Jay Creek Disciplinary 1939 - 1942

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F126 Item 24 Disciplinary Cases Jay Creek 1940 - 1943 Copyright P J Mackett 2007 Name Tiny Offence, Behaviour Married originally to Gerhard (from Hermannsburg) Has been free with native men in the R.C. Camp at Alice Springs since 1939. Since the advent of the Militia in 1940. Brought out to Jay Creek on 14.12.1940. Daughter of Bob Rubuntja (from Mt Hay). Period of Detention 14.12.1940 Placed in the employ of Mrs Clough?, Alice Springs 20. 6.1942 Name Peter Tjambilka Offence, Behaviour From Anningie - Soda Creek Flats. Aged about 16 years. Associated with others in killing sheep on Charlie Carter's Station; too young to be committed to prison. Period of Detention 28. 4.1941 Name Tommy Dodd Offence, Behaviour Comes from ..... censored ...... . Was ...... censored ......... Soldiers in Alice Sprongs. Removed by Constable Hall to Jay as an undesirable influence. Period of Detention 8. 7.1942 Name Dolly Offence, Behaviour Brought out to Jay Creek on account of prostitution in Alice Springs. Absconded twice and received 3 months Gaol. Reported to have .... censored ..... . Aged about 26 years. Period of Detention ??. 3.1943 Name Tom (?Lena) Offence, Behaviour Returned to Jay Creek from Alice Springs. Absconded again on 21. 3.1943. Brought back on the 22nd. Absconded again the 24th. Six months Gaol. Period of Detention 24. 3.1943 _________________________________________________________________________________ Northern Territory Administration Jay Creek 20th May 1942 Constable V C Hall Officer in Charge Jay Creek Reserve Penal Cases at Jay Creek Gordon to be released on Saturday next. Peter to be released on Saturday next. Saltpeter to be released on Saturday next. Napperby Mick to be further detained on the Reserve. Police Paddy to be further detained on the Reserve. Agnes to be married to Mr M Murphy, Alice Springs. Ivy to be held on the Reserve until her mother (Myrtle) obtains employment on a Station away from Alice Springs. Nancy I (with 1/2 caste son aged 10 years) may go to Hermannsburg, but not to Alice Springs. June to be kept on the Reserve. Emily to be kept on the Jay Creek Reserve. Mary may go to Coniston, but not to Alice Springs. Veeda (or Vida) and Peggy are to stay on the Jay Creek Reserve and keep their halfcaste children. Maudie and Lily I to be returned to the Granites. Nancy II (from Arltunga) may marry Police Tracker Walter from Alice Springs. She will keep her baby girl (H/C) on the Jay Reserve. Lily II (blind) to be returned to Tanami if conditions favourable. Tiny to be detained a further 8 weeks on the Jay Reserve. Violet (Blind) may return to Ti-Tree Station(Bill Heffernan's homestead). Norah and Lena to be kept on the Reserve till Mt Doreen conditions have been investigated. Jinny and Alice to be detained on the Jay Creek Reserve. T G H Strehlow Deputy Director of Native Affairs _________________________________________________________________________ Name Alice Ntjiniamba? Offence, Behaviour Comes from Leramba = Napperby. Had been associated with 'Nugget' Hunter for 12 months (or 18 months), see Hunter's letter to the Chief Protector, Darwin) prior to Hunter's arrest on February 3 1939. Was removed to Jay Creek on February 15th. Alice was married to Hunter on August 1st by the District Registrar, Mr Carrington, at Alice Springs. Period of Detention 15. 2.1939 - 1. 8.1939 Name Arnold Offence, Behaviour Arnold, with several others, was ordered to leave Hermannsburg by the Mission authorities and Native Council, for having gambled for money with cards. On May 4th I ordered Arnold who had not yet left Hermannsburg ..... although his mate had done so to leave the Station. He had not yet done so when I got to Hermannsburg.Again on May 7th. So I brought out to Jay Creek for a term of detention. He was set to do some road work on 2 days of the week. Released on 22nd April 1941. ........ information censored here ........ Period of Detention 7. 5.1940 - 22. 