Hooker Creek and Yuendumu Outstations 1978

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office F133 1977/222 Part 1 Hooker Creek and Yuendumu Outstations 1978 Copyright P J Mackett, 2019 14. 4.1978 Letter from Rod Hagen to the Central Land Council Re Outstations in the Warlpiri Claim Area This letter contains the following Warlpiri area projected Outstations. 1. Yuendumu Reserve Area (a) Approximate Location - Rock Hill People Derby Jampijinpa George Jangala plus approx 30 others Place of Residence Yuendumu 2. Lake Mackay Reserve Area (b) Approximate Location - Nyinyiripalanku (Ethel Creek) People Banjo Jungarrayi Windy Jampijinpa Dinny Japiljarri plus approx 30 others Place of Residence Yuendumu 3. Claim Area 1 - V.C.L. south of Mt Doreen (c) Approximate Location - Nyirrpi / Jitilparnta People Tiger Japiljarri George Jampijinpa Charlie Jampijinpa Jacky Jakamara Paddy Jiparulla Roy Fry Jangala plus 20 - 40 others (fluctuates) Established 1974/75, currently occupied Place of Residence Nyirrpi / Jitilparnta, Yuendumu (d) Approximate Location - Yarripirlangu, on border of Newhaven and Claim Area 1, to the east of Newhaven / Limestone Bore Road People Jimmy Junjgarraji Mick Jungarragi Andrew Spencer Japiljarri Bobby Spencer Japiljarri Frequently visited, men currently living there Place of Residence Yarripirlangu, Yuendumu (e) Approximate Location - Marimanu. On Claim Area 1, due north of the Newhaven / Mt Wedge boundary close to the southern boundary of Mt Doreen People Jimmy Egan Jangala Teddy Egan Jangala Silas Jangala Place of Residence Yuendumu 4. Claim Area 2 - V.C.L. between Yuendumu and Lajamanu (f) Approximate Location - Jurlpungu, Atlee Creek Bore on N.W. Stock Route where it passes through S.W. corner of Tanami Wildlife Reserve People Mosquito Jungarrayi Big Willie Japanangka George Japangardi plus 40 - 60 others Place of Residence Yuendumu (g) Approximate Location - Lirakilpiri, South Eastern Tanami People Major Jangala Shorty Jangala George Robertson Jampijinpa plus 20 - 30 others, possibly some closely related Jagamara / Jiparulla men who are associated with the same area together with their families Place of Residence Yuendumu (h) Approximate Location - Lungkatatjara, in Tanami Wildlife Reserve approximately 15km north of the N.E. corner of Chilla Well P.L. People Peter Ross Jangala Billy Watson Jangala Thomas Jangala plus approx 30 others Place of Residence Yuendumu and Lajamanu (i) Approximate Location - Papinya, Kulpurlurna - Pirti-Pirti, in Tanami Wildlife sanctuary at a rock hole north of Thompson's Rockhole People Abie Jangala Jerry Jangala Paddy Patrick Jangala plus 25 - 35 others Place of Residence Lajamanu (j) Approximate Location - Kamira / Black Hills, at the base of the hills immediately to the south of Kamira European name Koomarie Spring, between Tanami and Supplejack G.L. People Jimmy Burns Jangala Splinter Jinkanyanu Bob Jangala Robert Norman Jampijinpa plus 50 - 70 others Place of Residence Lajamanu and Wattie Creek (k) Approximate Location - Parnta, on Winnecke Creek south of Hooker Creek Settlement People Peter Blacksmith Japanungka Roger Jungarrayi Smiler Gordon Japangardi plus 20 others This group established themselves at Partna early in 1975 Place of Residence Lajamanu (l) Approximate Location - Warntikirlargu, To the east of Parnta on Winnecke Creek People Andy Japanungka Albert Japanungka plus approx 20 others This group were associated with the original establishment of Parnta (k above) Place of Residence Lajamanu (m) Approximate Location - Karntawarranyungu, in Tanami Commonage area People Freddy Jungarrayi Lindsay Jungarrayi Harry Gordon Jungarrayi plus 20 - 30 others Place of Residence Lajamanu (n) Approximate Location - Kanaparnkala, location uncertain, S.W. of Parnta People Morris Luther Jiparulla Lunni Jakamara Jumbo Jakamara Blind Alec Jiparulla plus approx 30 others Place of Residence Lajamanu 15. 8.1978 Letter from W R Hearn, Area Officer Re: Yuendumu Outstations - Waite Creek (Nyirripi) Following is a list of families currently residing and affiliated with Waite Creek - U/B = Unemployment Benefits Pen = Pension U/B George Tjampitjimpa and Molly Nakamarra Angela (school Yuendumu) Jackie Tjakamarra and Penny Napaltjari U/B Benny Tjanga (single man) U/B Kamedi Tjangala U/B Peter Tjupurrula and Nita Napanangka (wife 1) and Liddy Napanangka (wife 2) Stephen Tjakamarra Maureen Nakamarra U/B Paddy Tjapanangka and Jenny Naparulla U/B Tiger Tjapaltjari and Maudie Nakamarra U/B Charlie Tjapanangka and Phyllis Naparulla U/B Bompey Tjapanangka and Molly Naparulla Cedric Tjapangati Hector Tjapangati (at Yuendumu) Jeffrey Tjapangati (at Balgo) Veronica Napangati (at Yuendumu) Ellen Napangati (at Hooker Creek) U/B Les Tjupurulla and Leonie Napanangka Janet Nakamarra U/B Paddy Tjupurulla and Ellen Napanangka (wife 1) and Alice Napanangka (wife 2) Charlie Tjampitjimpa and Mary Napangati Reggie Tjangala (at Papunya) Leigh Tjangala (at Yuendumu) Ben Tjangala (at Yuendumu) Elizabeth (at Yuendumu) Artie Nangala (at Yuendumu) Pauline Napangati Michael Jeffrey Ned Kelley Margaret (at Yuendumu) Pen Old Peg Leg Tjampitjimpa and Margaret Napangati Samson Tjangala Joy Nangala (at Yuendumu) Roy Fry and Esther Nungarayi (wife 1) and Doreen Nungarayi (wife 2) Kevin (at Yuendumu) Terry (at Yuendumu) Christine Clarice