Part-coloured Housing Alice Springs

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office Series F1 Item 1958/10 Welfare Branch Proposal for further erection of Part-coloured housing Alice Springs
9.10.1959 New house under construction for a selected part coloured family in Gap Settlement area. Recommendation : Mr and Mrs Fred Trindle of Gap Road, Alice Springs appear to be the only couple that could be recommended for this cottage. Mr Trindle Employment Works Department on bore maintenance for past five years Wife Part coloured Children Boy aged 3 years Girl aged 9 months Present Accommodation With wife's mother, half-caste housing, Gap Road, Alice Springs, where the conditions are very overcrowded 23.12.1957 Part coloured housing schedule Marie Burke Relationship Unmarried Number of Children One, 16 years old Where Living Kilgariff's Poultry Farm EmploymentAdmin Hostel, Cook Comments Marie Burke lived at St John's Hostel until recently with her daughter Wendy. She has been unable to find accomodation and is at present living with Mr & Mrs C Hampton in a small cottage on Kilgariff's Farm. This home is very overcrowded and inconvenient. Marie is capable of maintaining a good standard. Her daughter Wendy is in employment and Marie would be able to meet her committments if provided with a new home. Daisy Hampton and Cyril Hampton Relationship Married Number of Children Three, aged 4, 2 and 1 year Where Living Kilgariff's Poultry Farm, Gap Road Employment Kilgariff's Poultry Farm Comments This couple occupy a small cottage on Kilgariff's property. It is in a very bad state of repair due to white ants. Cyril Hampton accepted his present employment for the opportunity of a house for his family but could readily obtain other employment if he could find accomodation. Mrs Hampton is expecting another child and has expressed the desire for a better home. She is capable of maintaining a good standard and her husband should be able to meet his committments if provided with a new house. Recommended for favourable consideration. Don Mack and Jean Mack Relationship Married Number of Children Two, aged 3 and 1 1/2 years Where Living Romberg's Caravan Park Employment Works and Housing (South Road) Comments Jean and Don Mack live in a hut on Mr Romberg's property. Mr Mack has his sister Daphne Hele and her two children living with him. Jean Mack is a good mother - her children are clean and well cared for and she would be capable of maintaining a good standard if given the opportunity. Don Mack is in regular employment and could meet his committments. This family is recommended for a new home. Hettie Perkins Relationship Widow Number of Children Where Living Giles Street Employment Old age pensioner Comments Hettie Perkins is a very old resident of Alice Springs and has brought up a large family. She is no longer able to work to support herself and receives an old age pension. She is at present living in the home of Mr Tom Madden in Giles Street, and has asked the assistance of this branch in obtaining a home. Her daughter May and son Ernie are living with her and shouldbe able to assist her to meet rent committments etc. Tom Madden, a fencing contractor, has a wife and three children and requires his home for all his own use when he is in town. Recommended for favourable consideration. T Braun and Teresa Cubillo Relationship De facto Number of Children Six, aged 16, 14, 10, 7, 5 and 1 year Where Living Industrial area Employment Transport driver Baldocks Ltd Comments Mr Braun is in regular employment and should be able to meet committments if provided with a house. The family is living in a sub-standard old army hut and is very overcrowded. Parents drink and quarrel. Children appear reasonably cared for but little parental control is exercised. Both parents when interviewed desire for a home in better surroundings. Their present living conditions give little encouragement to improve their standards. Recommended for favourable consideration. House 1 Tenants Joe Egan & Loretta Sultan Other Adults Nil Children Rosalind Sultan, born 7.10.1953 Raymond Sultan, born 8.10.1954 Ellen Sultan, born 11. 