Narwietooma School Operational Matters

National Archives of Australia CRS E748 Item ED20-1 Narwietooma School Operational Matters Paul Mackett 2015 28. 9.1956 Report on Narwietooma School Attendance - 5 boys and 3 girls full blood aborigines 12.10.1956 Application for clothing and rations for Jeannie aged 13-14 years 21. 3.1957 Requisition for clothing Audrey aged 10 years Lois aged 6 years Milly aged 6 years 4. 3.1957 Boys at the school who will be engaged in practical work David Dempsey Albert Tommy 24. 4.1957 Pupil record card for Mike. 24. 4.1957 Pupil record card for Tony, tribe Wailbri, skin Djubanienea or Djumbiuenga 21.10.1957 Narwietooma school - from Patrol Officer J P M Long At Narwietooma last week Mr Connellan asked me to pass on to you a request for the Branch's cooperation in returning the following pupils to the school :- Ettie, taken as second wife by Willie Carrington and was with him at Ted Hart's outstation on Hamilton Downs. It was previously decided to leave this matter till next year but Miss King is against this and would like to go with a Patrol Officer and the girl's father to the camp and reclaim the girl. Tommy, son of Ruby and Billy. Thought to be at Haasts Bluff but probably at Mt Allan or Yuendumu. Freddy, son of Topsy and Mussolini. Probably at Mt Allan or Yuendumu. Audrey, daughter of Rosy and Mussolini. Probably at Mt Allan or Yuendumu.