Bungalow School Daily Journal 1954 - 1958

National Archives of Australia Series E738/1 Item GE28 Bungalow Daily Journal 1954 - 1958 Extracts mentioning Aboriginal people. Copyright P J Mackett 2006 Monthly Report 15 October - 15 November 1957 (a) Births Myrtle Nelson - stillborn infant, female, 3.11.1957 Uni and Tim (Yuendumu) - female, survived 4 hours, 15.11.1957 Ena and Leo (Jay Creek) - female, 15.11.1957 Monthly Report 16 September - 15 October 1957 (a) Births Son to Marjorie Mulla, father Huckita, registered (b) Also mentions wages for driver Dinny O'Keefe should be doubled from 2 pounds to 4 pounds. Monthly Report Period ending 15 September 1957 (a) Despite this warning one Amos Golder was found, guilty of being drunk for the third time and arrangements were immediately put in hand to have he and his family moved to Warrabri. (b) Routine duties Garden watering commenced ) Peter Bagot Fowls fed and watered ) Toilets and showers cleaned Winton Rubuntja Office, T/room & classrooms cleaned Edie Powell (c) Wards This month has been very quiet, majority of persistent drinkers have been found employment away from Alice Springs. One fight only this month; the offender (Physic) being charged with Ward Drink Liquor but the charge was withdrawn, due to lack of documentary evidence to being a ward. Monthly Report August 1957 Bungalow Welfare Centre Alice Springs 10th Sep 1957 District Welfare Officer Alice Springs, NT MONTHLY REPORT : AUGUST Wards' Welfare The following wards were treated for injuries :- Minnie Dooland v Elsie Nelson (Fractured elbow) (Lacerations - observation) Barney Dixon v Lorna Dixon (Fractured L. forearm) (Fractured ribs) Isobel Golder v Amos Golder (Lacerated thigh) Kenny Lewis v Unknown (Fractured fingers) Norman Dooland v Lame Sandy and two others (Lacerated face) All these incidents were reported with the following resultant action. Minnie and Norman Dooland : I had had Norman removed to Areyonga to prevent incidents such as the above happening, he was returned with the understanding he was going to the Finke but is still here and is at present employed by Carrier McGaskell. Barney Dixon arrested by Police on Drunk charge. Amos Golder charged with Abo Drink Liquor - dismissed. Kenny Lewis No action as he reported for treatment days after the incident. Employment Since my report I have found employment for a number of stockboys who were sitting down at the Bungalow, but the main idea of only 10% of monies due being paid in ALice Springs is to prevent the loafers here, taking all their money through gambling. With reference to my list of 8th July, the following is the present position :- Name Notes George Morton Still away Paddy (Ti Tree) Warrabri Lame Sandy Arltunga Jackeroo Jay Creek Toby Jabiard Napperby Francis Stevens Green Bros Huckita Bond Springs Lame Bertie Warrabri Short Paddy Napperby Gerald Fly Bond Springs Dick Jangala & wife Maudie U/E, ex Yuendumu Barney Dixon % wife Lorna & child U/E, injured Paddy Harris & wife Daisy U/E, Finke area Willy Rice & family U/E Trigger Morton & Daisy Mulla Casual, still fighting Bobby Anderson & wife Wendy U/E, will not work Tracker Peter U/E William Turner U/E, still drinking Jim John Employed A Hayes, improved considerably Lesly Ryan & wife May Employed, but still drinking Others at present who are not working Lindsay (Fat) wife Numi & baby Physic, wife Molly & 2 boys (ex Hatches Creek) Kenny Lewis (ex Ted Hart - Hamilton Downs) A number of others are camped off the settlement and these to-gether with the casuals I am employing for Works Force activities are all listed to appear in court, on drinking charges, on the 17th & 19th of September as their cases have been adjourned for a total of six weeks. I was able to get a number (7) to work for Green Bros at Loves Creek, these included Francis & Howard Stevens and other Middle Park Wards who had been unemployed for some time and one of the Greens informed me to-day that they were all working well and hoped to continue employing them on ather work. The main offenders at present are :- Bobby Anderson (Turner) William Turner Lindsay (Fat) Bill Riley (went to Warrabri last week) Dick Jangala H S Kitching Superintendent Monthly Report Period 6th July - 15th August 1957 (a) Deaths Tommy Nelson (ex Warrabri) - Heart Teddy Boy (ex Napperby) - Pneumonia Monthly Report Period 16th April - 15yh May 1957 (a) Deaths 3lb Prem. baby, lived 5 days (b) Wards Welfare Behavious of Wards has been good. Mental case Kitty with her husband returned to Yuendumu. One ward, Gerald Fly, was drunk on the settlement, he was reported to the Police, by others, who arrested him in my presence (H S Kitching). Monthly Report Period 16th March - 15th April 1957 (a) Native Welfare