CMS Oenpelli 1930s

National Archives of Australia Series F1 Item 1939/4 Oenpelli Medical 1930s 14-15. 8.1934 Inspection of Oenpelli Mission Medical Inspection Nabuk - male, aged 15. Ringworm on arms and chest, Responding to treatment. Namyn - male, aged 15. Contracture of 3rd and 4th fingers of right hand, with corresponding wasting of thenar and hypo thenar. No other symptons whatever are present. Length of history not known accurately, probably 12 months. Sister Johnson reports condition improving with massage. Mundari - female, aged 11. Yaws (tertiary) one ulcer about size of 5/- piece in right axilla. Marawulden - female, aged 10. Bowed tibial and ulnae. Mitral valve disease (regurgitation). Myard - female, aged 7. Yaws (secondary). Several lesions about the size of a shilling around the genitalia. Ruth - female, adult. Contracture of one tends achillis (talipes equinus). Contractures of flexors of left wrist and fingers. Both conditions apparently due to trauma in childhood. Amanagu - female, adult. bowed tibial. Jimbunu - female, adult. Bowed tibial. Ulcer on right knee (traumatic). Gretula - female, aged 16. Spear wound in left thigh, posterior, lower third. Occurred about one month previously. Commencing contracture of hamstrings. Leg placed on back extension splint. The wound is healing very slowly. It is reported that a portion of the spear is still deep in the wound. It was not considered advisable to attempt to locate it. Naludbi - male, aged 15. Yaws (primary). Small lesion on the foreskin. Gulwilywily - female, adult. Cut forehead, superficial. Healing satisfactorily. Gurakara - male, adult. Senile and blind. Jimmie - male, adult. Blind right eye. Senile, Bronchitis. Periwig - female, adult. Granuloma, extensive, involving almost whole of pudenda. Algin - male, aged 3. Yaws (secondary). Several small lesions on face. Napym - male, aged 15. Leprosy (skin type). Typical contractures of both hands with wasting of thenar and hypothenar, and interossei. Macular rash on trunk, arms and thighs. Depigmentation and parasthesia between knees and ankles. Several amputations of terminal joints of toes of both feet. One reported case of Yaws, a child was taken into the bush by its mother soon after my arrival, and not seen by me. Other aboriginals N.A.D. 6. 1.1935 Letter from CMS Oenpelli to R H Weddell Esq, Government Residence Darwin Medical Arminjowjow - female. Admitted 2nd January. Sleeping sickness. Died 10. 2.1935. Wungigi - male child. Admitted 23. 1.1935, Tetanus. Died 24. 1.1935. Manmoruk - male child. Admitted 28. 1.1935. Fracture of left humerus and severe shock. Made a good recovery. 2. 7.1935 Inspection of Oenpelli Mission Medical Female Children Myard Granuloma. Mannackini N.A.D. Cadjubumba N.A.D. Malintara N.A.D. Munipa N.A.D. Manjaryte N.A.D. Coril N.A.D. Meridek N.A.D. Mamaranja N.A.D. Magiri N.A.D. Mamiligor N.A.D. Gulubur N.A.D. Monaradbor N.A.D. Bilinara N.A.D. Toby N.A.D. Ilyorna N.A.D. Manjarupna N.A.D. Algandali N.A.D. Marawuna N.A.D. Ildimbu N.A.D. Mundalmi N.A.D. Female Adults Ruth See last year, no change. Elmere N.A.D. Marjiago N.A.D. Magumba Fractured left clavicle. Three days previously treatment given. Granuloma, vagina. Albanarang N.A.D. Jeragulgul Granuloma, vulva. Blind R. eye. Garinjula N.A.D. Elizabeth N.A.D. Galinya Granuloma, vulva. Mynane N.A.D. Cararu N.A.D. Mumburiga N.A.D. Amanagu Boomerang legs. Murrabumba N.A.D. Albarukna N.A.D. Goolwin N.A.D. Amiyindi N.A.D. Mangowi N.A.D. Munjaroopna Patches of depigmentation over face and trunk. ?early leprosy. Algajad Old traumatic paralysis of left arm. Aged and Infirm. Algorwong N.A.D. Alborumba Senility. Male Children Bilinara N.A.D. Gaggag N.A.D. John Bull N.A.D. (quarter white) Naryn N.A.D. Ngarlberet N.A.D. Waranja N.A.D. Billy N.A.D. Paddy Bull N.A.D. (quarter white) Walamak N.A.D. Jowjow N.A.D. Milerie N.A.D. Majarin N.A.D. Galiwul N.A.D. Nangulwa N.A.D. Ganangu N.A.D. Walamada N.A.D. Namadimuk N.A.D. Lazarus N.A.D. Balgul Phimosis. Nagawah Phimosis. Male Adults Tiger N.A.D. Naluwid Left leg amputated above knee in infancy. Namaluta N.A.D. Galambaria N.A.D. Marawana N.A.D. Balada Granuloma, penis. Joseph N.A.D. Philip N.A.D. Samuel N.A.D. Nabuk Ringworm of trunk. Namyn Leprosy. Main-en-griffe of R. hand. Also, phimosis and urethral discharge, probably granuloma. Namarumudul Slight contracture of each 5th finger, with patches of depigmentation on corresponding knuckles (probably traumatic). Namandowit N.A.D. Mick Granuloma, penis. Nalyn Granuloma, penis. Maware N.A.D. Jumbawal Granuloma, penis. Maludbi Yaws, now cured. Woranja N.A.D. Lyumabyndare N.A.D. Worongongor N.A.D. Toby Sunken bridge of nose; healed granuloma, penis. Harry Granuloma, penis. Kanowla Granuloma, penis, old gangosa. Namala Large left inguinal hernia. Phimosis. Namborat Senility, blind. Jimmie Senility, blind. Jangual N.A.D. Namiriwa Senility; granuloma, penis. The majority of the cases of granuloma had already been sent to Darwin for treatment, but escaped from the Compound there before treatment was completed, and made their way back to the Mission. It is impossible to isolate them at the Mission. The staff were instructed to make everyendeavour to return these cases to Darwin, and to send also the two cases suspected to be suffering from leprosy. 11. 2.1938 From CMS Sydney, NSW to the Administrator Darwin Mentions Martin Calma's half caste children from Cooper's Creek (two boys and a girl) were brought to the Station.