8.1955 Karen Lee Sultan, born 29. 1.1957 Baby expected Occupation Works Dept Status De facto Date of Occupancy 28. 9.1956 Comments Loretta's home making has improved considerably over past twelve months. Has a neat garden and children well cared for. Recommended for Housing Yes House 2 Tenants Ruby Hayes & Henry Furber Other Adults Ada Baxter, sister Daphne F/B Frederick Hayes, when in town Children Caroline Hayes, 8 years, born in Darwin Frederick Hayes / Furber, 4 years, born in Darwin John Hayes / Furber, 5 years, born in Darwin Marilyn Hayes / Furber, 2 years, born in Darwin Baby expected Occupation Ruby - Domestic Native Ward outside period of pregnancy Henry - Unemployed Status De facto Date of Occupancy 8. 2.1956 Comments Ruby is a good worker and mother when Henry Furber is absent. Three young children of Frederick Hayes, ex Darwin, temporarily accommodated and referred to the Director for advice. Recommended for Housing No House 3 Tenants Mrs Le Rosignol Other Adults Robert, aged 15 years Children Denise Le Rosignol, born 9. 7.1950 Occupation Mrs Le Rosignol - Domestic Alice Springs Hospital Robert - Station Hand Status Living alone Date of Occupancy 1. 1.1957 Comments Good worker Recommended for Housing Yes House 4 Tenants Mr Ben Ogden & Mrs Mary Ogden Other Adults Children Kenneth Ogden, 12 years Rhoda Ogden, 10 years Ruth Ogden, 9 years Bonnie Ogden, 7 years Jean Ogden, 5 years Marjorie Ogden, 3 1/2 years Occupation Works Dept Status Not known Date of Occupancy 22.10.1957 Comments Clean family. Recently arrived from Wyndham. Recommended for Housing Not at this stage. House 5 Tenants Elsie Hayes Other Adults Children Ronald Hayes, aged 19 years Noel Hayes, born 1943 Barry Hayes, born 1945 Lorraine Hayes, born 1947 Kenneth Hayes, born 22. 6.1950 Joseph Hayes, born 25.12.1954 Richard Hayes, born 7. 5.1957 Occupation Laundress Alice Springs Hospital Status Separated Date of Occupancy 24. 8.1945 Comments Elsie's home making and attitude toward work has improved, considerably but she will not be able to go further. Recommended for Housing No House 6 Tenants Emily Hayes & Fitz Palmer Other Adults Mr and Mrs Hayes, parents of Emily Alec Taylor, adult Children Christine Palmer, born 10. 8.1956 Janice Hayes, born 27. 5.1954 Occupation Emily - Laundress at Hospital Alec - Casual labourer Status De facto Date of Occupancy 14. 8.1957 Comments Children reasonably well cared for - will need assistance for a long period. Recommended for Housing No House 7 Tenants Jessie White Other Adults Hilda Bray, aged 24 years Children Brian White, 9 years Robin White, born 16. 7.1950 Cynthia White, born 15. 7.1953 Lois White, born 9. 9.1954 Christopher White, born 25. 1.1957 Occupation School cleaner Status Single Date of Occupancy 28. 7.1953 Comments Restricted by NAA Recommended for Housing No House 8 Tenants Douglas & Nita Campbell Other Adults Jackie, brother, aged 18 years, working Children John David Kenny, baby Julia Kenny, 14 years Margaret Kenny, 12 years Mary Kenny, 10 years Peter Kenny, 8 years Occupation Jack McGaskell carrier Status Date of Occupancy 20. 