Behaviour of the natives has been good. Response to calls for employment has been satisfactory. Husband of mental case Kitty was transported to Bungalow to help care for her. Since the husbands arrival Kitty has shown marked improvement in behaviour. (b) General One native Johnny Riley forged and cashed a cheque. Monthly Report Period 16th February - 15th March 1957 (a) Health The mental native from Areyonga has been returned as she acts normal ...... ...... and caused no trouble. One mental native (Kitty) from Yuendumu, is being held on the reserve, she requires watching as she is continually wandering. Monthly Report Period 16th January - 15th February 1957 (a) General Lindsay Turner returned from Darwin, with family. Monthly Report Period 16th November - 15th December 1956 (a) General Schoolboy, Terrance Rice, went to the Olympic Games and en route from Darwin, was met by school mates at the Aerodrome. SOUTHERN INTERNATIONAL FILMS 12th November 1956 Acting District Welfare Officer SOUTHERN INTERNATIONAL FILMS Following is a summary of amounts paid to and the average weekly earnings of Aboriginal extras employed by the above. The names given by the Company have nothing in common with those given them. I understood that 14 were employed of whom 9 returned to Haasts Bluff on 24. 9.1956 and three on 13.10.1956 and 2 to the Bungalow on 13.10.1956. However their records show a total of 18 having been employed. I also understood that the Bungalow natives, Lindsay and Bluey were employed for the whole period but apparently Bluey was not. Employed from 8. 9.1956 to 13.10.1956 Nosepeg Mendagara Maulan Nawali Lindsay Employed from 8. 9.1956 - 24.10.1956 Monaine Roudon Wanawalu Twochum Tubaduba Tingua Chulcha Bluey Moranki Period of Employment unknown but approximately a week or two Timpanya Old Old Man Young Old Man Mainma Film was Dust in the Sun. G O Jones Clerk Monthly Report Period 16th September - 15th October 1956 (a) Fight Two native men, Willy Jangala and Roy, were taken to Hospital for cuts with a stone knife and Willy with a depressed fracture of the skull after a fight which occurred on the reserve on Sunday 14th October. A full report of the incident was made by P/O Kitching. Monthly Report Period September 1955 (a) Health Sister Johnson proceeded to Adelaide with Wanttitang, a Haasts Bluff boy who was admitted to Royal Adelaide Hospital for treatment of a chest condition. The following entries are taken from photocopied pages of the Bungalow Settlement Daily Journal. 4. 1.1954 8.00pm. Searched Camp & Town areas for lubra Ida Egan due to be removed to Oodnadatta ex Gaol. 18. 1.1954 4.30pm. Called Police arrest Lindsay and Big Willie both drunk and fighting. 30. 1.1954 Native boy Francis taken to ............., admitted, died 12.30pm same day. 19. 2.1954 Letter to Acting Director of Native Affairs, Darwin. Contains the following paragraph :- Following a disturbance on the Settlement on the 18th January, aborigines Lindsay and Willie were sentenced to short terms of imprisionment and on their discharge both were removed from the Alice Springs area - Lindsay to Napperby Station and Willie to Narwietooma. The Managers of both stations have been requested to endeavour to ensure that these natives remain out of the town area for at least twelve months. 7. 3.1954 Dingle family delivered bus en route to Mataranka. 14. 3.1954 Police arrested native Bobby Anderson for alleged assault on white woman at Causeway on night of Sat. 13th. 17. 3.1954 4.00pm. Native infant Ron taken to Hospital. 12. 4.1954 Two children taken to Hospital 1 with and one possible broken arm. [Covering letter for Report states :- The two children who sustained injuries to their arms, necessitating hospital treatment, on the 12th April, were the victims of accidents whilst the aged female Aborigine, Ginny, who broke her thigh on the 13th, accidentally fell over.] 13. 4.1954 Aged lubra Jinny (stretcher case) taken Hospital broken thigh. [Covering letter for Report states :- The two children who sustained injuries to their arms, necessitating hospital treatment, on the 12th April, were the victims of accidents whilst the aged female Aborigine, Ginny, who broke her thigh on the 13th, accidentally fell over.] 13. 5.1954 Dr Welton examined child Janice mumps suspect (no mumps). 16. 5.1954 Lubra Elsie taken to Hospital and admitted. 20. 5.1954 Lubra Lorna taken Hospital (pneumonia). 22. 5.1954 Lubra Molly taken to Gaol to visit husband. 5. 6.1954 Lubra Molly taken to Gaol to visit husband. 17. 6.1954 Native Peter collected from NAB 5.30pm. 19. 6.1954 Natives Johnny Nelson and Lame Sandy taken into custody by Police for fighting. 21. 6.1954 Lubra Numi absconder (TB) from Hospital picked up and returned Hospital 7.30pm. 4. 