Patrol Officer T Strehlow Arltunga District 1941

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F126 Item 3 Arltunga Copyright P J Mackett 2007 Northern Territory Medical Service - Aged and Infirm Ration Return Aboriginals Rationed January - March 1941 Arltunga Taken over from Protector Lullfitz February 11 1941 Name Aboriginal Name Age Sex Disability Remarks Goggle Eye Waddi ger ringar 65 M Old Age Polly Orr eda 62 F Long Jermima Quog ra 62 F Nidgie Nidgie burra looker 67 F Laura In dar deit cher 64 F Bob Ar lar gia 60 F Polly All luda 60 F Mica Field Arltunga Nancy 22 F Sick 2 children Jack Williams Thug um gug er 67 M Old Age Husband Curly Wallaby Wallaby 36 F Consort Elsie 7 F Child George 6 M Child Willie 9 M Child Tullie 5 F Child Ruby 3 F Child Gertie 1 F Child Fred Erod in kar 61 M Jerry Larra jinni kar 68 M Fred Un bol dna sick 68 M Billy E lora art goo gar 63 M Mary Ann Eme org ure 64 F Mary Ann Orp er uga 63 F Judy Ye bal bar 71 F Bubus Joo doo rar 68 F Jennie Ul mul ku kar 66 F Millie Narn Jia 63 F Sally Or Oirchor 65 F Jenny Or reda 60 F Nellie In jar rar 40 F Sick with 2 picks Jinny Cog ar rar 60 F Drover Jim Um bed diggar 40 M Lost all in flood. Also helped old people March 3 when creek came down in flood. 7 inches rain. Peter Or nar joo nurrar 55 M Stanley Boo lar rar 60 M Comment - Husband Mary An. blind _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 16th October 1941 The Director of Native Affairs Darwin, N.T. Supreme Court Witnesses held at Jay Creek, N.T. In accordance with your instructions of 10th October, I am herewith submitting a claim for maintaining aboriginal witnesses held at Jay Creek for the period 1st July 1941. (I understand from your letter that you no longer desire me to claim for the reimbursement of expenses incurred in this regard by the Native Affairs Department during the period 1st July 1940 to 30th June 1941.) The following witnesses have been held at Jay Creek during this period: 1. Alice Amanji from 1. 7.1941 to 16.10.1941 2. Picaninny Kantjukala 1. 7.1941 to 18. 8.1941 3. Toby Nganina 1. 7.1941 to 16.10.1941 4. Dolly Akeierina 1. 7.1941 to 16.10.1941 5. Dolly's children Billy Winima, 8 years ) counted as one adult Mona Binkunga, 5 years ) 6. Maudie Jiwaria 2. 7.1941 to 16.10.1941 7. Sarah Nameria 7. 7.1941 to 21. 7.1941 8. Mary Ijauwi 7. 7.1941 to 21. 7.1941 The charge asked for is 5/- per week per person, plus a charge for clothing and blankets supplied to these people. Numbers 1 to 4 and 6 to 8 received one blanket each and Number 5 (Dolly's children) received two blankets. Total = 10 blankets. In addition, the six women received each five yards Galatea and the two children six yards between them. Total = 36 yards. Toby (No 3) received one pair trousers and one shirt. T G H Strehlow Patrol Officer _____________________________________________________________________________ 7th July 1941 Sergeant Koop Alice Springs Native Wallaby The following advice has been received from the Secretary, Native Affairs Branch, Darwin: Arrangements will be made to receive Wallaby at the Garden Point detention settlement, should his release be effected in time to permit his accompanying the next party of Halfcaste Children to Darwin, when transport and escort facilities would be offering. T G H Strehlow Patrol Officer _____________________________________________________________________________ Police Station Alice Springs 9. 6.1941 Sergeant Koop Native Wallaby (In Custody) With reference to the above inmate I have to report that when he was in the cell prior to his conviction I had a conservation with him about his habits etc. Among other things he informed me that natives Peter and George of Arltunga had pointed the bone at Paddy, his late father. Wallaby stated that he would have to finish these men when he was again liberated. I entertain no doubt whatsoever that Wallaby will attempt to carry out his intention on his release. The Peter he refers to is at present employed by Mr F L Cavenagh of Ambalindum Station, and is the husband of Rosie the lubra who was the subject of his previous assault in August last. I do not know George, but he may also be employed at Arltunga. In view of this native's record and the fact that he comes of a family of wrongdoers I would suggest that steps be taken to have him removed from this district altogether, or otherwise dealt with. F Lullfitz Constable Alice Springs Station 9. 6.1940