2.1956 Comments This home is usually clean and well cared for. The children are the children of Jack and Edie Kenny sent in from Horseshoe Bend Station for ...... ....... . Recommended for Housing Yes House 9 Tenants Julia Hughes Other Adults Children Ronald Hughes, 19 years Doreen Hughes, 14 years Robert Hughes, 10 years Occupation Casual domestic Status Separated Date of Occupancy 6. 1.1950 Comments Cannot control her daughter Doreen. Recommended for Housing No House 10 Tenants Alec Kruger & Nita Kruger Other Adults Barbara Palmer Children Lynette Kruger, born 11. 1.1956 Robert Peckham, 11 years, mother deceased Henry Peckham 10 years, mother deceased Occupation Commonwealth Railways Status Married 8.10.1955 Date of Occupancy 8. 2.1956 Comments Good type family. Sister to Nita (both ex St Marys girls. Mother deceased (Peckham children). Recommended for Housing Yes House 11 Tenants Mr and Mrs Monty Swann Other Adults Parents Jim Swann and Mrs Swann Children Judith Swann, born 5. 8.1953 Thomas Swann Lynette Swann, born 21. 5.1956 Occupation Station Hand Status Married 11. 9.1954 Date of Occupancy Comments Mrs Amy Swann good type. Mrs Swann would prefer to take her family out to the station. Recommended for Housing No House 12 Tenants Henry Ford & Daisy Roman Other Adults Richard, 17 years Roger, nephew, 17 years Leslie Reid, 17 years Children Leonie Maguire, 4 years, parents on Anningie Station Occupation Henry - Municipal Daisy - Cleaner at Abbatoirs Status De facto Date of Occupancy 25. 6.1956 Comments Leonie brought up from birth my Mrs Roman. Mrs Roman also fosters two youngest children of Elsie Hayes. Clean home. Recommended for Housing Yes House 13 Tenants Daisy Milera & Laurence Milera Other Adults Camping for P/C station hands Children June Hull Veronica Hull, born 1947 Marilyn Hull Hull, born 26.10.1953 David Kevin Hull, born 22. 2.1955 Dorothy Milera, born 25. 8.1956 Occupation Works and Housing Status Married 7.10.1955 Date of Occupancy 22.12.1955 Comments Recommended for Housing No House 14 Tenants Jessie Bray Other Adults Johnnie Bray, 16 years Children Ronald Bray, 13 years Russell Bray, 8 years Katherine Bray, born 13. 5.1952 Janis Bray, born 17. 5.1956 Occupation Laundress Alice Springs Hospital Status Single Date of Occupancy 1. 6.1957 Comments Recommended for Housing No House 15 Tenants Alec Conway & Lucy Conway F/B Other Adults Children Margaret Conway, born 1.12.1947 Patricia Conway, aged 15 months Occupation Camp cook Status De facto Date of Occupancy 24.12.1956 Comments Alec Conway unreliable. Constant supervision of house necessary or Lucy would live as in a Native Camp. Recommendation Margaret be placed in St Marys Hostel. Recommended for Housing No House 16 Tenants Phyllis Kenny (nee Campbell) & Ron Kenny Other Adults Nancy Campbell Children Caroline Campbell, born 21. 7.1952 David Campbell, born 9. 6.1954 Raylene Campbell, born 21. 3.1956 Baby Campbell, aged 2 months Teresa Campbell, aged 4 years, mother Nancy Campbell Keith Campbell, aged 8 years, mother Nancy Campbell Margaret Campbell, aged 17 years, mother Nancy Campbell Kathleen Campbell, aged 12 years, mother Nancy Campbell Sammy Taylor, aged 21 years, father Dick Taylor, mother Nancy Campbell Occupation Drover Status Married 12.11.1957 Date of Occupancy 27. 7.1956 Comments Phyllis Kenny's homemaking and care of her children has improved considerably over the past year. Husband unreliable. Recommended for Housing Could be reviewed later. House 17 Tenants Don Stuart & Lena Stuart Other Adults Children Elaine Stuart, aged 9 years Kennie Stuart, aged 8 years Peggy Stuart, aged 4 years Peter Stuart, aged 2 years May Stuart, aged 14 years, working Cavanaghs Doris Stuart, aged 13 years Occupation Don - Underdowns Lena - Odd jobs Status Married Alice Springs Date of Occupancy 7. 