Exemptions 1937 - 1942

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office Series F68 Item A16 Exemptions 1937 - 1942 Copyright P J Mackett, 2015 9. 2.1937 To Chief Protector of Aborigines Darwin The following half-castes are recommended for exemption:- Danima Frederick Kennedy - of Elkedra, stockman, 22 years, quadroon. This boy was brought up in the home of his father M.F. Kennedy of Elkedra Station where he received some home tuition and later was sent for four years to the Christian Brothers College in Adelaide. Jack Spratt - of Elkedra Station, stockman, 23 years, halfcaste. Is quiet and a non-drinker and I should say is likely to remain on stations all his life. Eileen Kennedy - from Elkedra Station, 14 years old, has been receiving education in Adelaide for the past ten years. A daughter of M.F. Kennedy of Elkedra Station. Quadroon. Molly Riley - from Elkedra Station, quadroon, 15 years old, has been receiving education in Adelaide for the past ten years. A daughter of W.C. Riley of Elkedra Station. Donald Ross - of Neutral Junction Station, Barrow Creek, 22 years old, quadroon, stockman. Dick Turner - of Neutral Junction Station, Barrow Creek, 18 years old, quadroon, stockman. Mary Riley - from Elkedra Station, quadroon, 10 years old, and is the daughter of W.C. Riley of Elkedra Station who has supervised her correspondence lesson up to 4th grade at time of writing. Peter Dixon - of Kurundi Station, stockman, 21 years old, quadroon. A brother to Arrabel Dixon of Darwin. 14.12.1937 Donald Stuart H/C suitable for exemption Norman Bray not recommended. Previously refused exemption in Darwin. 9. 8.1937 Katie Williams granted Exemption 12. 5.1936 Following are exempt and are allowed to be on licenced premises Kenneth Stuart Baden Bloomfield Roy Plenty Dubois Milton Liddle Archie Giles 24. 4.1936 Recommend the following half-castes be exempt. Archie Giles - a half caste over 50 years of age. He has about 300 head of cattle running on Mount Benstead and in addition, a house on a Town Allotment in Alice Springs. Baden Bloomfield - A quadroon of about twenty eight years. He owns about 100 horses. Is a first class stockman and a good amateur race rider. Roy Plenty Dubois - a quadroon of about twenty four years. Is very seldom in Alice Springs spending most of his time working on various stations. Milton Liddle - a quadroon of about twenty four years. Is a tee-totaller and owns stock on his fathers place at Middleton Ponds. 17. 4.1936 Kenneth Stuart is exempt. 30. 3.1936 Kenneth Stuart of Woodforde Well, pastoralist (who is a halfcaste) recommended for exemption. Stuart is a married man (having married a quadroon Launa de Bois) has a pastoral holding fenced in and owns about 2000 sheep. 28. 9.1938 Cheque for the Aboriginal Department for Chubbie from Fred Malone . 17. 9.1938 From T H Rawlins Tempe Downs Station The head stockman is Ken Forrester halfcaste. We are feeding 7 black children belongiong to the Black boys working on the ststion. 19. 5.1939 On 11. 4.1938 received money from Mr H J Turner on account Donald Stokes and on same day money on account Frank Hayes. 23. 8.1939 Alick Conway has applied for exemption. 29. 8.1939 About exemption applications for halfcastes Wauchope Tilmouth and Alick Conway. Both recommended. Conway has recently married but has a liking for liquor. 7.11.1939 Exemption for Dido Cooper is approved. 7.11.1939 Exemption for Mrs Topsy Tucker has been gazetted. 7.11.1939 Exemption for Tommy Brawn has been gazetted. 11. 1.1940 Consideration for the exemption application for halfcaste Mosely has been deferred for six months. The Director has approved of Mosely's offer to marry lubra Jessie. 31. 1.1940 Exemption for Ben Walkington has been gazetted. 31. 1.1940 Exemption for Henry Turner has been gazetted. 2. 1.1940 Letter received from the Superintendant of Hermannsburg Mission relative to the application for exemption of half-caste Bruce Fly. He should apply again in a years time provided that he has made reasonable progress. 15. 1.1940 From hermannsburg Mission to Darwin Halfcaste Bruce Fly is not resident at the Mission but lives at Alice Springs. He was not born here nor educated at our school. He came to our place as a grown up man and married one of our mission girls. He was then here for a number of years but has been living at Alice Springs for the past 3 years or so. He has a family of 3 children. His wife works in a household at Alice Springs. 31. 1.1940 Exemption for Percy Lake has been gazetted. 6. 9.1939 Exemption for Wauchope Tilmouth has been approved. 6. 9.1939 Exemption for Alick Conway has been approved. 14.10.1939 Exemption for Mrs Amelia Kunoth of Alice Springs has been gazetted. 11.10.1939 From Mrs Topsy Turner to Darwin Applying for exemption. She states I am a married woman but my husband at present is working at Gordon Downs Station W.A.. I have not received any money from him for some time. I have one son who goes to school at Alice Springs. I have lived in Alice Springs practically all my life and claim to bear a good character. I do domestic work. 14. 3.1940 Correspondence about application for exemption fot John Cooper. 13. 3.1940 Alexander Ross quadroon is head stockman at Neutral Junction Station. 18. 1.1940 Exemption for Henry Turner approved. Exemption for Harry Ross not approved. 19. 1.1940 Exemptions for Percy Lake and Ben Walkington approved. 5. 8.1940 No reason why W. Bray and his wife should not be granted exemption. Norman Bray not recommended for exemption. Olly Bray and Elsie Bray are both very well behaved girls but are both under the age of 21 years. Do not recomment until that age. 5. 8.1940 James Glyn's application for exemption. This applicant is not of an industrious nature otherwise he is suitable for exemption. He is sober and of good character. exemption in his case might not be to his advantage as I am informed he is very partial to the company of female aboriginals. 18.12.1940 Alice Springs Blanche Fox came to my residence and wanted me to get a parcel from Sally Muscha. I told her I would not go until I had further information. She had been drunk but was recovering. In my opinion Blanche For should not be exempted and should be placed under proper care and control. 20.12.1940 Rewcommend exemption for Blanche Fox be cancelled. Blanche Fox is married to a white man named William Fox residing at Tennant Creek from whom she has been separated for some years. She lived with another white man at Tennant Creek until about a year ago when she came to Alice Springs to reside. She is at present employed by A.S. Meyers as cook etc and she could be treated as other half caste women are and removed to an Institution at night. (NB part of this letter has been censored!!!) 17. 2.1941 I Harry Bennett aged 21 years apply for exemption. I was born at Tennant Creek. 18. 3.1941 There is a credit in the Aboriginal Trust Account for Harry Bennett. 25.11.1940 List of half-caste female domestics employed in the Alice Springs township area under agreement Name Age Employer Mary Rivers 25 yrs Mrs R W Sharpe Eileen Briscoe 23 Mr G A Johannsen May Hill 23 Mrs Hayball Ollie Bray 20 Mrs Carrington Daisy Pearce 17 Mrs Donnellan Elsie Bray 17 Mrs D D Smith Mavis Webb 16 Mrs Carrington Sport Pearce 15 Mrs Anderson Lizzie Ward 15 A I M Hostel Stella Tennant 14 3/4 Dr Reilly 19. 6.1942 Interview of Mr Benny Giles is satisfactory. 18. 6.1942 It has been reported that a half-caste boy - Benny Giles, the son of Archie Giles, deceased, is uncontrollab le and that his removal to an Institution is indicated. The boy is reported to be residing 'down the creek' and his apprehension for interrogation is desired please.