Director Native Affairs 1939 - 1942

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F126 Item 22 Director Native Affairs 1939 - 1942 Copyright P J Mackett 2020 12. 7.1942 From Jay Creek to DNA Darwin As requested I am sending Mr Monks a party of able-bodied natives as requested - Jackeroo Ferdinand * Dixon Steven * Toby Alkin Mick Brown Dick Tom Parabada Yala-Chekulba Ngalubra-Chekulba Mala-Chekulba Long Jack Billy * = ex-Mission boys from Hermannsburg The three with the group-name "Chekulba" are myalls from the Central Mount Wedge desert brought in by me on the last North-West Patrol. These particular natives might require more general tuition than the rest, but I am of the opinion that the training they will receive on a working party under the supervision of a competent officer will be of benefit to them. 29. 1.1942 From P/O Strehlow to DNA Darwin Protector Roberts is talking rubbish. 26. 1.1942 To DNA Darwin Stella Tennant, domestic, and Elkin Frew are residing with Dr Reilly at Kimba S.A. 22. 1.1942 From DNA Darwin to P/O Strehlow Protector Roberts of Roper River states Fairy is not the wife of Tisanboy, she is the intended wife of Philip. This has long been arranged by the parrents. They are to be returned to Roper River as soon as possible. 9. 1.1942 To DNA Darwin Re Lubra Fairy, Bond Springs Chisholm tried to be present at the interview but was refused. Fairy and Tisanboy told the same story. Daemon, Fairy's father, promised her to Philip, a boy from Roper Valley Mission. Fairy preferred Tisanboy. She came away with Chisholm and is now living with Tisanbor as man and wife. Fairy's old lover Philip now seeks to marry halfcaste Jessie. 5. 7.1941 From Native Affairs Branch Darwin Harry Ross H/C and Mrs Gardiner H/C were previously refused Exemption. 1. 5.1941 Letter from Phyllis Nash or Cox (Narie) of 46 High Street Miller's Point, Sydney Dear Sirs I am inquiring about my birth certificate as I dont know my name. I was brought from Lake Nash and went to Cherbon with a man names Cox. He took me to his mother and as I am getting on now. She will not tell me anything. So the Aboriginal Board here in Sydney told me to make inquiries from you if you could let me know a few things about myself I would be very pleased - All the information I can give you is this - I was only very young when I left Queensland. I knew people on a station by the name of Sutton, Mrs Sutton was the Bank Manager at Lake Nash. My mother's name was Maude I dont really remember my Father. Curly Cox had a banking account up there and he went to Cherbon he was killed in a motor car accident. I will forward the cost of a Birth Certificate if you could possibly help me. I am asking this unknown to Mrs Cox as I know she would object. I often think she is hiding something from me and if she thought I was making inquiries she might try and stop me from learning what I want to know. I really dont know my real age but I think I am about seventeen or eighteen. I am working and would not like to loose (sic) my position so if you would kindly let me know without delay or you could get in touch with the Aboriginal Board here in Sydney and They will let me know. I have been in to see the Inspector and she told me to write to you and explain my case to you. My mother died before I came to Cherbon, but I don't remember my father. Please let me know as soon as possible and oblige, (sgd) Phyllis Nash or Cox (Narie) I go under the name of Cox here in Sydney. 3. 3.1941 To DNA Darwin I interviewed a halfcaste called Holt (or Holtze) at a bore 22 miles out of Birdum concerning the employment of his daughter Trixie at Roper Valley Station. 17. 2.1941 To DNA Darwin Halfcaste H Laughton is working for Mr J D Weir at Derry Station via Alice Springs. 9.12.1940 To P/O Strehlow Jay Creek Regarding a cheque issued to Herbert Laughton on 21. 9.1939. 3.12.1941 To P/O Strehlow from DNA Darwin The following report has been furnished by the P of A Roper River "Fairy is the daughter of Deamon, and he tells me that she is given to Philip who is the boy at the Mission who Mr Port sought permission so that he may marry the Halfcaste Jessie. Barnabas is the father of Philip, and he tells me that Philip and Fairy have been matched by the tribal custom. I am not caring who has who, but I think that as the Elders" have planned this that Fairy be returned at least in May after the Wet, so that the union will be completed." Would you please investigate and advise whether Fairy is betrothed in accordance with tribal custom to the aboriginal Philip. 