Bulman Visit 1974

National Archives of Australia, Darwin Office Series NTAC1976/23 Item 14 Bulman Visit Copyright P J Mackett, 2009 Bulman Visit 31. 8.1974 - 6. 9.1974 The objective in visiting the Bulman region was to assess relations between the groups at Weemoll and Gulpuren and to form an opinion of the influence of such relationships on developments in the region. 31. 8.1974 Left Darwin 1. 9.1974 At Beswick picked up Rex Campion who wanted to go to Bulman. At Flying Fox Creek picked up Ricky Forbes and his family also seeking to return to Bulman. Arrived Bulman. Proceeded to camping place on the Wilton (Bonijaku). Met Willie Martin en route. He was planning a mortuary ceremony for the remains of his father to take place in August 1975. Willie told me Nancy Weston had come to teach at Bulman but had been removed by relations (Paddy Fordham and Charlie Kanatanga) after a short stay as they were 'jealous' for her welfare at Bulman (her father is dead and her mother Lily lives at Beswick.) 2. 9.1974 Met Tex and Nellie Camfoo, Larry Murray and Chuck-A-Duck Lindsay, all of whom are living, with their families, at Gulperun (the old miners campsite). There are only two Aborigines working at Mainoru at present, Terry Cameron and his wife Dorothy (Nellie Camfoo's sister). ....With the aid of excellent source material supplied by Mrs Campbell I am appending details of local relationships which demonstrates clearly the homogeneity of the contemporary Bulman people (strengthened and developed of course by their close association at Mainoru in happier days). Sheet 1(A) Tex Camfoo Nelly, wife Wayne, son, born 3. 5.1964 (Family at Bulman. Sheet has been censored.) Sheet 1(B) Larry Murray, born 1905 Dolly Murray, wife Susan, daughter, married to Rex Campion Annette, daughter, born 20. 2.1958, at Kormilda Sonia, daughter, born 7. 9.1960, at Kormilda Roland, son, born 31. 5.1963 Kirstyn, daughter, born 29. 1.1966 Cynthia, daughter, born 5. 8.1968 Regina, daughter, born 5. 3.1971 Lazarus, son, born 26. 9.1972 (Larry's previous wife, Peggy, now living in Katherine. Larry, Dolly, Roland, Kirstyn, Lazarus marked at Bulman Susan marked (8).) Sheet 1(C) Chuck-A-Duck Lindsay Florrie, wife Ronnie Lindsay, son, 29 yrs, works at EAS (Chuck-A-Duck and Florrie at Bulman. Florrie has a H/C child Eileen Moore (father Billy Moore) in Darwin, married to a European.) Sheet 1(D) Willy Martin, born 1937 Lucy Martin, wife, born 1937 Scott, son, born20.12.1958 Lynette, daughter, born 22. 3.1960 Ewen, son, born 16. 7.1962 Margaret Jolly, wife, born 16. 8.1956, father Jolly Laiwanga and mother Gabiji (Flora Nitawanga) of Bamyili Coleen, daughter, born 28. 8.1972 Faviola, about 1 year (Also caring for John Cameron born 18. 7.1957 and Donald Cameron born 18.11.1959 (father Henry deceaed and mother deceased) and Tony Cameron born 21. 7.1963 (father Henry deceased and mother Glen now married to George Lowitjawui). Lucy Martin ? previously married to Chuck-a-Duck Lindsay. Family at Bulman.) Sheet 1(E) Tom Kelly, born 1945 Lynette, born 22. 3.1960, wife, parents Willy and Lucy, brothers Scott and Ewen (see Sheet 1(d)) No issue (Family at Bulman.) Sheet 1(F) Ronnie Martin, born 10. 6.1945 Peggy Martin, born 1944, wife Sandra, daughter, born 14. 2.1966 Duncan, born 25. 6.1968, son Spencer, born 12. 9.1969, son Shane, born 10. 5.1972, son (Peggy is in Katherine Hospital at present awaiting birth of baby. Family at Bulman.) Sheet 1(G) Ricky Forbes, father Don Forbes Ritarrngu at Nangalala and mother Anne Gunumba Rembarrnga at Bulman June Bowden, born 16. 6.1948, wife, father Diver Bowden at Mountain Valley and mother Rachel at Bam. Richard, born 17. 2.1966, son Shirley-Anne, born 26. 