Haasts Bluff - 1941

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F126 Item 30 Haasts Bluff Copyright P J Mackett 2007 Northern Territory Administration Alice Springs 10th December 1941 Rev W F Albrecht Hermannsburg, N.T. Dear Sir In view of the present good season experienced by the natives at Haast's Bluff, and in view also of the need of including all those persons who are still in a reasonably active condition and are not overburdened by large families to keep healthy and active by gathering their own food while food is plentiful and waters ample, I feel that the present list of ration recipients at Haast's Bluff should be reduced somewhat for the time being. Those whose names have been temporarily removed from this list should be informed that they will be eligible for Government sustenance again should drought conditions recur or other circumstances demand our help. As a general rule, all men who are under 55 should be removed from this list, also all women with one child only, if they are aged under 50 years. According to my list the following persons come under this heading :- Men 28. Tjultjirkna, from Walungura, aged 48 years 29. Pantimata, from Maurunga, aged 50 years 31. Keintara, from Piltadi, aged about 49 years 32. Wantama, could also be thoroughly examined to ascertain whether his eyesight really is as poor as is alleged 39. Tjalkilku, from Mallupiti, 53 years Women 8. Jatakala, from Walungura, aged 48 years 13. Nalpinka, from Walungura, aged 30 years, one child only 22. Ngamara, from Walungura, aged 40 years, one child only 26. Laroje, from Ilbilli, aged 32 years, one child only 30. Wankuia, from Tjitururkna, aged 25 years, one child only 33. Inkimini, from Putati (14 years). Since she is an 'orphan', she should not be struck off if she has no close relatives receiving rations. 48. Untulunta, from west of Ilbilli, 21 years, one child only 50. Injimari, from Kunataria, 25 years, one child only 51. Jaltari, from Kunataria, about 22 years, one child only 52. Jarintjia, from Pikilji, 25 years, one child only 53. Nganakutu, from Kunataria, 39 years, one child only 65. Kawaia, from near Walungura, 25 years, one child only 66. Wititia, from Pikilji, 32 years, one child only 74. Pulpari II, from Walungura, 24 years, one child only 76. Nowara, from west of Walunguru, 20 years, one child only 77. Narula, from west of Walunguru, 18 years, one child only The women in this list can be restored to eligibility for rations upon the birth of a second child. T G H Strehlow Patrol Officer