Evacuation of Missions and Isolated Stations 1942

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office F1 1942/367 Evacuation of Missions and Isolated Stations Northern territory 1942 Copyright Paul Mackett 2007 Katherine 27th March, 1942 Dear Mr Giles I forward herewith a list of people who are being evacuated from Katherine by train this afternoon (Friday). A copy of this list has been handed to Fr. Henschke who is travelling as Welfare Officer. They will, I expect, leave Larrimah tomorrow morning and you can get advice of their subsequent progress from Army. As we need a number of lists here, I can only send you one copy to work from but you will no doubt be able to get other copies typed in A.S.. There are still about 20 people, six white women at Mataranka including .... boy and about 140 to be evacuated from Pine Creek. These will all be on the next train which at present I expect to leave Pine Creek on Sunday morning. I propose to go on to Pine Creek tonight by train and get things in operation there. I propose to send Miss Halberstater and Miss Haynes as Welfare Officers with that convoy and also Mr Tambling if arrangements to his release are completed. From Pine Creek I will return to Darwin and send you a list of that train load from there. You will see that they are a very mixed bunch and therefore I have shown what they are. You will have the job of sorting them out for accomodation and informing Adelaide and Interior. Will you also please send a list to Brigadier ....... DSO MC, Movements Section, Army HQ Melbourne. All well. Cheers . G Carrington Will arrange Lampe's? transfer to A.S. as soon as possible after my return to Darwin. Name Sex Age Nationality Occupation Mrs Ah Mat F 23 H/C Fettler Claudette Ah Mat F 5 Willie Ah Mat M 3 Jane Ah Mat F 5 Mrs W Ah Mat F 40 H/C Fettler Sophia Ah Mat F 13 William Ah Mat M 15 Bazil Lopez M 9 H/C Works Employee Gerardo Lopez M 7 Mrs Mayo F 30 H/C Soldier Yvonne Mayo F 2 John Kruger M 5 Mrs Albero Alfonso F Aged Filipino Mr M Alfonso M Aged Filipino David Anderson M 64 European Railway Employee Archie M 78 Malay C W Berghoefer M Aged European Pensioner B Bargos M 64 Malay Mrs Ballard F 30 Filipino Carpenter Joseph Odegarde M 14 Filipino Joseph Cubillo M 5 Filipino Mrs Brown F European Station Hand Mrs Brumby F European Cook Mrs Boddington F European Stockman Chas Beer M 61 H/C Contractor Mrs Beer F H/C Daisy Beer F 12 H/C Angas Beer M 11 Barney Beer M 10 Mrs Baban F 50 H/C Labourer Eileen Baban F 16 H/C Thomas Baban M Infant Phillip Baban M 13 C F Briston M 19 H/C Mrs B Chan F Chinese Cafe Proprietor Rooney Chan M 7 Chinese (These entries crossed out.) Yuen Chin M 66 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Lorna Curtis F 19 H/C Harry Curtis M Infant H/C Park Chin M 64 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Heather Chin F 16 Chinese Storekeeper Ronald Chin M 15 Chinese Iris Chin F 11 Chinese Sidney Chin M 11 Chinese Lon Chin M 66 Chinese Cook Tommy Chin M 11 Chinese (These entries crossed out.) Hing Chin M 75 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Men Chin M 66 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Youck Chin M 75 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Youark Chin M 84 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Feng Chin M 67 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Felix Cigobia M 11 Filipino Fettler (with Alfonso Albero) Francesca Cigobia F 10 Filipino Cyril Cigobia M 9 Patricia Cigobia F 7 Pantalein Cigobia F 5 Cecilia Cigobia F 3 Matthew Crawford M 66 European Jessie Conway F H/C Fettler Lily Cusack F 30 H/C Frederick Cusack M 1 H/C Mrs Chardon F 55 European Housekeeper Michael Condon M 80 European Pensioner (This entry crossed out.) Mrs Cubillo F 50 Filipino Widow Donald Cubillo M 14 Noeline Cubillo F 12 Mary Cubillo F 10 Francis Cubillo M 9 Lawrence Cubillo M 7 Stephen Cubillo M 5 Michael Cubillo M 3 Charles Cubillo M 2 Kathleen Cubillo F 1 Mrs R Calma F 35 H/C Widow (with Stew family) Hi Dung M 67 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Sam Finn M 60 