7.1970, daughter Sheila, born 14. 2.1974, daughter (Rachel ran away to Bamyili with a young boy. She is the daughter of Peter Ngulupuma deceased and 1/2 sister to Peter Cameron. Diver is a full Nalagan in Tex Camfoo's family. Family at Bulman.) Sheet 1(H) Jerry Cameron, born 17.12.1953 Dorothy Murray, wife No Issue (Family at Mainoru. See also Sheet 1(D) with Broelus John and Donald. Sheet has been censored.) Sheet 1(I) Bruce Murray, father Jack Murray and mother Alice Murray (Boehme) Nancy Murray, wife, father deceased and mother Peggy Martin No issue (Peggy Martin is now married to Ronnie Martin Sheet 1(F). Family at Bulman. Sheet has been censored.) Sheet 1(J) Butcher Nelly Rakai, born 1928, wife No issue (I have not details of Butcher except that he is a Nalkbon man. Nelly was previously married to Alec Anelam (Tiwi). Some eight of her children are at Bamyili with Alec. Family at Bulman.) Sheet 1(K) Denny (Dean) Raindjing, born 1930 (Morphet), parents deceased Jinba Florence, born 2.10.1958, wife, father Billy Jugai (Waillri) and mother Peggy Rembarrnga at Bamyili Joshua, born 30. 8.1973, son (Family at Bulman.) Sheet 1(L) Peter Cameron, father Peter Ngulupuma and mother deceased Vera Ashley, father deceased and mother Rittarngu at Nangalala No Issue (Family at Bulman.) Sheet 1(M) Bill Lawrence, born 1930 Abie, born 1944, wife now separated Kim, born 1. 7.1959, daughter Vivienne, born 7. 6.1961, daughter Yvonne, born 27.12.1963, daughter Lachlan, born 5. 3.1966, son (Abie now lives with Bill Roy (at Bagot ?). She has a H/C son, Brett (father Tony Patrick). She separated from Bill on this account. Bill, Yvovve and Lachlan marked as living at Bulman. Bill Lawrence also 'grew up' Dennis Lawrence.) Unnamed Nalkbon parents had the following children Bill Lawrence, above Barney Gunini, died at Bamyili Dick Gunjumul, son Dennis has been 'grown up' by Bill Jinny, married to Jolly Laiwanga Flora Kabiji, married to Jolly Mary Bungapu, widow, son Jack Jadum Sheet 1(N) Dennis Lawrence, father Dick Gunjumul Sheet 1(M) Elizabeth Avelam, born 19. 9.1959, father Alec and mother Nellie (separated) No issue, just married (Family at Bulman. Nellie now married to Butcher, both at Bulman. Sheet 1(J).) Sheet 1(O) Rex Campion, born 1949, father Barney Bulmarangu at Maningrida and mother Rose Myalbis Sr. (Maiyalpi) Susan Murray, born 1954, wife Rhonda, born 10. 6.1971, daughter Sharon, born 13. 2.1973, daughter (Family at Bulman.) Sheet 1(P) Paddy Martin, Rembarrnga Margaret Martin, Wulagi, wife Nellie, daughter, married to Tex Camfoo Willie, son, first wife Lucy, second wife Margaret Smiler, son, married Lorna Dolly, daughter, married Larry Murray Dorothy, daughter, married Jerry Cameron Ronnie, son, married Peggy (Tex Camfoo and Larry Murray are cousins (mothers were full sisters). Lucy Martin was formerly married to Chuck-A-Duck Lindsay. Stolen by Willie. Dorothy is the widow of - line ends here.) Unnamed Rembarrnga / Nalkbon man Unnamed Rembarrnga woman, wife Chuck-A-Duck, son, married to Florrie Peggy, daughter, married to Larry Murray, now in Katherine Alice, daughter, married to Carl Boehme Unnamed Rembarrnga man Unnamed Rembarrnga woman, wife Dick, son, married to Dorothy Murray who is now married to Jerry Cameron Florrie, daughter, married to Chuck-A-Duck Larry, son, married to Dolly Lucy, daughter, married to Willy Martin and formerly married to Chuck-A-Duck Sheet 1(Q) Single People Sidney J Cook, family at Bamyili Victor Bun-Bun, works for C C Howells Anne Gunumba, pensioner, see Sheet 1(G) Bob Yalang, from Bamyili (on Weemoll wages) John Cameron, see Sheet 1(D) Donald Cameron, see Sheet 1(D) Tony, Jolly Laiwanga's son