Nirripi, Narapalya & Injiramurra Outstations 1981

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office F133 1977/222 Part 2 Hooker Creek and Yuendumu Outstations 1981 Copyright P J Mackett, 2019 Report on Nirripi, Narapalya & Injiramurra Outstations by R A Styles on 2. 7.1981 NB spelling as in the original document. Nirripi (157km from Yuendumu) On my visit to Nirripi I found that a number of men including John Henshaw were away hunting. The camp was not particuarly clean and I noticed that Henshaw has now built himself a substantial shed with materials apparently purchased with funds supplied from the United Penticostal Church. The garden that was once fairly well established has deteriorated - maybe time of year. The bore and equipment was well maintained and clean. The men returned a few hours later on my return from Narapalya. People currently living at Nirripi :- Tiger Jambajimba Maudi George Jambajimba Molly Angela, 12 years Mick Jambajimba Marget Joy, 12 years Thompson, 3 years Charlie Jambajimba Mary Elizabeth, 17 years Duncan, 7 years Ben, 10 years Patric, 12 years Marget, 12 years Jeffry, 10 years Michael, 5 years Neil, 7 years Geraldine, 2 years Lyle Jaganan Fiona Charles, 2 years Jeremon, 14 months Terry Jagowara Gladys Charlie Jabanarga Phillis Timothy, 12 years Pompey Jungala Molly Veronica, 12 years Cedric, 10 years Paddy Jabarula Eileen Ken, 12 years Numina, 10 years Sabrina, 8 years Joe Jambajimba Mary Donovan, 5 years Roger, 4 years Walter, 2 years Harry, 12 years Angela, 12 years Leo Jabarula Leonine Margery Jennifer, 7 years Pinny Jungala Charie Jabarula Liddy Nambajimba Maggie Nambajimba Daisy Nambajimba Lorna Nabaldjari Loony Jambajimba Lucy Nabarula Narapalya (212km from Yuendumu) Narapalya is a soak in the Ethel Creek and the group currently living there comprise of the people who originally wanted to live at Yinyiripalangu. There is no hope of water being found in either area. When the dam at Yinyiripalangu and the soak at Narapalya dry up the group disperses and either lives at Nirripi or Yuendumu. People currently living at Narapalya :- Alec Jabaldjari Emily Tommy Jungula Denise Connie Donoven, 6 years (mother Connie) Banjo Jungari Betty Nelson, 6 years Glen, 4 years Injiramurra (97km from Yuendumu) A new outstation, people only really living there for the past 2 months. It is situated just off the road, Yuendumu to Nirripi to the North. The people live off a soak, this is running dry and they ask one or other of the outstations to cart water for them in 44 gallon drums. They have no transport of their own. This is really an 'Old Timers' camp. People currently living at Injiramurra :- Jack Jabanunga Topsi Charlie Jabaldjari Topsi Old Jack Topsi General Between Nirripi and Narapalya there is an area known as Yampiri. It is of very great significance to Dinny Jabaldjari and his people and should be included in future drilling programs. Yampiri is in the Mt Nicker area but 30km south of areas unsuccessfully drilled before in the Narapalya area. Yarpiri is 25km north of Nirripi making it just under half way between Nirripi and Narapalya.