natives to come for treatment. Mt Lloyd, the bookkeeper, does any medical treatment that is done, knows nothing and didnt wish to be advised. BABY BEASLEY (Mother Carol) born 18th November 1955. Is a very marked malnutrition and I feel very concerned for this baby's chance of survival. The mother obviously hasny had sufficient breast milk. I suggested that I ask the mechanics wife to supervise the baby's feeding. This lady has her meals at the kitchen and it would have meant getting food from the kitchen. This couldnt be done because the cook would resign. The only suggestion the manager could make was to ask Maria, another lubra, to breast feed the child along with her own. The best I have been able to do for this child to date was to ask the housegirls to provide the mother with some left-overs from the dining room, such as porridge, custard and vegetables. No scales on which to weigh the child. The medical kit is good. GALLIPOLI Station 13. 8.1956 TRIPLE ANTIGEN:- I have been unable to give the Walhallow natives their third injection owing to lack of transport there. There are 2 natives at Creswell and 2 at Anthony Lagoon yet to have a third injection - could a visiting Medical Officer please give these sometime. The folks on both places know who have to have them. The Walhallow natives and 3 from Mallapunyah may have to wait until sometime they can be given at Borroloola perhaps. Alexandria and Gallipoli have now had their second injections and I shall go on from here to Avon, Soudan, Brunette and then visit Rockhampton Downs before doing the third injections in this area. HOOKWORMS:-All those previously infected at Creswell Downs now show negative specimems. The one case at Alexandria is now negative, but I have since found a stock-boy there, not previously examined, who has hookworms. The five children on Gallipoli are still infected but showing less ova. E S Kettle.