Jay Creek Medical Treatment 1937 - 1940

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F126 Item 42 Natives Receiving Medical Treatment Jay Creek 1937 - 1940 Copyright P J Mackett 2007 (1) Persons in receipt of special Drugs Name Date Larry 11. 7.1937 Maggie, wife of Larry 11. 7.1937 Palierana . 9.1937 Larry . 9.1937 Maggie, wife of Larry . 9.1937 Maggie, wife of Larry 4.10.1937 Maggie Nguera, wife of Larry 15. 5.1938 Altingka 31.12.1938 Nunti 8. 5.1939 Maggie Nguera 8. 5.1939 (2) Patients Receiving Treatment at Jay Creek European Name Aboriginal Name Age Sex Tribe Complaint Date Larry 55 M Aranda Kidney trouble . 7.1937 Maggie 52 F Aranda Heart trouble . 5.1937 Palierana 35 M Kukatja Mentally deficient, with 23. 9.937 dangerous lunatic fits. He complains much about obscure aches & pains in the head, back and abdomen. Kunguna 60 F Kukatja 16. 9.1937 Jack Bakabika Altingka Kurka 60 M Kukatja Complete stoppage of water 21. 7.1937 Possum Jack NB Palierana took one tablet daily till September 29th, ie 7 tablets in all. Then he did not receive any more till October 6 (ie a week's break). He has had one tablet daily (from October 6th) till October 17th, missing on one day, ie 11 tablets. As his condition had improved greatly by then (ie various aches, notably headache, almost gone) the treatment was discontinued then. On October 30th Palierana suddenly attacked a man and was taken to prison. During November and December 1937 the whole camp was suffering from colds and flu. The worst cases were Tanatji and Napitji.