Groote Eylandt Child Endowment(F H Grey) Northern Territory 1947 - 1950

National Archives of Australia Canberra Office Series F315 Item 1949/189 Groote Eylandt Child Endowment(F H Grey) Northern Territory 1947 - 1950 15. 2.1948 Gerald Blitner and his wofe Jessie Blitner, both halfcastes are now residing on the Settlement. 3. 1.1949 Letter from Groote Eylandt Native Settlement to Director of Native Affairs Darwin. Re: Native Nangurama, aged about 22 years For the past two or three years this native has been causing trouble by interfering with Tumakidja the wife of Mowata an aged Native at the Settlement. At the moment our adult natives are on holidays and I understand the woman Tumakidja has gone to Nangurama's camp. I am afraid that unless something is done rhere will be a spearing for Mowata has several grown up sons who are anxious to help heir father and I would suggest that Nangurama is removed from this Island for several years. .................................................................. Nangurama is the Native I wrote to you about recently in connection with the spearing of Mick; I think that he feels that he can now defy all the natives. The woman is middle aged and past child bearing age. Nangurama has had no wife promised to him but some years ago I was able to procure the promise of a young girl who was put into the Dormitary here. This girl will be of marriagable age in about five years time. Undated List of natives who came in from the Mainland 4. 2.1949 Name Reln Sex Age Notes Nund...l? H M Aged Luoiingau? W1 F Muncinga W2 F Tami:a Ch2 F Tamboieidja W3 F Tuarrpoin Ch3 M 7 mths Wi:irrti W4 F Aged Bulungoii W5 F Markoma W6 F Warambalei Ch6 M May be Narambalei Warambalei Ch6 M 8 yrs May be Narambalei Djuldjul W7 M Purrdjal Ch7 F 4 yrs Marrkal Ch7 M 9 yrs Wadjingboi Ch M 10 yrs Bokalangi Ch M 7 yrs Mi:lawartain Ch M 8 yrs (Usual district Blue Mud Bay.) Li:agrein H M Waluka W F Wanul Ch F 3 mths Womanin Ch M 3 yrs Luma-luma Ch M 9 yrs (Usual district Blue Mud Bay.) Wokuti H M Luah W F Menjango Ch F 3 mths Batdja Ch M 7 yrs (This man came in in January with three other wives who are all at the settlement.) Djimbarion H M Jarula W1 F Mandupa W2 F Djerwien Ch1 M 3 yrs Tikara Ch2 F 4 mths Bi:pila Ch2 M 7 yrs Tula Ch2 M 11 yrs Wandoii W3 F Child wife (Usual district Blue Mud Bay.) Wi:alli H M Mutaangbi Ch M 4 yrs (No wife here but one child. This man lived at the settlement for some years.) Nama H M Urrumli? W1 F Miakarangi Ch1 M 4 mths Janbarra Ch1 M 8 yrs Karukaru W2 F (This man is a son of Wongu. Caledon Bay district.) Wongu H M Aged Min-min W1 F Aged Muruoipi W2 F Munalal Ch2 F Wangoii W3 F Mungali Ch3 M (A great number of this man's wives have been left on Woodah Island and near Point Arrowsmith. This man is reputed head of the Caledon Bay tribe. I understand that he and his sons Mama, and Nakija were driven away from Yirrkala Mission some time last year by some of Wongu's other sons.) Mouanbi H M Mangari W1 F 19 yrs Njapo Ch1 M 2 yrs Nungirina W2 F 10 yrs Kurrundul W3 F 15 yrs Wapuki W4 F 14 yrs (This man has other wives which he has left over on Woodah Island. He seems to be collecting numerous young wives while many of his brothers have none.) Nakija M (All wives belonging to this man have been left on Woodah and mainland.) Single men Notipi (Mopiti), 18 years, son of Wongu Djoa-djoa 18 years, son of Wongu Lambi, 11 years, son of Wongu Kapujingi, 15 years, son of Wongu Tungi, 10 years, son of Wongu Djau-djau, 25 years, son of Diliara Bungapulau, 21 years, son of Diliara (Sons of Diliara (Clara) who was captured by the Caledons from Lough's boat some years ago. Another son is at the settlement, Timer.) Kouarim, 17 years Tanawipi, 17 years Kungata, 12 years Aged Women Diliara (Clara) Undated Notification of natives having received treatment for Yaws at the Groote Eylandt Native Settlement 24. 3.1949 All the following natives are from the mainland belonging to the Baloomoo tribe, usually living in the region between Blue Mud Bay and Caledon Bay. Arriapo, aged 2 years, male, child of Mouanbi Lungurrka, aged 5 years, female, child of Wongu Karrmajie, aged 20 months, male, child of Wokuti Nyalung, aged 24 years, female Maira, aged 11 years, male Ularrku, aged 4 1/2 years, child of Jungi Undated List circa 1949 entitled 'Members of the Balamoomoo tribe residing at the Groote Eylandt Native Settlement Jungie Japarie, wife Tundoii, child aged 12 years Ularrku, child born 29. 6.1944 Mulkun, child born 25.??.1942 Wuaarrku, child born 28. 8.1948 Metili, child born 18. 1.1949 (Comment - father of this girl deceased. ?Father of Metili.) Wokuti Nyalung, wife Bumjimda, wife Karrmaji, child born 30. 1.1947 Junwier, child born 20. 7.1944 Jumboa, child born 1. 2.1942 Bokarra, child born 4. 