Patrol Officer T Strehlow Stock Returns 1940

Narional Archives of Australia Darwin Office CRS F126 Item 61 Stock Returns 1940 Copyright P J Mackett 2020 Letter dated 4. 3.1938 contains new document for the following Owen Springs 6. 3.1935 Official receipt for the sale of three camels to Eadie. Signed by Joe Strange Note dated 20. 4.1940 by T G H Strehlow, Patrol Officer This is to certify that aboriginal Ted Iraia, now at Jay Creek, is hereby giving permission to aboriginal Snowy Tjinkala (formerly from Tempe Downs district) to use one of his camels on a trip to Alice Springs. The camel is branded T.A.D. on the Near Neck. It belongs to Ted Iraia's wife Edie, who has for it a receipt from Joe Strange, formerly of Owen Springs Station.