7.1954 Lubra Linda ex Banka Banka taken Hospital to visit husband seriously ill. 11. 7.1954 Native Bond Springs Jack (aged) taken to Hospital but dead on arrival. Body left in morgue, Police notified, no suspicious circumstances. 17. 7.1954 2.00pm Lubra Linda ex Banka Banka taken to Hospital to visit husband returned to Settlement 5.00pm. 18. 7.1954 Natives Lame Sandy, Newcastle Charlie & Linda delivered to bus for onward movement. men to Phillip Creek, woman to Banka Banka. 20. 7.1954 Aged native Locky taken to Hospital (pneumonia). 21. 7.1954 Aged native Mary Ann taken to Hospital (pneumonia). 3. 8.1954 Native Johnny Nelson handed to Police drunk and assaulting wife 7.30pm. 15. 8.1954 Lubra Mary Whistle taken Hospital 12.30pm pneumonia. 2.00pm Native infant Colin taken Hospital possible gastro. Mother returned to Settlement 5.30pm 25. 8.1954 Mary wife of Pompey readmitted Hospital discharged 21st pneumonia. 1. 9.1954 Doreen wife of Louis taken to Hospital 10.00pm. (acute pregnancy). 2. 9.1954 Native Lindsay arrested for alleged attempted rape of native girl Ena. 20. 9.1954 Lindsay delivered to CPO Morgan for movement to Hatches Creek. 24. 9.1954 Doreen and infant taken to Hospital twice for treatment. 25.09.1954 Girl Maudie taken to Hospital (dislocated knee). 2.10.1954 Mr Auckett departed for Darwin with natives Toby and Mary being returned to Beswick. 3.10.1954 Native Emalina delivered to Conellans 6.45am for onward movement to Borroloola. 16.10.1954 Child Michael taken to Hospital 8.00pm pneumonia. 18.10.1954 Aged woman Alice taken to Hospital 5.00pm. 23.10.1954 Marriott for Areyonga. 31.10.1954 Child Peter, accompanied by father Leo, sent Darwin by bus for specialist treatment. 2.11.1954 Native Willy Charlie given into custody Police 7.30pm for drinking & fighting in camp. 3.11.1954 Native Huckado taken to Hospital 5.00pm. 4.11.1954 Native Myrtle taken to Hospital 8.30am. 7.11.1954 Infant Daisy, daughter of Hilda Rice taken to Hospital but died soon afterwards. Old man Johnny Hayes brought from Hospital to visit relatives & returned 5.00pm. 8.11.1954 Daisy and child taken to Hospital 6.30pm. After treatment to child's ear returned home. 11.11.1954 9.00pm Boy Kenny taken to Hospital (lacerations from barbed wire) treated and returned home. Native Lindsay Turner had been drinking & causing disturbances at Hospital & driving Mr W Rickett's truck given into custody of Police. 18.11.1954 Native Jimmy and baby Neal taken to Hospital 6.30pm. 20.11.1954 Natives Rosie & ... ..... taken to Hospital 8.45am. Native Daisy .... taken to Hospital 11.30am. Native Louie taken to Hospital 6.00pm. Native Leo & son met at Darwin bus 6.45pm. 23.11.1954 Child ..... Cooper taken to Hospital 9.30pm. 3.12.1954 Baby Muller taken to Hospital 2.30pm. Schoolgirl Marjorie Muller taken to Hospital 7.15pm. 18.12.1954 Baby Michael taken to Hospital for treatment. Native Jacky Jim & family taken to visit ..... ..... 5.30pm returned by PO McCoy. 21.12.1954 Lubra Rosie taken to Hospital & admitted. 23.12.1954 Four Aborigines found drunk on Settlement and given in charge to Police. (Abos Dick Muller, Riley, Tommy (alias Bob) and Napperby Paddy). 25.12.1954 Aborigine Malcolm taken to Mr Evans for placing on plane for Adelaide. 26. 1.1955 Native Topsy Walker (pregnant) taken to Hospital 11.45pm. 27. 1.1955 Stopped fight in camp 11.00pm trouble caused by Willie Riley & girl Maudie. 2. 2.1955 Charges against Johnny McDonald. McDonald sentenced to 6 weeks gaol. 3. 2.1955 Infant Topsy Walker taken to Hospital 9.30pm. 27. 2.1955 Supt and Matron Webb left for Darwin. H/C child Irene Edwards also left for Darwin for admission to Garden Point Mission. 1. 3.1955 Police called in at 6.30pm to arrest Abo Billie Edwards who had been drinking wine & was becoming very cheeky. 4. 3.1955 Boy Peter Leo taken to Hospital 4.45pm with gashed foot. 5. 3.1955 Lubra Ruby and baby taken to Hospital at 2.00pm. Baby admitted for observation. 7. 3.1955 Lubra Millie & baby taken to Hospital 5.00pm. Baby admitted for observation. 8. 3.1955 Lubra Millie & baby taken to Hospital 5.00pm. Baby admitted for observation. Lubra Ruby and babytaken to Hospital 9.00pm to stay night; en route to Gordon Downs by plane early Wednesday morning. 12. 3.1955 Lubra Lucy and baby Janie to Hospital 1.30pm. Baby admitted. 13. 3.1955 Lubra Maudie taken to Hospital 2.30pm & admitted. 17. 3.1955 Act/Supt Newham took Micky Cluff to Yuendumu. Committed 12 months. 26. 3.1955 Sue Webb taken to Hospital 11.30pm. 5. 4.1955 Fight in camp 3 natives, Hughie, Geo Neale & William Turner arrested by Police, the fracas being caused by drinking. 6. 4.1955 The 3 natives arrested on 5th plus Barney Dixon sentenced to varying gaol terms.