Hermannsburg 1938 - 1941

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F126 Item 36 Hermannsburg Copyright P J Mackett 2007 Hermannsburg 11 February 1937 Dear Mr Strehlow Martin and Moses left without taking your letter so I shall add a little more before the camel men start. Old Erldunda Bob came to me asking to let you know that a man at Bucks place had taken his wife and that he was much grie- ved about it and would like you to cover his loss for him. Others seem to have a different opinion about the matter and say he gave her to the other man, loaned her, and now the other fellow refuses to return her to her former lord. However, Bob denies it, and I am passing the complaint on to you for consideration. Our old friend Plaiarana, the one you visited at Haasts Bluff, came in with other men the other day and made some more trouble here. He threw a spear at a number of children, and then he was in the act of hurling another at some men when one of the women grabbed him. Speaking to him afterwards, he said that he get like drunk at times and then does not know what he does. At the same time he said he was sure he was only throwing in that direction not aiming at people directly. This seems to indicate that he does what he does but apparently finds some satisfaction in acts like that, thus being a potential danger to the community. There was a great uproar about it and the people fled in a direc- tions, and it seems to me as if there is no safety wherever he mo- ves about. In his own interest as well as all the others it would perhaps be better if he would be removed to a place where he would and could be no danger to others. He went back to get his blankets, but is expected here again in about a week or two weeks time. Perhaps you could let me know with the camel boys what you think about it. A Mrs Freeman has arrived here. She has been with her hus- band for over 30 years as a missionary in Siam, has later studied Anthropology in Sydney, together with Miss Pink, and now she wants to make some observations and investigations of her own. She must be nearly 70 years of age. She is very anxious to come and see you, so I dont want to say any more at the moment. Kind regards Yours sincerely F Albrecht __________________________________________________________________ Extract from a letter written October 28th 1937 Titus was in here from out West, somewhat dis heartened. He had told the people they should not go onto white men's country, as otherwise they would meet with trouble. And now they are swarming all over the place, and nothing happens to them, neither has anyone else told them not to wander about everywhere. Some have, therefore, concluded that this is only Titus' talk and openly told him he was a liar. I consider this a most serious matter. Not that it will hurt Titus much to be told what they think of him, but I am afraid if nothing is done, all our efforts will be in vain; The tribal life will crumple up, the people used to loafing before they have seen the better side of their free life in their own country, thus become spoiled for good. Even if only a Native Patrol could be sent out and these fellows told that they may wander as far and as much as they like in the unoccupied area, but definately be pushed off the settled district, so that they dont get spoiled as beggars __________________________________________________________________ Hermannsburg 22 May 1938 Dear Mr Strehlow As I shall not be able to see you before Pente- cost, I am going to write about an affair that has caused me a lot of concern lately. You may remember me telling you that Doolin, the Native whom you told to leave the place about October last year, only went away some weeks after Christmas, after he had had his share of the clothing etc, we had issued to our people, and had taken Elizabeth, daugh- ter of August , with him. She returned some weeks ago and is now with her parents who are shepherding sheep in the Ellerys Creek. Some time ago I noticed a man whom I thought to be Doolin, here at the station but did not make any further enquiries as I did not see him again. Now we are all down the Finke doing up the road to Palm Valley, and to my consternation I find Doolin among our workers. It is, therefore, clear that he has been back here again for some time. Puntunga and Enduna, who were told to go back to their people out West, are here also. As far as I know neither of the two has been away from here any length of time. You will remember the role Doolin played by trying to break up the family of Gerhard-Kaia, and how Puntunga was the leader of a group of boys who ransacked the camp of the Pioneer tourists last winter, after he had run away from school. For years past I have tried to do something for Doolin, but I have never gained the feeling that he is prepared to break with his old way of living, and I dont know that I could anything for him anymore. Apparently he is determined to show that he may do as he likes. I know that his influence, espe- cially among the young people is of the most detrimental nature, and if he is allowed to continue as he has done in the past, I can only see the greatest harm resulting from