Lutheran Mission Block Alice Springs

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office Series F1 Item 1952/600 Hermannsburg, Finke Rover Correspondence 1951-54
14. 5.1952 From Native Affairs Alice Springs to Director of Native Affairs Darwin Re - Lutheran Mission Block Alice Springs Replying to your letter of 29th April 1952, the undermentioned information is given in respect to the number of natives permanently resident on the block and description of the quarters and facilities provided : (1) Population - Permanent Residents Families Adults Children Martin Joy McNamara (adopted) Christine Billy McNamara (adopted) Bruce Fly Marjorie Susie Freddy Margaret Henry Cederick Helen Audrey (Niece) Jack Miller Gracie Fanny Mona Charlie Glenda Erna Old Bob Welsh Nil Clara Aged and Infirm Rose Cooper Mother of Jack Cooper Old Jenny Mother of Bruce Fly Serene Sister of Bruce Fly Population - Temporary Residents Johnny Hayes Glennie Ruby Cyril Carol (Wife in Hospital) (2) Housing and Facilities (a) Martin's house Type Cement brick (attached to Church). Two ceilinged rooms and enclosed verandah. Cement floor. Size 18'x15'x10' (ceiling height). Interior rooms 12'x8'. Ventilation Verandah enclosed in fly-wire. One small louvre window Facilities Wood/iron kitchen 12'x12'x8' to 7' 6". Built out fireplace with stove. Dirt floor, one door, one window. Situated 50 yards from house. Water not laid on to house. No lavatory. (b) Jack Cooper's house Type Cement brick. Two rooms; enclosed verandahdivided for sleepout and bathroom; small open verandah; lavatory attached to house. Cement floor. Size Rooms 10'x10'. Enclosed verandah 8'x20'. Open verandah 6'x14'. Gable roof 10' to 8'6", verandah 7'6". Ventilation Two windows, two doors. Facilities Water laid on - is only supply for all residents. Lavatory provided as above. (c) Bruce Fly's house Type Wood and iron Sydney Williams hut. One room. one door, two windows. Dirt floor. Gable roof. Size 20'x15'x10' to 8'. Ventilation One door, two windows. Facilities Builtout fireplace with stove. Water not laid on. Lavatory near house. (d) Jack Miller's house Type Iron hut with unroofed iron enclosure built on. Gable roof. Earth floor. One room. Size 14'x14'x10' to 8'. Built on section 8'x14'x4'6". Ventilation One door, one window. Facilities Builtout fireplace with stove. Water not laid on. Lavatory near house. (e) Bob Welsh's house Type Tin shanty consisting of ex-Army truck cover frame roughly covered with scrap iron. Dirt floor. Size 15'x8'x4'6". Ventilation Draughty, one doorway. Facilities None (f) Rose Cooper / Jenny / Serene residence Type Tin shanty. Dirt floor. Size 33'x8'x4'6". Ventilation Two doorways. Draughty. Facilities None (g) Hayes Family These people are temporary residents only and are housed in temporary structures similar to (e) above. No facilities provided.