6.1947 (may be marriage date) Comments Censored by NAA Recommended for Housing No House 18 Tenants Mrs Khan & Mrs Khan Other Adults Children Occupation Loutit's shop Status Married Oodnadatta Date of Occupancy 23. 1.1956 Comments Quiet and inoffensive couple Recommended for Housing Yes House 19 Tenants Mr and Mrs Caust Other Adults Adult daughter Children Occupation Pensioners Status Married Date of Occupancy 5. 5.1956 Comments Recommended for Housing Not required House 20 Tenants Ken Hampton & Daphne Hampton Other Adults Children Kingsley Hampton, born 6. 9.1957 Occupation Works and Housing Status Married Date of Occupancy 25. 6.1957 Comments Ex St Francis House. Much steadier of late. Recommended for Housing Yes House 21 Tenants Eileen Ambrose & William Cole Other Adults Children Richard Ambrose Danny, born 1948 Carolyn, born 24. 1.1950 Rosiline, born 4. 5.1951 Owen Sandra Desmond, born 11. 6.1955 Helen, born 7.12.1956 Baby expected Occupation Works and Housing Status De facto Date of Occupancy 5.11.1954 Comments Eileen is generally a good mother, but is overwhelmed by her family at times. Recommended for Housing Yes, would respond to good housing House 22 Tenants Gerry Hampton & Jessie Hampton Other Adults Children Reginald Hampton, aged 7 years Kay Hampton, aged 4 years Coleen Hampton, aged 3 years Clifford Hampton, aged 13 months Edward Hampton, born 26. 9.1957, twin Erica Hampton, born 26. 9.1957, twin Occupation Assistant Lands and Survey Status Married Date of Occupancy 10.10.1957 Comments Jessie tries hard to maintain a reasonable standard of living. Gerry's attitude toward his home and work has improved considerably since placed under a prohibition order. Recommended for Housing Yes House 23 Tenants Mr and Mrs Kerin Other Adults Son Children Occupation Pensioners Status Married Date of Occupancy 5. 1.1956 Comments Recommended for Housing No House 24 Tenants Mrs Tilly Miller & Mr Louis Miller Other Adults Children Geoffrey Miller, born 1943 June Miller, born 1944 Marlene Miller, born 1945 David Miller, born 1946 Sandra Miller, born 1948 Beverly Miller, born 10. 7.1951 Marilyn Miller, born 1952 Louis Miller, born 9.12.1953 Occupation Tilly - Cafe Assistant Louis - CArpenter Status Married Date of Occupancy 11.11.1956 Comments Husband and wife working but rent difficult to collect. Remainder of comments censored by NAA. Recommended for Housing No House 25 Tenants Mrs Espie, 295 Gap Road Other Adults Mort Conway, ? brother to Mrs Espie, single Peggy Espie, single Mrs Kitty Taylor, separated Children Ian Conway, aged 9 years Robert E Espie, aged 12 years Linton Espie, aged 10 years Edward Taylor, aged 7 years Occupation Mrs Espie - Housewife Mort - Taxi driver Peggy, Domestic with Mrs McCaffery Kitty - Domestic Alice Springs Hospital Status Mrs Espie, separated, long standing Date of Occupancy Approximately 1 year Comments Good type family. Daughter registered nurse in Port Augusta. Two older boys are working away from home and assist their mother financially. Recommended for Housing Yes House Tenants Mrs T Glynn Other Adults Freda, daughter, 18 years Children Occupation Mrs T Glynn - Admin Hostel cook Freda - Shop assistant Status Widow Date of Occupancy Comments Topsy Glynn is in lodgings on the east side, whilst her daughter boards at St Johns Hostel. Recommended for Housing Yes House Tenants Laurel Burk & Albert MacMaster Other Adults Children Child, aged 18 months Occupation Status Unmarried, not living together Date of Occupancy Comments Laurel is an ex St Marys and St Johns Hostel girl. McMaster is a poor type and is seeking a divorce from his wife. He is anxious to marry Laurel. Second baby expected. This couple need help for the sake of the children. Recommended for Housing Yes