Coloured Children United Church Hostel Darwin

National Archives of Australia Coloured Children United Church Hostel Darwin F1 1962/52 Copyright P J Mackett 2015 4. 6.1957 From Director of Welfare to the Administrator Accomodation of part-coloured children United Church Hostel Darwin Particulars re Croker Island First Year Group of Boys for Consideration U/C Hostel Notes supplied by radio by Rev E R Moore in consultation with Mr K Templer 31. 5.1957 Name Born / Age Notes Harry Allard 10. 2.1943 (14 yrs) Good lad. This is his chance; if missed not much hope later. Roger Knowles 31. 7.1944 (12 yrs) Doing repeat of 1st Year. Question of family ties. Two sisters on Croker. Plenty of brains. Jimmy Richards 13. 4.1942 (15 yrs) Age may be against him. Coasting along at school. Fairly good type. Maurice Scott 28. 6.1942 (14 yrs) Good lad. Average ability. Excellent art work and handcrafts. Keen to go with Halpin Hart. Phillip Walker 3. 2.1944 (13 yrs) Very clever - just coasting and cannot help doing as well as at present. Background difficult. Attitude and general adjustment poor. Academic ability - order of priority Walker Allard Knowles Richards Scott Attitude generally best - Allard second - Scott Aptitude for Trade Allard Scott Following further discussions on each of the above boys yesterday with the Rev Ellemor and Rev Pearce, I would recommend for your approval that :- (a) Phillip Walker (State Child) and Harry Allard (Ward) be transferred from Croker Island to the United Church Hostel Darwin, and be placed in the care and under the supervision of the Hostel (Rev Pearce). (b) I have discussed the transfer of Phillip Walker with the Chairman of the State Children's Council (Mr Withnall) and he concurs in this recommendation. . .1958 From Director of Welfare to Hostel Darwin Believe Phillip has left Hostel on October 4, 1957. Need atual date. 19. 8.1961 Letter from Director of Child Welfare to United Church Childrens Hostel Mentions Blanche McDouall