6.1948 Teriteri, single man Timer, single man, son of Diliara and Nomi. Nomi was killed by Natchelma. Former Borroloola woman captured by Caledon Bay natives in Port Bradshaw when they attacked crew of one of Mr Lough's boats. This mans name is a corruption of Steamer. Wial, single, aged 12 years, son of Karukaru Muira, single, aged 12 years, son of Mundakul of Blue Mud Bay. Mother's name Wi:irrti? Kumuk, single Bundaka, single Letter dated 6. 2.1949 from the Groote Eylandt Native Settlement to the Director of Native Affairs. Dear Sir On friday last a number of Caledon Bay and Blue Mud Bay natives came into this Settlement and herewith enclosed you will find a list of all the men women and children. Apart from this list there are twenty others who have been in some weeks. I am not sure of the reasons of the migration but I heard early last year that some of these men had been driven from Yirrkala Mission by others of their tribe. I understand that Wongo is going back shortly to the mainland to fetch his wives that are left there but it is too soon for me to come to any real reason of why they have come and if all they say is correct. My first impression is that they are tired of the bush and want somewhere to settle; that they have broken tribal laws and have to keep away from the remainder of the tribe, and I should not be surprised if it is not due to the numerous wives one or two of the men are collecting. For instance I notice that some of the men have taken very young girls of six or seven years of age. Though this practice was prevalent on Groote Eylandt years ago I never came across a case among the Caledon tribes. Girls always stayed with their parents until puberty. There is I believe going to be a big problem before very long for I cannot see how a man like Mouanbi can hold eight young wives when he has a large number of single brothers. It is also unfortunate for the Settlement that they should come in at a time when our own marriage problems have been fairly well settled. Yours faithfully F H Gray 1. 3.1949 Unfortunately there have been three deaths among the party, a child 4 months old, a girl of 15 years who gave birth to twins which also died. I should have said 4 deaths. Names of the child and girl are on your list and are as follows Miakarangi, 4 months, son of Mama and Urrmaii Kurrundul, 15 years, wife of Mouanbi The native Mundakul has been very sick all the time he has been at the Settlement but is much better now. I think that the man's illness was the cause of the migration to the Settlement. 31. 3.1949 One man, Nandjirrpia, was taken to Darwin Hospital and treated for a stomach abscess. 3. 4.1949 On saturday it was brought to my notice that native Barankwa who was camped near the Flying Boat base had taken a girl child about six or seven years old to his camp away from the control of her father Mandawarra. I went and saw Barankwa and brought the child over to the Settlement and placed her with a sister who is in the Dormitary. Barankwa stated that the father of the girl had given her to him, the father stated that Barankwa had forcibly taken the child from him. The circumstances are such that either story could be correct so I thought not to give the child into the control of the father; neither Mandawarra or Barankwa objected to my taking the child away. I am not sure if this child had been an inmate of the C.M.S. mission at any time so I have written to Mr Harris to advise him of what I have done and if he considers the girl to be a Mission child to come and fetch her or, if I am sending the boat that way I can send her down. I understand from Mr Harris that he had some trouble with Barankwa and an older sister of this girl some little while ago. Barankwa is married and has three children by his wife; I have had no other trouble from him and he is a good working man. At the time of this affair he was herding goats near the Flying Boat Base, Mandawarra who does not work at the Settlement came over from Woodah Island with four other natives his wife and two children. Personally I blame this man for bringing the child over for he knows the Air Base is a prohibited area he also knows Barankwa is in line for his children. Mandawarra and the other natives have now crossed over to the other side of Port Langdon. 4. 7.1949 Warrant has been issued for the arrest of Meetpoonoong as the result of an enquiry into the death of his wife Mimboolooloo in the vicinity of Bruru Waterhole near the headquarters of the Rose River. Enquiry held at Roper River Mission. 30. 6.1949 Native Nandjirrpia returned from Darwin Hospital, but was taken back again. It is now suspected he may be a leper. Native Nangurama was taken to Darwin by the Patrol boat 'Kuru' and handed over to the Director of Native Affairs. Undated One of Gray's natives, Nangurama, was committed to Darwin this year and was brought in by P.V. 