4.1941 Name Archie Offence, Behaviour Lad aged about 13 years in February 1939. Removed from Hatches Creek by the Police for thieving. Too young for jail. Comes from Barrow Creek, but has travelled extensively with whites. Brought to Jay Creek on February 13th 1939. Ran away from Jay Creek on February 20th, but was brought back on the same day. Ran away again on March 6th, and was picked up by the Police at Alice Springs, and kept at the Police Station till I could bring him back to Jay Creek on March 11th. Well behaved from then on till his release. Period of Detention 13. 2.1939 - 2. 7.1941 Name Angelina Kunngala Offence, Behaviour From Piltadi. Aged about 25 years. Was caught with a white man named Cox at Alice Springs on May 1st 1941. Cox admitted having lived with her at various times during the previous two years. She married Charles Andrew Cox at Alice Springs on 24th July 1941. Period of Detention 2. 5.1941 - 18. 7.1941 Name Agnes Offence, Behaviour From Undoolya. Niece to Alice Springs Police Tracker Peter. (See correspondence re Agnes in 'Disciplinary Cases: Correspondence' File. Removal to Jay Creek on 5th January 1942. Aged about 20 years. Period of Detention 5. 1.1942 - Name Biddy Offence, Behaviour Aged about 16 years. Comes from Tennant Creek. Was caught consorting with white men on the Anningie Tin Field by Sergeant Koop. Brought out to Jay Creek on March 27th 1939. Biddy has a halfcaste baby girl, aged about 9 months, called Dory. Biddy was married to Mr Patrick White of Anningie, by the District Registrar, Alice Springs, on September 6th 1939. Period of Detention 27. 3.1939 - 6. 9.1939 Name Gordon (3/4 black) Offence, Behaviour Born at Hermannsburg about 1921. Father Joe (abo), mother Doris (H/C). Brother to Arnold (above). Had a fight with stones with Claude (below) at Hermannsburg, on 19th October 1940, defyingthe local native elders. Has given the White authorities considerable trouble. Removed by the Patrol Officerto Jay Creek on 23rd October. Had seduced a 3/4C white girl, Ida, at Hermannsburg last year and then left her. Period of Detention 25.10.1941 - Name Claude Offence, Behaviour Born on 10th February 1924 at Hermannsburg. See remarks above. Claude misconducted himself with penal case Tiny in January and February 1942. He received a beating for this from his Uncle Charlie Mametuka, and was warned by me. The following night he again tried to seduce Tiny, who, however resisted his advances. Claude was then banished to the Haasts Bluff Reserve, whither he was to be taken by the Rev Gross of Hermannsburg. Rev Gross took Claude from the Jay Reserve on the 11th February 1942. Period of Detention 25.10.1941 - 11. 2.1942 Name Evelyn Offence, Behaviour Used to work for Mrs Syd Pick in Alice Springs. Went to jail for consorting with white men at a drinking party in Alice Springs. Brought to Jay Creek on March 7th 1939. Comes from Alice Springs, and claims to have no aboriginal name. Evelyn was permitted to go to the Hermannsburg Mission Station on June 13th. Here she married Eugen. Period of Detention 7. 3.1939 - 13. 6.1939 Name Induna Offence, Behaviour General nuisance to Hermannsburg Mission authorities. Comes from Ilbilla District, and belongs to the Pintubi tribe. Age about 40 years. Removed from Hermannsburg to Jay Creek by Patrol Officer. Period of Detention 30. 5.1938 - 29. 8.1938 Name Little Ivy Offence, Behaviour From Undoolya. Aged about 16 years. Removed from Alice Springs. ...... Censored ..... . Daughter of Myrtle and Andy. Parents requested they be allowed to take her to Undoolya and leave her there. Permission given and they left Jay on 26th May 1942. On 9th July Constable Hall found that Ivy was in Alice Springs with parents in contravention of their promises. Threatened to remove her to Jay. Andy thereupon stated he was removing to Erldunda with his camels, and he was permitted to go as the girl would be out of harms way there. This is Andy's last chance, and he is in no doubt about this. Period of Detention 12. 1.1942 - Name Jessie Kantintjangunja ('Cranky') Offence, Behaviour ........ Censored ....... unattached lubra. Age about 23 years. Comes from Tempe Downs. Was taken from Tempe Downs to Alice Springs for medical treatment and observation by the Patrol Officer on January 12th 1939. After discharge by Medical Officer, Alice Springs, was removed to Jay Creek by Constable Kennet on February 7th 1939. Ran away several times, and was brought back by Patrol Officer and his assistants. Ran away again on or about March 1st and was caught at Alice Springs and committed to jail for a month. Brought out again to Jay Creek on April 4th. Ran away on May 3rd and was brought back per car by the Patrol Officer from about 6 miles east of Jay Creek, on the Alice Springs road. She ran away again on the same day on the road to Hermannsburg. She wandered back to Jay Creek on the night of May 5th. Ran away on May 11th, but met Tom Ljinga near Finnis Gap Creek and he sent her back to Jay Creek. 1939 - Jessie ran away again, to Alice Springs on about August 23rd. Jessie was apprehended a few weeks later in Alice Springs, and sentenced (on September 15th) to 6 weeks imprisionment. Then she was returned to Jay Creek. 1940 - Jessie ran away again to Alice Springson February 6th 1940. She was arrested here and sentenced to 3 months jail. She was brought out again to Jay Creek on May 18th 1940. Jessie was taken in the Patrol Officer's car to Hermannsburg together with her sister and her brother-in-law (Tracker Archie from Alice Springs) on July 18th. The latter two pledged themselves to take Jessie to her mother at Undantita?. Period of Detention 7. 2.1939 - 18. 7.1940 Name Joan or June Offence, Behaviour From Hermannsburg. Aged about 26 years. Unhappy marriage with Napperby Mick. Has been drinking in Alice Springs and running after Police Tracker Walter (Sergeant Koop's tracker). Walter and June were found here by Napperby Mick on May 1st and a disturbance followed in the Police Station yard. Her relatives also wished that June should be removed to Jay Creek . On September 29th 1941 her husband was allowed to take her back since he was going to work ay Bushy Park; she also expressed her desire to return to him. [Note - Joan has again failed to live with her husband to cease quarreling with him. She has sunk back to sleeping anywhere and everywhere. Removed again to Jay Creek on 5th January 1942.] Period of Detention 2. 5.1941 - 29. 9.1941 Name Matthew Offence, Behaviour 3/4 Black. Aged 16 years. Same offence as Scott, see below. Well behaved at Jay Creek, industrious when called upon. Period of Detention 7. 5.1940 - 2. 7.1941 Name Lorna Mbitjakula Offence, Behaviour From Kruma, south of Mamba. Removed from Braitling;s Station December 1940, gonorrhea case. Brought to Jay Creek January 13th 1941. Age about 17 years. On 10th February 1942, she was given to Tommy Pamatjickurba? as wife by her relatives and me: mutual love match. Period of Detention 13. 1.1941 - 10. 2.1942 Name Norah Liratari Offence, Behaviour From near ...Kantji (= Braitling's Station). Removed on December 5th from Braitling's Station. ..... Censored ..... . Removed to Jay Creek 13th January 1941. Aged about 15 years. 6 weeks Gaol for abscondingseveral times Alice Springs. Period of Detention 13. 1.1941 - 24. 3.1943 Name Mary Tjenaka [35 years] Offence, Behaviour From Karinjara (Mt Wedge). Brought out from Alice Springs where she had been found drinking and living with Texas .......... She ran away from the Jay Reserve on June 10th and was gaoled. She was brought out again on completion of sentence. Well-behaved since then. Texas kept sending parcels out to her till March 1941, then left off doing so. He is a married man with a grown up white? family. Period of Detention 1. 6.1940 - Name Emily Offence, Behaviour From Karinjara. Sister to Mary Tjenaka. Aged about 20 years. Emily is a sister to Mary Tjenaka (above). Emily is now consort to Paddy Patika (below), whose earlier wife was Mary. ..... Paddy used to give her drink in Alice Springs where she was also whoring around. ....... Jay Creek. Period of Detention 1. 6.1940 - 29. 