Census return of Europeans etc 1932 and 1939

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office Series F68 Item C12 Census return of Europeans etc 1932 and 1939 Copyright P J Mackett 2016
14. 4.1932 From Police Station Barrow Creek Half-castes and Asiatics residing in the district Name Place Remarks Norman Bray Karanally H/C Hop Elkedra Stn H/C house work Douglas Woola Downs Stn H/C 3 years in native camp Maggie Woola Downs Stn H/C 6 years in native camp George Hayes Redbank H/C labourer Hetty Hayes Neutral Junction Stn H/C house work Jack Spratt Elkedra Stn H/C stockman William Curtis Greenwood Stn H/C pastoralist Jack Simpson Kurundi H/C labourer Dick Turner Neutral Junction Stn 3/4 white stock work Donald Ross Neutral Junction Stn 3/4 white stockman Blanche Neutral Junction Stn 3/4 black 9 years Lorna Neutral Junction Stn 3/4 black 7 years Danama Kennedy Elkedra Stn 3/4 white stockman Mary Riley Elkedra Stn 3/4 white daughter of Hop Lonnie Ti-Tree H/C Alick Stirling H/C Black's camp 8 years Jack Woods Ti-Tree Stn H/C stockman Kitty Ti-Tree Stn H/C house work William Foster Greenwood Stn H/C stockman George King Greenwood Stn H/C stockman Polly Wagonshaw Bonney Well H/C Miss Lock's Mission Leah Cumming Bonney Well H/C Miss Lock's Mission 10 yrs Donald Dinnie Elkedra Stn H/C stockman Peter Dixon Kurundi Stn H/C stockman Alex Lenny Bonney Well H/C Miss Lock's Mission Female infant Murray Downs Stn H/C 6 months old in camp Female infant Greenwood Stn H/C 4 months old in camp Frank Hayes Redbank 3/4 black Ada Hayes Redbank 3/4 black Fred Hayes Redbank 3/4 black Alice Hayes Redbank 3/4 black Ruby Hayes Redbank 3/4 black Mary Curtis Greenwood Stn 3/4 black Minnie Stirling Stn H/C Afghan 31. 3.1932 From Police District North West Patrol Halfcastes in the district Afghan Kitty Jack Cusack Rose Earwaker Mick Findlayson Tom Gibbs Milton Liddle Arthur Liddle Percy Lake Ted Martin Maggie Randal Kenneth Stuart Mrs Lorna Stuart Yellow Jack Undated Handwritten (ink and pencil) Columns on each page marked as follows Name Age German Italian Spanish Other Japanese Other H/C Other I have attempted to extract those in the columns H/c and the "other" column following it. Stormy Campbell Nancy Campbell Donald Campbell, 11 yrs Douglas Campbell, 9 yrs Phyllis Campbell, 7 yrs David Campbell, 5 yrs Malcolm Campbell, 3 yrs Jacky Campbell, 1 year Emily Liddle William Jackson, 21 yrs Joe P Costello, in European Other Column Valerie Liddle, 1 year Billie Liddle, 3 yrs Janet Liddle Lizzie Costello, 15 yrs Alice Bergen? Agnes Dubois Dido Cooper Malcolm Cooper, 6 yrs Jill Dubois, 1 year Clement Smythe, 21 yrs Percy Lake Maud Lake Pat Lake, 5 yrs Ian Lake, 3 yrs Michael Lake, 1 year Mrs Eileen Park Douglas Park, 2 yrs Mrs Zoe Reid Frank Reid, 10 yrs Archie Giles Mary Giles Eva Giles, 14 yrs Bennie Giles, 12 yrs Charlie Chee, 18 yrs Mrs Hilda Walsh Richard Turner Edward Walsh, 4 yrs Nona Walsh, 2 yrs Harry Bennett Mark Conway ........, 1 female Gilder, 2 females Miss Epsie Peter Espie, 12 yrs Helen Espie, 8 yrs Bill Espie, 6 yrs Peggy Espie, 2 yrs Kathleen Williams, 6 yrs Betty Williams, 9 yrs Norman Bray Mrs Bray Clifford Bray, 1 year Boarders, 5 female Mavis Webb Tilly Tilmouth S.... Satour, male, Asiatic Other column Eliza Satour, 10 yrs Akbar Satour, 7 yrs Emily Gardener Betty Harvey Mrs Tilly Gardener Nellie Gardener, 19 yrs Tommie Brown, 22 yrs Gordon Satour, 4 yrs Dora Satour, 7 yrs Togo Chee, Asiatic Other column Jessie Chee Thelma Chee, 15 yrs Dudley Chee, 11 yrs Gwen Chee, 9 yrs Dudley Crook, 14 yrs ..... Mahommed, male, Asiatic Other column Alice Mahommed, Half-caste Other Column John Mahommed Frank Ferv.. Mrs Jean Ferv.. Amy Laughton Mick Laughton Allan Laughton, 16 yrs Herbert Laughton, 13 yrs Ethel Laughton, 12 yrs Rona Laughton, , 9 yrs Freddie Laughton, 7 yrs Pauline Laughton, 6 yrs Clarence Laughton, 1 year Mrs Mary Bray William Bray Hilda Bray, 8 yrs Florence Bray, 5 yrs Richard Bray, 3 yrs Bruce Fly Suzanna Fly Freddie Fly, 2 yrs Marjorie Fly, 5 yrs Maxwell Fly, 7 yrs Amelia Kunoth Lily Kunoth, 6 yrs Rosie Kunoth, 4 yrs Charlie Kunoth, 10 yrs Henry Kunoth, 11 yrs Wauchope Tilmouth L..... Tilmouth Kevin Tilmouth, 4 yrs Jane Tilmouth, 1 year Unnamed Tilmouth Blanche Fox Kali? Mahomet