Native labour gangs Control Camps at Mataranka (WW2)4

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office F1 1942/435 (available to download from NAA site as PDF) Native labour gangs Control Camps at Mataranka, etc. Tennant Creek, Katherine. Employment of Natives by the Army. Correspondence from Native Affairs Alice Springs to the Administrator Alice Springs dated 11. 1.1943 Re: Native labour Units - Staging Camps Barrow Creek (new) Sandy, 30 yrs, Kaitj wife Blanche (at Hayes Station) Mick, 30 yrs, Anmatjira wife Rosie (at Mt Esther Station) Ben, 25 yrs, Kaitj, single Long Mick, 35 yrs, Waramulla, wife Ada Kipper, 35 yrs, Aranda wife Mary (at Mt Esther) Jack, 35 yrs, Walberi, wife Lily, female infant aged 1 year Alice Springs Jack, 20 yes, Aranda, single Dick, Walberi, wife Doreen Billy, Walberi, wife 1 Topsy, children Louie (F) 8 yrs and Mabel (F) 7 yrs, wife 2 Ruth, child Ruth (F) 2 yrs Ned, 20 yrs, Kaitj, single Eric, 20 yrs, Aranda, single Three boys absent at Ti-Tree Well dinner camp doing temporary work. Fourteen boys are employed at New Barrow Staging Camp. Banka Banka Larry, 35 yrs, Youngman (Head boy), wife Maggie Nipper, 30 yrs, Walberi, wife Maisie (H/C) Jack Mumbuwuna, 40 yrs, Walberi, wife 1 Ruby, wife 2 Winnie, child Saturday (M) 7 yrs Jack Prindinang, 35 yrs, Walberi, wife Tiji Jack, 40 yrs, wife Mary, children Johnnie (M) 7 yrs, Jacky (M) 5 yrs, Jim (H/C) (M) 4 yrs, Margaret (F) 9 mths Jacky Gura kari, 55 yrs, Walberi, wife Maudie, children Lily (F) 5 yrs, one child at Tennant Creek Jack Ilanjoy, 55 yrs, Walberi, wife Lily, children Eileen (F) 7 yrs, Andy (M) 5 yrs, Angus (M) 4 yrs and Victor (M) 1 yr Billy Wundmarri, 50 yrs, Walberi, wife 1 Rennie, wife 2 Maudie, children Topahji (F) 8 yrs, Riley (M) 7 yrs, child Daisy (F) 1x yrs daughter of Billy but mother dead Alick Bulbarr, 18 yrs, Walberi, single Willie Malijee, 30 yrs, Walberi, wife Darlie (at Tennant Creek) Peter Marsh, 30 yrs, Kaitj, wife Elsie (at Singleton Station) Native Isolation Hospital - 55 Camp Hospital Tennant Creek, 6 January 1943 Larry Colley H/C, male, 27? yrs, ex Darwin, Pulmonary TB Chronic Maudie Colley H/C, female, 26 yrs, ex Darwin, Pulmonary TB Chronic Baby Colley, female, 3 yrs, ex Darwin, in good health - Dr Catalano advises child should be removed to Institution Harry Foster H/C, male, 40 yrs, from Tennant Creek, blind and chronic TB Albert, male, 25 yrs, Walberi tribe, from Ti-Tree Well, VD Billy, male, 30 yrs, Mai-li tribe, from Alligator River Clarrie, male, 30 yrs, Mai-li tribe, from Alligator River, gonorrhea Gambalgo, male, 25 yrs, Gunwinggu tribe, from Gunadir River (Arnhem Land), VD Johnnie, male, 25 yrs, Kaititja tribe, from Barrow Creek Paddy Bingall, male, 20 yrs, Wagidj tribe, from Anson Bay and Delissaville, TB glands in neck Peter Kapita, male, 25 yrs, Milingimbi tribe, from Milingimbi, pulmonary TB Roy Madbalk, male, 15 yrs, Wagidj tribe, , from Anson Bay and Delissaville Toby, male, 25 yrs, Anmatjira tribe, from Ti-Tree Well Elsie 1, female, 35 yrs, Mai-li tribe, from Alligator River, granuloma inguinal Elsie 2, female 25 yrs, Mai-li tribe, from Alligator River, VD Mary Ann, female, 40 yrs, Maluk Maluk tribe, from Daly River, TB Silver, female, 35 yrs, Wuraidbuk tribe, from Alligator River, VD Correspondence about the Larrimah Camp dated 15 October 1943 NB handwritten sheets so Aboriginal names may not be transcribed perfectly. Natives Paddy Dedungoo Jerry Moorandaal Gilluey Woolara (Police boy) Frank Huddaway Charlie Djanamar Joe Buddarla Willie Roper Dick Bumgudbut Jolly Layawunga Spider Karmoolkparn Bob Booroodeesbar Jargo Milleerwoolwool Jack Mynemare George Mooldoowana Jack Karela Harry Murrayunga Norman Biddeen Jack Buddayaal Jim woodacre Dankey Aroega Douglas Boodlyne Bobby Cackerlisgarrie Fred Nawoolbunga Peter Sekunipa Paddy Djapeer Willie Mooriminnie Spider Kunjalma John Jumbal Victor Kinderella Paddy Moolur Jack Wallaby (Tracker) Archie Cameron (Tracker) Archie Wilson Allen Mundarr George Yingoo Charlie Mulloogarnie Peter Kulgulgurrie Nugget Dungul Dinah Djaranmulla (Cook) Rose Mateballeerie (Cook) Gracy Warwool (Cook) Dependants Jerry Moorandaal, wives Nora Marloong and Nancy, children Vera 9 yrs and Bruce 4 yrs Willie Mooriminnie, wife Florida Neeneeyuan Frank Huddaway, child Don 3 yrs Jack Wallaby, wife Nora Archie Cameron, wife Lena Idjingarbi Charlie Kulloogarnie, child Jimmy 8 yrs Peter Kulgulgurrie, wife Daisy, child Jean 2 mths John Jumbal, sister Clara