9.1941 Name Paddy Patika Offence, Behaviour Aged about 53 years. From Haasts Bluff. Notorious ex Police Tracker who was one of the principal Police Assistants in the Lander River Punitive Expeditions under Constable Murray. Second conviction for drunkenness. Procures women for whites. Lent out Mary Tjenaka as well when she was his spouse. Paddy knocked a young man called Tjangkala about, at Jay Creek, on September 24th 1941. He was fined 25/-. Then Paddy and Emily (above) were allowed to go for work to Bushy Park Station on September 29th 1941. Note Paddy got involved in a drinking bout and brawl at Alice Springs at Xmas and got over a week's gaol for it. Emily, in the meantime misconducted herself .... censored .... . Emily was removed to the Jay Reserve on 5th January 1942, and Paddy walked out to the Jay Reserve upon his release from gaol on ..th January. Both have been forbidden to .......... to Alice Springs. Period of Detention 1. 6.1940 - 29. 9.1941 Name Millie Smith Offence, Behaviour Wife of Walter Smith (quadroon or octoroon). Served sentence in Alice Springs jail for participating in drinking party. Comes from Oodnadatta district. Aged about 42 years. Brought to Jay Creek by Constable Kennett on February 7th 1939. During my absence on leave (end of 1939) she was taken to Alice Springs Hospital by Rev F W Albrecht. on 16.11.1939 she was brought out by Dr Reilly to Jay Creek, where Dr R asked Vogelsang (caretaker at that time) for Millie's services as housemaid. V referred him to Constable Koop. On 15.12.1939 Millie was sent back to Jay Creek with Mr Vogelsang. Millie was permitted to leave Jay Creek in order to live at Hatches Creek with her sister-in-law (Mrs Arthur Pope) on 30th September 1940. Period of Detention 7. 2.1939 - 30. 9.1940. Name Scott Offence, Behaviour Aged about 16 years. On April 22nd 1940, Scott and Matthew (see Matthew above) 'found' a key at Hermannsburg, opened with it a storeroom and stole some goods from it. With the same key got into the girl's dormitory, where a hue and cry was raised, leading to their detection. The authorities sentenced them to a term of exile from Hermannsburg. Instead I found both lads with the rest of the populatiom when the Palm Valley Road was being repaired on May 7th. I brought both lads to Jay Creek on that day and took them to Alice Springs next day. Since Sergeant Bridgeland assured me that the lads were too young to be ..... in jail I decided to detain them at Jay Creek. They are, like Arnold (above) doing 2 days roadwork a week. Well behaved at Jay Creek now. Somewhat slow as a worker. Period of Detention 7. 5.1940 - 2. 7.1941 Name Ruby Offence, Behaviour Daughter of Bob Rubuntja and sister to Tiny (another penal case). A young widow she was attracted to soldiers in Alice Springs. Married to Len of Hamilton Downs on 24th February 1942. Period of Detention 20. 1.1941 - 24. 2.1942 Name Sarah Nameria Offence, Behaviour Removed ..... Censored ..... to Jay Creek on 29th December 1941. Her former husband, Simon, came back in March 1942 from Tempe Downs. They were reconsiled with each other. Released 14. 4.1942. Period of Detention 29.12.1941 - 14. 4.1942 Name Nancy Offence, Behaviour Daughter of Materilja?. Born in Alice Springs. Removed from Alice Springs ...... Censored ....... . Aged about 31 years. Period of Detention 12. 1.1941 - Name Napperby Mick Offence, Behaviour Aged about 29 years. Removed from Alice Springs. ..... Censored ..... . Period of Detention 12. 1.1941 - Name Saltpetre (Abo name is Ngantiakuna, in the camp he is often called Miner Offence, Behaviour Troublemaker in SW areas, remote from Alice Springs control, originally Andaloo, Middleton Ponds, Kings Creek, wtc. Age about 35 - 40 years. Comes from Piltadi, Petermann Ranges. Removed to Jay Creek by Constable W McKinnon on December 16th 1938. Caused disturbance at Jay Creek on February 28th 1939 [see diary], and was taken to ALice Springs by the Patrol Officer. Served a 2 months sencence in jail. His wife, Kantinjayinja, has been kept at Jay Creek during the whole period of Saltpetre's detention here and during his term in the Alice Springs jail. Returned