Miss Olive Pink - Secular Sanctuary Granites Tanami District

National Archives of Australia F3 8/30/0 Miss Olive Pink - Secular Sanctuary Granites Tanami District List for Mr Chinery, of my proteges (4 clans and their affinal relations October 16, 1945 from O M Pink of Bubinna Water - Wailbri abbagulong estate Co-operative and command Clan 1 1 Hobart 2 Marguerite 3 Iris 4 Ivy 5 Flora 6 Poppy 7 Ian 8 Angus ('Percy') 9 Arthur 10 'Jirri' ? Clan 2 11 'Wollu' Bob 12 Melody 13 Rose 14 Bluebell 15 Heatherbell 16 Gladys 'Ginger' and deaf (girl) wife and perhaps Paddy and two wives Clan 3 17 Derwent 18 Lilian 19 May 20 Richard 21 Robert 22 Christopher 23 May's baby (Tasman ?) Clan 4 24 Ben 25 wife (? name) 26 Mala Jugulba 27 Johnny 28 Colin Kabilyu Kabilyu (Risdon ?) and a family of about 7 to 10 (with wives and including himself). I have only met seen May yet. Approx total of proteges and workers 43 to 50. (These will reside on Wailbrigabbagulong part of year. 10. 5.1937 Letter to Chief Protector of Aborigines Darwin from T G H Strehlow Mentions Full blood aborignes Albie, Sambo and Mick Half-castes Ben and Harry Palmer who were brought up in the old Half-Caste Institution at Alice Springs by Mrs Standley. White men working at the Granites are C H Chapman snr, Manager and Owner, married but living separately from his wife C H Chapman jnr, unmarried A E Williams, wireless operator and battery man, married, wife and children are down south at present but have lived at the Granites Jack Lewis, Miner and Contributer, married, wife south Jim Callender and his wife Fred Gorman, lorry driver, about to be married, his wife will also live at the Granites Gorman is also considering employing two more whites to replace Bluey Connell and Edward McCormick who have just left the Granites.