Appointment of Women Protectors at Alice Springs, Darwin and Jay Creek

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office Series F1 Item 1940/763 Welfare of Female Half-castes 1940 Copyright P J Mackett 2009 Native Affairs Branch Darwin 14th May, 1940 The Director of Native Affairs In reference to the recent 'press' statement that there were 69. prospective mothers amongst the half-caste population of Darwin, I desire to advise that the following half-castes, who are nominally under instruction control but are not residing in the institution, are, to the best of my knowledge, free of suspicion at the present moment :- Ada Morck Ethel Page Phyllis Alexander Madge Cooper Mulwa Alice Miller Marjory Morris Elsie Kilmartin Lucy White, who can be included in the above category, has recently given birth to a child. Scholistica Daby, living with her mother, and nominally a ward of the Department, has also given birth to a child. Linda Roman, also a charge of this Department, recently gave birth to a child, the father of whom is a half- caste, and Dolly Brown, a half-caste girl who has been an inmate of the Darwin Hospital for some considerable time also recently gave birth to a child. Lily Cusack, who was formerly employed by the Administrator, was reported by Mrs Abbott to be pregnant. Permission for her marriage to one, Joe Sevallos, a half-caste, has been granted, and thus she can be precluded from this submission. Of the three half-caste girls formerly at the Convent, and who are now in employment, namely, Lorna Curtis, Eileen Ambrose and Cecilia Briston, nothing is known of their condition. It remains, therefore, for this Department to answer the allegation inasmuch as it refers to those girls who are under institution control. Following is a list of girls who are known to be pregnant :- Daisy Carroll Dolly McKee Gladys Kruger Elsie Woodruffe Evelyn Jones This information was supplied by the Matron of the Half-caste Institution. It must be remembered when answering this allegation that comparatively few half-castes outside the institution are not under the parental control of their half-caste or European fathers, or half-caste mothers who are legitimately married. The rising generation of half-castes born in wedlock, by European and half-caste fathers with half- caste mothers, does not include more than a dozen female children who are fit subjects for exploitation in the direction indicated by the article. These facts are submitted to you to enable an adequate reply to be furnished to His Honour, The Administrator. V J White Secretary, Native Affairs Branch