Papunya Monthly Report 1967 Extracts

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office Series F133 Item 1965/223 Papunya Monthly Report 1967 Extracts 16.10.1967 - 15.11.1967 Death of Copper, mother Tjunkia, was expected due to the severe condition of his lungs. Copper remained at Papunya diuring his final illness as travelling would have caused needless suffering. Adam, mother Nanguri, father Gibbs, will be operated on for hare lip sometime this month. We hope to send his mother in soon, as she is now willing to try and care for the babe. Following a death in the new village, all 72 houses are now vacant. The Wailbri people moved into the old Wailbri camp on the N.E. side of the settlement, and a number of Pintubi's set up a new camp S.W. of the settlement. 16. 9.1967 - 15.10.1967 Nungalka (Daffy) returned from Adelaide with very little improvement in her , also it has been found that she is once more pregnant. Nora, husband Charlie , has improved greatly, in her mental outlook, since the birth of her baby this month. 16. 8.1967 - 15. 9.1967 No specific names mentioned, 16. 7.1967 - 15. 8.1967 Copper, mother Tjunkaia, is now in the S.I.L. in Alice Springs Hospital and they will probably keep Welfare informed of his condition. 16. 6.1967 - 15. 7.1967 Bessie, husband Tjugadai, child Maurice, is giving us a lot of worry owing to her of the child. This baby is 14 months old and weighs only 14 lbs. James William, mother Maureen, has returned to Papunya, although the infant has been returned to Alice Springs Hospital twice for neglect. We will endeavour to maintain the mother's interest in the infant, but feel we are entitled to transfer this baby if neglect is obvious. Jack Rufus returned from Adelaide after having a successful heart operation. 16. 5.1967 - 15. 6.1967 Owing to a recent death the Pintubu's have again shifted camp but this time no great distance from the previous one. 16. 4.1967 - 15. 5.1967 No specific names mentioned. 16. 3.1967 - 15. 4.1967 The five evacuations consisted of two injuries, one sick child and one sick woman. Also one native . She is Daffy (Nungalka) D.O.B. 1932, husband Ngaiwata. The A.M.S doctor has promised the D.W.O. informed of her condition. The only problem causing some anxiety is that of indifferent mothers who neglect and often refuse to feed their babies. Although not many, they are hard to keep track of and will often "go bush" if drastic treatment is threatened. At present these babies are being supervised by a Sister in the hospital and meals are prepared separately. Following repatriation of many men from South quite a number of wife "straightening up" cases with a little violence were brought to the attention of the Superintendent for adjudication etc. These cases were brought forward by men of the Council and their activities and help in this direction have been commendable. Riley Minor is still absconding from hospital, regardless of all his promises. We suggest that treatment be carried out in an area to which he is unfamiliar may be more successful. This lad is a T.B. carrier, has open sores and should not be employed and should be completely segregated. We feel his frequent absconding should not go unpunished.