Groote Eylandt Medical Reports 1930s

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office Series F1 Item 1940/226 Groote Eylandt Medical Reports 1930s Copyright P J Mackett, 2019 31.10.1935 Inspection of Groote Eylandt Mission - Medical Inspection Male children Nangiwara NAD Nangiaga NAD Nugijima NAD Nangwara NAD Nangalala NAD Dabaruba NAD Numaguba NAD Mundermoolwool NAD Mumrayer NAD Mungumganim NAD Mayrayi NAD Crosbie Wasted left lower limb. Apparently congenital. Nahgunga Traumatic corneal opacity L. eye. Nahjulgula NAD Male adults Perdu NAD Bill NAD Banjo NAD Charlie Contracture of right 5th finger Langpeanga Gangosa. Under treatment with N.A.B Jibarakoo NAD Half-Castes Female Adults Rita NAD Marie NAD Florence NAD Constance NAD Gwenneth NAD Marjorie NAD Female children Eileen Palpable spleen. Nelva NAD Male children Arnold Traumatic contracture L. thumb. 4-6. 9.1934 Detailed Medical Report on Natives at the Mission Brady - Male Aboriginal. Old man - active gangosa case. None missing. Lily Carter - Half-caste female. Boils on legs. Melva - Half-caste female child. Burns on forearm, almost healed. Digiti - Female aboriginal child. Extensive scarring of right lower limb (thigh, leg, foot), apparently due to burns in infancy. Paddy - Male aboriginal. Extensive old non-active gangoses. Malugibungu - Male aboriginal child (aged 9 months). Complete corneal opacity left eye. Infective conjunctivitis (acute) right eye. Tumulubukworu - Female aboriginal. Bowed tibiae. Owindi - Female aboriginal. Bowed tibiae. Jackson - Male aboriginal, Advanced leprosy. Anaesthetic ulcers and depigmentation of both knees. Ulcers also on right leg, ankle and foot (dorsum) and thigh. Amputations of all toes of right foot. Stumps present of first and second, other toes completely missing. Extensive depigmentation and loss of tissue of right foot. Anaesthetic ulcer, with depigmentation, left elbow. Wasting of thenar and hypothenar, left hand and commencing contracture of the little finger. Depigmentation of right elbow. Anaesthetic ulcer on right wrist (dorsum). Contractures of first four fingers of right hand, fifth finger, small stump only. Dooroola - Female aboriginal, wife of Jackson. Advanced leprosy. Right arm : anaesthetic ulcer, elbow, palm of hand, and dorsum of hand and fingers. Contractures of all fingers. Terminal two joints of little finger missing. Left arm : patch of depigmentation on elbow. Large ulcers and depigmentation of hand (palm). Thumb wasting and contracture. Other fingers missing. Right leg : anaesthetic ulcer on knee and on dorsum of foot. Patches of depigmentation on right foot. Big toes, stumps only. Little toe missing. Left leg : anaesthetic ulcer on knee healed ulcers on dorsum of foot. Deformity and contracture of toes. 22.11.1933 From Police Camp Groote Eylandt Isolation of lepers The lepers Peter and Lydia were accomodated in small huts, one just within and the other just without the Mission Compound. These two were unable to walk and the inmates used to visit them. The lepers Henry, John and Alec were living in the Half-caste Village in small huts. The leper girl Esther lived for a considerable period with her companions in the usual routine prior to the discovery of her condition. 3.10.1933 From the Protector of Aboriginals to the Administrator Darwin A half-caste Dorcus Wesley was removed from Roper River to Groote Eylandt on the Mission Lugger 'Holly' in early July. This was done expressly against orders.