to Jay Creek on 23rd April 1939. On 28th April Kantinjayinja ran away at night. Saltpetre persued her and came upon the Patrol Officer near Alice Springs; the Patrol Officer picked him up and brought him back to Jay Creek on April 29th. On May 1st Saltpetre was permitted to go, under the supervision of Rolf, in quest of Kantinjayinja. The latter had meanwhile reached Alice Springs (on April 30th). Both Saltpetre and Kantinjayinja were brought out to the Jay on May 2nd. Period of Detention 16.12.1938 - Name Tjenjunta Offence, Behaviour From Wallara = Angas Downs. Married to Pompey. Committed an assault in ALice Springs upon a lubra called May (?Mary), was sent out to Jay by a presiding Magistrate in view of the fact that she was nursing a small baby. Age about 26 years. Released on 15th April 1942 Period of Detention 5. 1.1942 - 15. 4.1942 Name Veeda or Vida (pronounced vi:da), no abo name Offence, Behaviour Comes from the Tenambe district and ia a sister to Alice Ntjiriamba (A.S. (is this meant to be A.N. is also detained at Jay Creek ). Caught on the Anningie Tin Field consorting with a white man, Jack Long by Sergeant Koop. Age about 20 years. Has a halfcaste baby boy, aged about 9 months, called Johnny Long. Brought to Jay Creek on March 27th 1939. Johnny was sent to the Roman Catholic Mission Bathurst Island in August 1941. Vida was married by J Long (her old consort) on October 14th 1941. Period of Detention 27. 3.1939 - 14.10.1940 Name Vida Uluwaia Offence, Behaviour From Intirpula (or Ntorbula) - Mt Stafford. Aged about 30. Unmatjera tribe. Has abo daughter Luny (?Lucy) (aged about 5 years) and baby halfcaste gorl. Brought in by Constable Kennett. Released on 14. 4.1942. Period of Detention 23.10.1940 - 14. 4.1942 Name Wallaby Iwulirknga Offence, Behaviour Comes from Alitera, Hale River district. Aged about 28 years. Cohabited with an unattached halfcaste girl at Loves Creek, and caused a fight there, resulting in a severe injury to another mans hand. Brought out to Jay Creek in my absence on 15th December 1939 by Vogelsang, at that time caretaker at Jay Creek. He ran away on 2. 1.1940 to Alice Springs and was brought back the next day by Vogelsang. Wallaby ran away again on 16th February. I picked him up again on February 26th. No action was taken against him for absconding. He had been taken out to Jay Creek without the authority of the Director or his Deputy, hence was not bound legally to remain on the Reserve. Also, when I found out that the Police had not thought it safe to charge him in Court with his offence, I felt disinclined to continue keeping him at Jay Creek by reason of my powers under Section 16 of the Abos. Ordinance. Since Wallaby (and the other penal cases at Jay Creek) had thought that he was committing an offence by running away, I decided to take him back to Jay Creek for one week as a lesson not to run away without my permission. He was hence let go om March 3rd. Period of Detention 15.12.1939 - 3. 3.1940 Name Doreen Ngarkanti Offence, Behaviour From Nyirbmakulanga, on or near Lander. Ilpira tribe. Aged about 20 years. Brought in by Constable Kennett. Has halfcaste baby daughter. Ran away from Jay Reserve on 18th February. Was detained at Alice Springs Gaol for two weeks. Sent to Barrow Creek on 9th March 1942. Period of Detention 23.10.1940 - 9. 3.1942 Name Peggy (Aggy?) Ngkala Offence, Behaviour From Eritjapuntja, north of Aileron. Unmatjera tribe. Brought in by Constable Kennett. Has halfcaste baby baby boy. Aged about 20 years. Allowed to marry Toby (Tarzan) on 14. 4.1942. Both parties had the consent of their prelatives and parents. Entered the employ of Dr Kewish by authority Patrol Officer 30. 5.1942. Period of Detention 23.10.1940 - 14. 4.1942 Name Nancy (3/4 caste) Offence, Behaviour Age about 20 years. Has 5/8 white daughter, Jan, aged about 15 months. Removed from Arltunga by the Police for her loose morals. She claims that Bill Gibson is the father of her child. Nancy is the daughter of Goggle-Eye and Molly (halfcaste). She comes from Ujitja. Period of Detention 9.10.1941 -