Tanami 1937 - 1941

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F126 Item 29 Tanami 1937 - 1941 Copyright P J Mackett 2020 10. 5.1937 Report on trip to the Granites 22-28. 4.1937 Three aboriginal workers Albie, Sambo and Mick who were fully clad and could speak pidgin English. Two half-caste employees Ben and Harry Palmer. The following whites are at present living and working at the Granites C H Chapman, Senior, manager and owner. Married but living separately from his wife. C H Chapman, Junior, unmarried A M Williams, wireless operator and battery man. Married, wife and children are down South at present, but have lived at the Granites. Jack Lewis, miner and contributer. Married, wife South. Jim Callender and his wife. Fred Gorman, lorry driver. About to be married; his wife will also live at the Granites. In addition, Chapman is considering engaging two more whites to replace "Bluey" Connell, and Edward McCormick, who have just left the Granites. Harry and Ben Palmer were brought up in the old Half-caste Institution at Alice Springs by Mrs Standley. Harry Palmer was apprenticed to Mr Chapman in 1933; Ben Palmer was apprenticed to two mining prospectors, Bray and Cogan, about the same time. Both are over 21 years of age and are therefore exempt. The three full-blooded aboriginals, Albie, Sambo and Mick, are used on the sands, in shifting broken rock on to the lorries prior to being carted to the batteries, in shovelling the ore into the battery, etc, in short, on work overground at the mines. The myalls are used for supplementary labour, the lubras on odd days to do washing. No half-caste children were seen at the Granites. 2. 2.1939 From CPA to P/O Strehlow Telegram received "Complaint received from Deputy Commissioner Native Affairs West Australia that one named Bolton removed aboriginal Nellie to Tanami also one named Slater removed aboriginal named Molly same district also one Laurence Albert Charles Maynard removed aboriginal Lily Moolabulla to Tanami investigation of these cases comprises your mission Tanami Stop Mr K Harris applied minister for supply blankets and rations aged and infirm Tanami actiondeferred pending your report whether such should be issued paying due regard same might attract natives from reserves to areas remote from supervision Stop investigate also all routine matters stations mining camps etc en route" 18. 2.1939 From P/O Strehloe to CPA Darwin Summary Report on recent trip to The Granites and Tanami. "Nugget" Hunter and Edward Bolton were committed for trial in Alice Springs Police Court. Hunter sent to prison for four months, Bolton was fines 20 guineas. The lubra Alice is being held at Jay Creek. Maynard went back to Western Australia several months ago. No one at Tanami had heard of any man by the name of Slater coming across the W.A. border. Other details mentioned in the full report Met Ben Nicker who was driving a truck to the Mt Stafford Tin Field. Camp of Bob Davis. Nugget Hunter was here. Camp of Ted Williams. Camp of Nugget Hunter. An elderly full-blooder couple and a young native woman were there. The lubra was Alice and had lived with Nugget for the past twelve months. Randall Stafford was at Coniston. Picked up an aboriginal aged about 35 years called Albert for a guide. At The Granites Mr Chapman and his sons Pat and Gordon are the only people working. Three natives Furdy, Paddy and Barnie are said to have broken into his stores. Barnie was the right hand man of Mr Texas Lechleitner, a Tanami Field worthy. Mick, one of Chapman's boys. Left for Tanami and found Ted Bolton on the way. He admitted having been associated with the lubra Nellie and said he had been rearing her half-caste child and feeding her. Bolton claimed the W.A. Police new about the lubra and that he had talked to Father Francis of Moolabulla about paying for the child's education. Goodall, a Tanamite, had been employed by Mr Morley Cutlack of Sydney. Mr and Mrs Ken Harris.Laurence Charles Albert Maynard and one Williams had bolted back over the W.A. border. Two nororious gin hunters Messrs McCormick and Lechleitner had left Tanami. Barnie was captures and held by Albert. Mentions two white men McKenzie and Duncan Smith had fired several shots into the aboriginal camp at The Granites on 28. 2.1938. 16. 8.1939 To DNA Darwin Application by Mr Bolton to adopt the half-caste child. Bolton disclaims paternity of the child and has not legally married the lubra. Correspondence from Sgt Koop states E Bolton stole the mother of the child from a Mission in W.A. some years ago and has been sought by the W.A. Police ever since. . 6.1939 From P/O Strehlow to DNA Perth On 15. 7.1938 a native named Ginginana alias Bob was accidentally killed at Gordon Downs Station near Halls Creek while he was in the employ of the station belonging to the Australian Investment Company. Bob's woman's name is Mudia alias Lorna and the names of his children are Marang and Mulga. They left for the Tanami after his death. 