Methodist Overseas Mission Croker Island Part-Aboriginal

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office Series F1 Item 1949/35 Methodist Overseas Mission Croker Island Part-Aboriginal 12. 4.1946 From Canberra to Administrator Darwin Return of Methodist half-caste children to Darwin Approval was given for the following children to remain in Sydney Mattie Frith, Peter Marshall, Bet Bet McDonald who are at present in the Leprosarium. Violet Liddy who is in the South Sydney Hospital awaiting confinement. Ruby Liddell who is to make her home with Miss L Craigie, of 20 Gypps Street, Wollongong. This girl is over 18 years of age. She has had trouble with her eyes. Miss Craigie is a lady of high standing. She is Headmistress of the Home Science School at Wollongong. Amy Tennant who will remain with Mrs McDonald at Mulgoa. This girl has been with Mrs McDonald for four years and has not visited the other girls at Otford during that period. She has expressed a strong desire to remain south. Nellie Shepherd who will make her home with Mrs Russell, of 131 Military Road, Rose Bay. She has been with Mrs Russell for two years. Mrs Russell has given the Society a written guarantee that she will accept full responsibility for the welfare of the girl and is prepared, if necessary, to adopt her. At the request of the Church Missionary Society, arrangements were made for Jessie Huddlestone to travel with the Methodist party. This girl has been at Mulgoa. P.S. It has since been learned that Bet Bet McDonald joined the "Reynella" just prior to its departure. She was reported as sufficiently recovered to permit of her travelling with the main party. 17. 4.1946 From Canberra to Administrator Darwin Return of Methodist half-caste children to Darwin When the ship sailed, Hazel Burton, one of the older girls, had not arrived, and is therefore not making the trip. I am quite satisfied that Hazel is very happily circumstanced with the Langford Smiths at Kellyville. Hazel, like the Langford Smiths is Church of England, and very much at home with them - probably due to the fact that the Langford Smiths have spent a lot of time in North Australia and have a thorough understanding of the outlook of the aboriginal people. Undated Croker Island Half-caste Institution Report G Sweeney (cDecember 1946) Betty Fisher, age 16 years, is pregnant to Bob Shepherd, age 16 years. Mona Waters, age 16 years, is pregnant to full blood aboriginal Dick, age about 16 years, a member of the Marrgu tribe living on the island. Nida Wilson, age 16 years, is pregnant to Bill Ryan, age 17 years. The case of Mona Waters and Aboriginal Dick is more difficult. Dick is of Mona's mother's people, and the initiative was taken by Mona. They both show attachment for each other. They wish to marry according to native custom. I would recommend here also marriage, but according to our custom, and they should remain under the guidance of the Mission. 3.11.1950 From Methodist Overseas Mission Darwin to Director of Native Affairs Darwin Re Eric Liddy To the best of my knowledge he was born at Newtown Womens Hospital Sydney. I do not know if it is usual for Hospitals to automatically handle the business of registration.. If not it is just possible that our Sydney office may have done so. He was wrongly listed on our books for a long while as being born the day he arrived at Croker Island. Eric and his mother came north by plane with me on October 5, 1946 and his birth on Anzac Day 1946 is easy to remember, so I made the correction. Re Edward Borlace The Committal Order and our returns for a long while back show that this boy was born several months after he came into our care. When admitted 12. 6.1941 he was well able to walk and talk and would be about three years old then. To correct this I have taken the liberty of correcting his age to 24. 8.1938 which though not exact is very near correct by the information we have.