N.T. Command - Exercise/Report Welfare Aboriginal Children

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office Series NTAC1976.23 Item 6 N.T. Command - Exercise / Report Welfare Aboriginal Children Copyright P J Mackett 2015 23. 6.1954 Report from G Sweeney, District Superintendent to Acring Director of Native Affairs Report on employment of coloured people in Darwin and Alice Springs The following names are mentioned in this report W. Singh, carpenter V. Williams, carpenter A. Graham, mechanic F.J. Bonson, tradesman R. Cooper, tradesman T. Dantoine, tradesman D.R. Bonson, carpenter K.J. Bonson, plumber H. Muir, plumber W. Lew Fatt, carpenter G. Cummings, ganger 23 Mile A few coloured people who have grown up in the districts where they were born have attained to positions of responsibility. This has been due in part to their European fathers taking some responsibility for their education or local training and giving them a start in life with property. e.g. The Bathern families of Beetaloo and O.T. Stations who are Station Owners The Parry brothers of Daly River who own and work their own farms Dick Smith, drover, Kimberley District Percy Lake, Contractor, Alice Springs George Cummings, Fettling Ganger, 23 Mile Camp Ruth Snape left school in her second year High School but ill-health prevented her keeping her job with the Administration. . .1954 Aborigines Inland Mission Retta Dixon Home Darwin Brief record of children who have passed through the Home. Robert Snape Left Home June 1947 ... Working in Municipal Section, Darwin, living with his aunt Mrs May, Police Paddock. Ruth Snape Left Home December 1953 ... Working at Administration Office and living at Mrs Damasso's home. Ruby Matthews Working at Darwin Hospital, Sister's Quarters, living at Hospital quarters. Nell Waddell Encephalitis patients, taken to Parkside Mental Hospital 29. 3.1953. (Her condition does not improve.) Lorna Lee Left for A.I.M. Training College in August 1951, Lorna will be graduating on 22. 5.1954, and will be returning to the Home for a holiday after her graduation. Peter Pang-Quee Employed by Mr Harold Knowles, Buffalo hunter, Peter returns to the Home for part of the dry season. Employer very satisfied, also employs Cecil Sharper. Colin Holbet Left Home 30. 4.1952 for employment on Douglas Station. Returned to the Home for holidays in 1953 and returned to work. Cecil Sharper Left Home 30. 4.1952 for employment on Douglas Station, returned to Darwin. He is now employed by Mr H. Knowles, Stuart Station. Norman Anderson Left school and commenced work at the Parap Motors on 21. 9.1953. Resides at Retta Dixon Home. Employer very satisfied with Norman. Claude Holtze Left school and returned to his parents Mr and Mrs G Holtze, Larrimah in April 1952. George Holtze Left school and returned to his parents Mr and Mrs G Holtze, Larrimah in December 1952. Tom Crosbie Left school December 1953, worked at Millar and Sandovers for short period, is now waiting on an opening in Station work. Anne Lane Left school December 1953. Has applied for training at the AIM Training Institute, Singleton NSW. Meantime taking any work in town and helping in the Home. Ruby (Ruth) Cahill Trained at the AIM College, Singleton, returned to Darwin, returned Souh October 1949 with a view to entering training as Nurse. During examination Hansen's Disease was discovered, she is a patient at Prince Henry Hospital. Ruth is visited reguarly by members of the Mission, to date, she has not responded to treatment, there is no promise of an early discharge. Pearl Green Mrs Harold Graham, Winnellie, livimg a settled home life with husband and two children. Marjorie Harris Now Mrs Jack White, Winnellie, have a creditable kept home, one child. Jane Crosbie Married 14. 7.1950, to Charles Rotumah, living at Bagot Road, a settled home life, two children. Note: We are in touch with all the above who have passed through the Home, those who are away in the country come to the Home when they return to Darwin for brief holidays, etc.