25. 3.1940 To DNA Perth The dependants of Bob are stated to be in Lewis Creek vicinity just over the border on the W.A. side. 24. 4.1940 To DNA Darwin About alleged removal of native girl Watie alias Maudie from Gordon Downs Station, Western Australia by J Goodall. 17.12.1940 To DNA Darwin Location of two roving prospectors Jack Romberg and Bob Lee. 11. 1.1941 From Police Alice Springs to DNA Darwin Lubra Annie was accidentally shot near a stock camp a few miles from Mt Doreen a few months ago. She has been discharged from Hospityal and is to be sent to the Jay where she will be detained. She is a single girl. 16.12.1940 To DNA Darwin Report on Trip to The Granites 11-14.12.1940 Two victims of a brawl at the native camp were inspected. One was a lubra called Maudie aged about 19 years who bore numerous scars of spear wounds on her arms, shoulders, legs and thighs. The other was a male aboriginal named Fardy who was lying in Chapman's truck shed. He had a knife wound on the right side of his chest. He was flown to Alice Springs and Maudie went by truck. It appears that Maudie is the fourth lubra of a native named Bob. Ferdy seduced Maudie. Bob and some other men speared Maudie badly. Then Bob drove his knife into Ferdy's chest. Bob then fled from The Granites taking one of his lubras and left the other three at the Granites. Mentions Sergeants Koop's Tracker named Walter. Names mentioned in Mr Chapman's ration book are like Jack, Bob, ...., Ruby, etc. Employee names were like Gloomy, Tanami Bob, Fuzzy. etc. 9.12.1940 To DNA Darwin Report on trip to Mt Doreen Mentions Two roving prospectors Jack Romber and Bob Lee came through Mt Doreen at the end of July this year. A man caller Gardiner reported the matter to Sgt Koop. Mr Braitling employs Peggy Wallis, a halfcaste girl from the Alice Springs Institution. Mentions Norah Itjinapula Mentions Mr and Mrs Jaeger the mine overseer. 2. 3.1941 From DDNA to Mr W Braitling Mt Doreen Station About education of half-caste Cusack's children 1. 4.1941 From Mr Braitling to DDNA Alice Springs About children of half-caste Jack Cusack There are two boys 6 and 4 years of age. Cusack has two other children, one a girl of 9 months, a full sister of the above boys. Another a boy of 6 months to a different mother. There are also two other half-caste children here, a girl about 7 years who came from near the Granite Road with her mother. Also a boy aged about 4 years living with his mother. Alec Wilson, half-caste, who is prospecting to the west reports two more children have died from measles making 9 deaths in all. Also looking after a 3 year old with acute pneumonia. 19. 4.1941 From Mr Braitling to DDNA Alice Springs Alec Cusack is prepared to marry the woman Topsy who is the mother of his youngest child aged 6 months if he is allowed full family rights over the other three. 24. 3.1941 From P/O Strehlow to Mr K Harris Tanami Mentions Tanami Bob and his lubra Annie, Popeye, Billy Granites, Mick and Ruby. 14.10.1941 From Mr Chapman, The Granites to P/O Strehlow The following boys are working at the Granites at present but they leave without notice and their place is taken by other boys if available. Mick and Ruby, married couple Alby and child Dez Joe Frank and child Old Charlie, partly blind Jim Gloomy Aby and child Paddy and child Spinifex and child Jimmy Sambo and child Bob and Bill alternately with lubras 15.10.1941 From C E & K W Harris to P/O Strehlow Six months ago lubra "Blind Fella" with an ailing baby went to Alice Springs for medical treatment. The baby died and the husband Paddy is worried about the non-return of his lubra. She says she will die if she cannot return. 3.11.1941 From P/O Strehlow to K Harris, Tanami I assume the lubra "blind fella" is " Lilly Tunchia" who came in from Tanami by plane because she was blind and had been abandoned to starve by her husband. She is well and has been at Jay Creek for several months and in the company of two lubras from the Granites districy Maudie and Maudie's sister Lilly. Lilly is free to return to Tanami if suitable transport can be arranged and an undertaking by her husband not to abandon her to starve once more. 11.10.1941 From Mr Braitling, Mt Doreen to P/O Strehlow Half-caste Jack Cusack's children are Jack, born 24. 1.1935 Tom, born 31. 1.1937 Their mother is full blood Jenny Laura (girl) born April or May 1934, father unknown, mother full blood known here as Rita, her husband boy known here as Bob. Ted (boy) born 29. 3.1937, father unknown, mother full blood known here as Topsy at present living with Jack Cusack. 31.10.1941 From Mr Braitling, Mt Doreen to P/O Strehlow Natives employed at Mt Doreen are Name Native Name Dependents Jumbo Yangarri 5 Jerry Minari 3 Smokey Minari - Dinny Alooboni 2 Hitler Warbagie 5 Rufus Minari 3 Lion Wagalarri 1 Romeo Warrino - Loui Warrino 1 Chungari Icherwarri 1 Bamboo Carbi 2 Paddy Malaki 6