30. 8.1941 From Police Station Roper River Correspondence about Mr Chisholm taking Fairy "to Alice Springs to marry it to my buck down there". My informant also told me of Chisholm removing the aboriginal female Doreen from Roper Valley with the intention of taking her to Bonds Spring, and that when she got to Mataranka she cleared from Chisholm. He also told me of Chisholm going to about Birdum in a car and taking a female halfcaste named Holtz from the custody of her parents, which girl I understand your Branch compelled him to return. Is this a caper of Mr Chisholm? I am now rather doubtful, if the boy Ginger did want to go to Bond Springs, he may have been educated to say that he wanted to go, and just talked parror fashion. 26. 8.1941 From Police Station Roper River Correspondence about Mr Chisholm. Mentions the following Just after the Wet Chisholm took one boy, Tisanboy, and one female Doreen "Codgee" from Roper River to Alice Springs. Doreen was the consort of Duncan who was working in the Roper Valley stock camp and who knew nothing about it. Also on the truck was half-caste Alex McDonald who was going to Mataranka. On arrival Doreen cleared off with Alex. Mentions Fairy "Wallie-Moongoo" Ginger Tommy "jalgargee" Mollie Lock Tracker Dick Tracker Tommy Willie (Tisanboy) 29. 8.1941 From Police Hatches Creek to Police Alice Springs Cancellation of Licence to employ Aboriginals held by Gus Elliott (halfcaste) Mentions his employee Slipper, a cripple, with a shrunken right leg and the foot is deformed. 26.11.1940 To P/O Strehlow from DNA Darwin Application for remission of life sentence prisioner Attawamba Joe. Attawamba Joe of the Daly River is serving a life sentence for the murder of Paddy Sinki near Clara Station in 1932. Names listed are Attawamba Joe Paddy Sinki Maudie, Paddy's wife, also known as Urugpa a Noala woman of the Mudburatribe All were employed at the time by W S Brown at Dorisvale Station. Now another version. No conclusions drawn. 6. 8.1940 To Native Affairs Darwin Receipt for money paid to abo. Sambo in respect of his services on the Petermann Range trip twelve months ago. 16. 4.1940 From Native Affairs Darwin Cheques for aboriginals Tom Ljonga and Sambo. Sambo is at Hermannsburg. 25. 3.1940 To DNA Darwin I have received a reply from Mr Ken Harris, of Tamani, stating that the relatives of Ginginana Bob are no longer in the N.T. to his knowledge, but are back in W.A., and apparently have been back in W.A. for a number of months. 29. 1.1940 To DNA Darwin Ginginana alias Bob was accidentally killed at Gordon Downs Station. 2.10.1939 To District Officer Alice Springs Disiplinary cases at Jay Creek are - Millie Smith, Veda, Mabel, Archie and Saltpetre. 23. 8.1939 From Wave Hill The boy Tommy is taking this note to you; wants to marry a lubra named Alice who belonged to Crocodile Paddy, but he hunted her I understand. I don't know what their tribal laws are, so am sending the business to you. The lubra seems willing. Old Crocodile Paddy came down here wanting to take young Sambo's lubra away, so I hunted him out of the camp. Sambo says thatMcGuigan and Abbott gave this lubra to him, but Paddy owned her before. These matrimonial tangles are a damn nuisance. It looked like a bit of a fight between Sambo and Paddy but, as boys are scarce, I didnt want them to start. Hope you can straighten it out. With best wishes Yours sincerely (Sgd.) C D Kelman 24. 8.1939 To DNA Darwin Lizzie and Alice are tribal wives of aged aboriginal Crocodile Paddy. They ran away, Paddy tried to get them back but was sent away. Lizzie has been living with Sambo for some time, he is her uncle according to their law Alice now wants to go with Tommy who is her half-cousin according to their relationship. Sambo and Tommy are employed by the Cattle Station. Mr McGuigan and Constable Abbott should not have given Lizzie to Sambo. 19. 9.1939 To DNA Darwin Best solution is to let the two lubras go and their new husbands to support Paddy. 29. 7.1939 To District Officer Alice Springs Mentions Half-caste TB patient Maggie being cared for at Jay Creek.