'Kuru'. He thinks Nangurama is to stay away from Groote Eylandt for twelve months but he suggests that the committal should be for three years as a warning to other natives not to break tribal laws. Aborigines have in the past been sent to Darwin from Groote Eylandt as a punishment but their removal has been more in the nature of a holiday.I refer in particular to those Groote Islanders who were employed by Qantas at Berrimah in 1946 and who later returned to their country with over three tons of supplied and presents. Nandjirrpia is another of Gray's natives who this year came to Darwin as a leper suspect. Information about him is desired. Also mentions Jerry Blitner. Jessie Blitner desires to obtain the addresses of her brother Wilfred and sisters Cecily and Ida Huddleston. Edward Herbert, part Aboriginal, is in charge of the boys Dormitary and also controls working parties. 29. 9.1949 Mentions Jerry Blitner halfcaste. Patrol to catch Mick Noanoa. On 8.10.1949 Mick, with his four wives and sixteen children were caught about 18 miles south of the Groote Eylandt Church Missionary Society Settlement. Also mentions native assistant Albert Oolah-boog-goo. Mick's family were left at the Mission and Mick was taken to Darwin. Mr Short, Acting Superintendent of the Groote Eylandt Mission, informed me that young halfcaste girl Hazel is ready to go to a halfcaste institution. 25.11.1949 Jessie Blitner of Umbakumba requested whereabouts of her siblings. Wilfred Huddlestone, St Francis House, Park Avenue, Semaphore, S.A. Cecily Huddlestone, St Mary's Hostel, Alice Springs, N.T. Ida Huddlestone, Normanhurst Private Hospital, 1 Chandos St, Ashfield, Sydney, N.S.W.. Training to be a Nurse. 8. 2.1950 Aborigines ex Groote Eylandt employed by Qantas Airways 24. 7.1946 to 19.11.1946 European names Banjo Bill Borneo Coolah Dabo Old George Young George Hindu Hommeak Jim Johnny Old Johnny Ken Mack Mundoker Nakercomer Pearie Ray Snowy Tom Aboriginal Names Bickerton Side Joorunga Noorungwingee Homer Tahbo Hindoo Morey Ginua Malawonga Marajua Nargunga Manguar Yetibah Side Goolah Namiungwa Banjo Culpiah Wania Mungagema Mangargee Nagaguma Nagajima The European names were those known to Qantas. The Aboriginal names were those recorded by the Roper River Police. There is no way to reconcile the two lists even though the lists are the same people. 23. 2.1950 Nanjirrpia died Darwin Hospital 23rd February 1950. Baby Tumamalkabala still sich. 27. 2.1950 Alleged murder at Umbakumba The Groote Eylandt native Bunaia fatally wounded a former Caledon Bay aboriginal Djow-Djow. Others mentioned were Nangwollia Minni Minni Bukunda 8. 2.1950 Aborigines ex Groote Eylandt employed by Qantas Airways 24. 7.1946 to 19.11.1946 This list gives Aboriginal and European Names European Name Aboriginal Name Banjo Banjo Bill Namiungwa Borneo Nagaguma Coolah Goola Dabo Tahbo Old George Marajua Young George Joorunga Hindu Hindoo Hommeak Homer Jim Nagajima Johnny Noorungwingee Old Johnny Nargunga Ken Ginua Mack Mangagena Mundoker Mangargee Nakercomer Wania Pearie Culpiah Ray Morey Snowy Manguar Tom Malawonga 9. 3.1950 Mentions Durraia 20. 5.1948 Gray's Native Settlement at Umbacumba Report Mentions Mr Gerald Blitner and Mrs Jessie Blitner halfcastes Edward Herbert halfcaste Nangurama committed to Darwin Nandjirrpia sent to Darwin as leper suspect 20. 4.1950 The following are being returned from Darwin Nunga Walya Mung Weeda Ber Kwanya Nandja Reega Kumbi Hiala Ta Tarra Deema 19. 4.1950 Gerald Blitner Gray wants Gerald Blitner and his wife Jessie to leave the Settlement after they criticised him. Jessie is pregnant. Also mentions Jock Cassidy Fred McCaw Bob Renner Jack Hogan 31. 3.1950 One mainland native, Djow-djow was speared by Groote Eylandt native, Bunaia, and died from the wound. 21. 4.1950 Catalina loading for Umbacumba. Witnesses returned to Umbacumba Nunga Walya Nunga Walya Mung Weeda Ber Kroanya Nandja Reeda Kunbi Hiala Ta-Tarra Deema The following were left at Berrimah Bunaia, defendant Minni Minni, witness Nangnara, witness Nadjunga Murra (Mick) and Nah-Ur-Amah have been committed to Darwin for different periods from Umbacumba. They are living at Berrimah. The following hospital patients have been returned to Umbacumba Nardjunga, male Tapada, lubra Tamierra, Tapada's daughter Corilla, female child Tiapingerilla, female child Tumanialkabala, female child 4. 5.1950 Aborigine Tumuntukapa and her two children are at Bagot Road Hospital with Mini-mini. Aborigine Bunaia will be leaving Darwin with Patrol Officer Ryan. 9. 5.1950 Has Narrdjunga been diagnosed yet. 10. 5.1950 Narrdjunga will be operated on for appendicitis.