his associations with our many young men at the station. His chief attraction here of cour- se, is the food he is able to obtain by begging, and I am wondering whether there is no possibility of ridding the Mission of people who are determined to overthrow everything that we are trying to do to help them. I would be thankful, indeed, if you could remove the people mentioned before, from here so that they could not continue undermining the work of the Mission. With kind regards Yours sincerely F Albrecht __________________________________________________________________ Alice Springs Hospital Northern Territory Administration Alice Springs To Gustav, Aboriginal, resident at Finke River Mission Hermannsburg Having received information that you have been in .......... contact with a person ............. ..........., to wit your wife Irene, under the powers invested in me as a Health Officer ......... .................................................... under the Health Ordinance (1915 - 1939), I, Patrick John Reilly, hereby order you to accompany forthwith the bearer of this notice ........................... to the Alice Springs Hospital, and to remain there for such period as I shall hereafter further unstruct you. Take notice also that in the event of your failing to obey this instruction immediate legal action will be taken against you according to the provisions ...................................................... P J Reilly Health Officer Note The sections marked '.........' have been censored by National Archives of Australia personnel. P J Mackett __________________________________________________________________ List of Children of Natives Under 16 years of age, living at Hermannsburg, Central Australia circa 1941 Parents Name of Child Date of Birth Abel & Rosa Brien 24.11.1931 Bruce Abt 1928 (foster child) Albert & Rubina Ewald 11. 7.1930 Martha 27. 3.1932 Keith 13. 6.1937 Maurice 29. 7.1939 Alwin & Franziska Maxina 24. 7.1931 Nahum 23. 7.1937 Melvin 7. 8.1940 Alfred & Oliva Arpa 4. 9.1926 Howard 3. 6.1931 Gottlieb 15. 2.1934 Lorna 21.10.1936 Beata 5. 6.1939 Arthur & Kathie David 18. 6.1937 Clemens 30. 7.1939 Cyprian & Julianna (Foster Parents) Mona .12.1933 Lotty Abt 1933 Luise (foster mother, parents dead) Felicia 3. 1.1934 Rosina 16. 3.1931? Anna 12. 7.1933 Eric & Dinah Valma 5. 6.1938 Jochebed .12.1940 Epafras & Jintinaka Mary Abt 1933 Tilly Abt 1936 Grace 22. 5.1941 Efraim & Lea Jeffroy 15. 1.1931 Johanna 2.10.1933 Lorna 4. 8.1935 Rebekka (foster mother) Esma 1. 9.1928 Ella . 5.1932 Edward & Angelika Basil 12.12.1936 Randal 11. 7.1939 Enos & Elizabeth Charles 29. 6.1940 Flora (father dead) Rudolf 17.11.1933 Baby 6. 9.1941 Gustav & Eileen Konstantia 18. 1.1931 Patrick 12. 8.1933 Theodora 15.10.1935 Iris 25.10.1940 George & Serene (foster parents) Maxwell 1. 2.1932 Immanuel Abt 1928 Gottfried & Linda Selina 6.10.1928 Arnulf 18. 1.1931 Denis 2. 7.1932 Topsy 7.11.1934 Emily 23. 6.1937 Daniel 15. 6.1940 Henoch & Regina Olga 28. 9.1940 Henry & Irma Duncan 15. 5.1938 Harry & Hedwig Babetta 31. 8.1936 Ray 15. 3.1941 Jeannie Abt 1928 (mother dead) Jeremias & Gwendoline Hermann 7. 2.1939 Marion 18. 3.1940 Johannes & Priscilla Ernestine 17. 5.1938 Massey Abt 1928 (foster child) Kristof & Monica Leokadia 8. 4.1931 Norman 12. 7.1935 Noel 9. 6.1937 Benno 2. 5.1939 Fogarty Abt 1931 (foster child) Beryl Abt 1933 (foster child) Kosam & Rosalie Sebald 7. 4.1931 Dawson 1.10.1933 Lorenz & Minna Stella 28.12.1930 Ambrose 28.11.1934 Siglinda 24. 5.1937 Carl 4. 8.1940 Lukas & Elvida Joyce 7. 6.1931 Faith 16. 7.1933 Mavis 3. 5.1937 Philippus 24.12.1938 Valerie 20.12.1940 Manasse & Eva Milton 17. 2.1932 Lewis 10. 4.1935 Vincent 10. 2.1938 Gregory 29. 2.1940 Obed (mother dead) Helen 8. 2.1937 Otto & Kekoman Trevor 17. 1.1941 Riedel & Veronika Tato Abt 1931 (foster child) Rolf & Ruby Kenneth 9. 4.1932 Bernice 21. 8.1934 Bertram 22.11.1938 Robert (foster father) Lionel 23. 3.1932 Numita (foster mother) Roland 3. 2.1940 Rex & Amanda Drusilla 8.11.1925 Edgar 3. 5.1932 Horace 7.12.1934 Edna 10. 5.1937 Cora 22. 6.1940 Raymond & Agnes Eudoxia 21.12.1930 Tabea 13. 8.1937 Cynthia 27.10.1937 (foster child) Reinhold & Clara Clifford 26. 9.1927 Russell 14. 1.1931 Hilde 10. 9.1932 Max 17. 6.1935 Mirjam 10.10.1937 Levy Abt 1931 (foster child) Euginie (father dead) Erna 8.10.1937 Elijah 7.11.1938 Matilde (foster mother) Roma 4. 3.1932 Walter & Kordula Marjorie 21. 2.1936 Shirley 30. 5.1938 Josua 6. 7.1940 Marianne (foster mother) Amy 14. 1.1931 William & Naemi John Abt 1931 Mary Abt 1933 Paul Abt 1935 Nancy 17.12.1937 George Abt 1931 (foster child) Richard & Nabitji Reginald 7. 4.1941 Claude Abt 1928 (foster child) Nguluntu & Mongana Ngalieri Abt 1928 Tjua Abt 1931 Talkiljeri & Wintjiri Light Abt 1934 Gordon Abt 1937 Baby Early 1940 Stanley & Vera Donald 1. 8.1932 Minnagata (foster mother) Njumi Abt 1934 Ruby Edna .1940 As per above list, there are thirteen families with one child fifteen families with two children nine families with three children four families with four children four families with five children three families with six children total of one hundred and twenty four children. Superintendent Hermannsburg via Alice Springs