Malay (This entry crossed out.) Noy Fook M 84 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Mrs E Fong F 30 Chinese Ding Fong F 60 Chinese (These entries crossed out. Together.) Mrs Flynn F H/C Eugene Flynn M 3 Dorothy Flynn F Infant Kwong Yet Gee F 35 Chinese Cook George Gee M 10 Chinese (These entries crossed out.) Kong Fang Gee M 71 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Mrs Gorey F 55 European Hotel Keeper Elsie Gorey F 20 European Cissie Garr F 30 H/C June Garr F 3 H/C Mrs I green F 35 European Railway employee Ronald Green M 11 European Raymond Green M 2 European Mrs E Kopp F 60 European (with the Greens) (These entries crossed out.) T Grenwright M 64 European Carpenter (This entry crossed out.) Jack Griffith M 62 European Carpenter (This entry crossed out.) Jock Hamilton M 62 European Pensioner (This entry crossed out.) Mrs Hadow F 40 European RAAF (This entry crossed out.) John Harrigan M 73 European Pensioner Mrs Honess F Malay Soldier Marie Honess F 2 days Malay J H Jackson M 76 European Pensioner R Kemp M 60 European (This entry crossed out.) Mrs Kruger F H/C Fettler Vera Kruger F 5 H/C Juanita Kruger F 3 Salby F 1 Juliet Palmer F 40 H/C (with Krugers) W Kelly M Aged European Pensioner (This entry crossed out.) Mrs Louie Lim F Aged Chinese Carl Lindereth M 65 European (This entry crossed out.) Kee Lee M 84 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Mrs Lew Fatt F 30 H/C Fettler Terry Lew Fatt M 5 Walter Lew Fatt M 3 Mrs Lewis F H/C Chas Lai Tang M 70 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Val Laforteza M 67 Malay Mrs McKinnon F 55 European Storekeeper Mrs L McGinness F Aged H/C Fettler Mrs John McGinness F 40 H/C Fettler Joyce McGinness F 14 Violet McGinness F 12 Sadie McGinness F 11 Mildred McGinness F 9 Kathleen McGinness F 6 Joan McGinness F 4 Maree McGinness F 2 Mrs B McGinness F 40 H/C Fettler Michael McGinness M 13 Margaret McGinness F 11 Vincent McGinness M 8 Edith McGinness F 6 Val McGinness M 3 Gloria McGinness F Infant Mrs W McLennann F 38 H/C Soldier Reggie McLennann M 11 William McLennann M 9 Fanny McLennann F 8 Patricia McLennann F 9 Ada McLennann F 6 Doris McLennann F 6 Rhyn McLennann F 1 Mrs Meaney F 30 European Contractor John Meaney M 3 Francis Meaney M 2 Mrs E Morrison F 30 H/C Soldier John Morrison M 2 Patricia Morrison F 1 _________________________________________________________________________ On the back of the third page is the following Birdum Mrs Leary F 40 Post-mistress ?McMillar M 52 Butcher Choong Shui? M 80 Chinese __________________________________________________________________________ Mrs Peterson F 35 H/C Butcher Roy Peterson M 14 Pantelo M 60 Malay Mrs K Pearson F 60 European Retired Hotel Keeper Mrs Presley F H/C Mrs Quall F Aged Malay Widow Rupert Quall M 15 Ronald Quall M 11 Linton Quall M 10 Rosie Robinson F H/C Mrs Roe F 32 H/C Soldier William Roe M 7 Gordon Roe M 5 Bazil Roe M 3 Roy Roe M 1 Mr Ronin (?Ronan) M 82 European Invalid stretcher case Mrs J Swanson F 50 European Hotel Keeper Florence Swanson F 15 Tong Hee See M 69 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Mrs Storer F H/C Soldier Francis Storer M Infant H/C Mrs Scully F 30 H/C Soldier Boyd Scully M 3 George Scully M 2 Gloria Scully F Infant Mrs Stew F 35 H/C Soldier (with Roe family) Priscilla Stew F 9 Marina Stew F 6 Christina Stew F 3 Janet Stew F Infant Arsusni Calma M 14 With Stew family George Siam M 73 Malay Sareman M 83 Malay Mrs Tybell F 35 H/C Fettler John Tybell M 6 Margaret Tybell F 5 Fred Tybell M 3 Robert Tybell M 2 H Vanderschoof M 61 Dutch (This entry crossed out.) Pong Wong M 75 Chinese (This entry crossed out.) Wong Wah M 68 Chinese E Woodroffe F 30 H/C Sam Williams M Aged European European Mrs Wilson F H/C Maxwell Wilson M 1 Mrs L White F 20 H/C M Wallace M 75 European Pensioner John Bulman M 75 European War pensioner _____________________________________________________________________________ Handwritten notes on last page labelled Halfcastes Hermannsburg Rev Grose wife Latz and wife Drogemuller son Mrs Graetz, German woman Another