Jay Creek Marriage Permits 1939 - 1941

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F126 Item 56 Permits for Marriages 1939 - 1941 Copyright P J Mackett 2007 This folder deals with the following Applications for marriage permits. I have grouped the correspondence into individual cases W Branson and Peggy Correspondence from T G H Strehlow to Mr W Branson of Abminga Siding dated 28.10.1940. Permit for Marriage available. Marriage to be in Alice Springs. Abminga Siding address is via Maree, South Australia. Mr W Branson was Manager of Henbury Station for some years prior to 1935. He was living with Peggy for some of that time. Since 1935 Mr Branson has worked on cattle Stations immediately south of the Northern Territory border. The lubra Peggy apparently has spent most of her time in the company of Mr Branson. She is said to belong to the Peterman Range Tribe, and from Police enquiries it appears that Mr Branson, who in 1935 was a married man with a large family, is now a widower whose wife died at Wintuna some years ago. Patrick White and Biddy Correspondence from T G H Strehlow to the Director of Native Affairs Darwin dated 9. 9.1939 states that Mr Patrick White of Alice Springs married female aboriginal Biddy on 6. 9.1939. Biddy is from Jay Creek and has a half-caste child. William Hunter and Alice Correspondence from Sgt E Koop to Director of Native Affairs Darwin dated 1. 8.1939 states William Hunter was married to female aboriginal Alice on 1. 8.1939 Correspondence dated 5. 7.1939 states Hunter has previously had a halfcaste boy from another lubra who was taken from him by the Police several years ago. This lubra is now married to an aboriginal called Diamond. This halfcaste child is at the Bungalow Alice Springs. J Long and Weeda (Vida) Correspondence from T G H Strehlow to Director of Native Affairs Darwin dated 8.10.1941 states Mr J Long is an employee of Mr Wickham, Willowra Station, Central Australia. Weeda or Vida is a full blooded lubra. They have a halfcaste son called Johnny Long who is at the Catholic Mission Bathurst Island. Correspondence dated 1941 states the half-caste child was aged 3 years on 10 March 1941. Child will come to Alice Springs. Correspondence dated 8.12.1941 states Mr Jack Long and Weeda (Vida) were married two months ago in Alice Springs. J Dempsey and Maudie Correspondence dated 24.11.1941 about removal of full blood aboriginal woman from Hatches Creek to Alice Springs. Permit was granted to J Dempsey to marry Maudie but he refuses. Correspondence dated 7. 3.1941 states Maudie was born at Winnecke in the Northern Territory and is aged about 40 years. J Dempsey has lived for 25 years with Maudie. They have two halfcaste children named Willie Dempsey aged 18 years and Lilly Dempsey aged 20 years. The boy is employed at Hatches Creek and the girl at Pine Creek. J Dempsey is 61 years of age, Australian born and working a lease of Mr Simon Rieff's at Hatches Creek. C Cox and Angelina Correspondence dated 5. 7.1941 states C Cox can marry Angelina. Correspondence dated 22. 5.1941 gives name as Charles Andrew Cox alias Patrick John Ryan alias Patrick Kelly alias Thomas Smith alias Arthur Martin alias F Cox alias A Cox alias Henry Cox alias George Henry Cox alias Heady alias McAlister.