Bungalow School Operational Matters

National Archives of Australia Darwin Office Series E748 Item ED2/1 Bungalow School Operational Matters Copyright P J Mackett 2005 List undated but circa 1956 (1) Family Groups residing at the Bungalow whose children have regularly attended school Name Age Attendance Father Mother at Bungalow Agnes Mussel 13y 5y Deceased Cardi Susan Waidjel 11y 5y Long Willie Nellie Lindy Loy Waidjel 6y 2y Long Willie Nellie May Waidjel 4y 1y Long Willie Nellie (Father employed at Alice Springs Primary School.) Valerie Ross 8y 4y Barney Aileen (Father employed as drover.) Bonny Ross 7y 2y Toby Topsy (Father employed at Bungalow. Mother employed at St Mary's Hostel.) Cassie Mary Lynch 7y 2.5y Amos Isobel Theresa Lynch 4y 1y Amos Isobel (Father employed as Cement brick layer.) Amy Dixon 4y 1y Barney Dixon Lornie (Father employed as drover. Mother employed by Mrs Jhelson.) Michael Shadfoot 11y 5y Albert Shadfoot Ivy (Child's grandmother is Liza. Mother at Borroloola.) Johnny Stewart 11y 4y David Stewart 9y 4y (Grandmother is Nancy, employed at J W Moore's Bakery.) Ambrose Anderson 13y 4y Bob Rubinyira Deceased (Father described as aged.) Topsy O'Keefe 12y 5y Dinny O'Keefe Mary O'Keefe Charlie O'Keefe 8y 3y Dinny O'Keefe Mary O'Keefe (Father employed as truck driver Bungalow. Mother employed as seamstress Bungalow.) Irene Arrinyinga 8y 3y Jockey Jim Deceased Tasman Arrinyinga 6y 1y Jockey Jim Deceased Janet Arrinyinga 4y 1y Jockey Jim Deceased (Father described as aged. Children's grandmother is Old Katie.) Margaret Nelson 10y 5y Johnny Nelson Elsie Colin Nelson 8y 3y Johnny Nelson Elsie (Father is at Ti Tree with new wife. Mother is a housegirl at Bungalow.) Janice Trench 8y 4y Lame Bob Ruby Trench (Father is very lame. Mother employed at Mrs Lovegrove.) Joseph Long 12y 4.5y (Guardian is Cardi.) Irene Pope 8y 2y Mickey Pope Fanny Barry Pope 5y 1y Mickey Pope Fanny (Father employed as drover and labourer.) Johnny Leo 9y 3y Leo Mary Roy Leo (T.B.) 8y 3y Leo Mary Peter Leo 4y 1y Leo Mary (Father does odd jobs at Bungalow or in town.) Wendy Gilligan 13y 3m Gilligan? Limbi Nora Gilligan 10y 3m Gilligan? Limbi Cora Gilligan 7y 3m Gilligan? Limbi (Father is in gaol for 18 months.) Tony Buzzacott 11y 3y Tommy Buzzacott Emily Kenny Buzzacott 8y 3y Tommy Buzzacott Emily (Father employed as Municipal employee. Mother at Maree.) Jillie Edwards 8y 2y Teddy Lina Alice Edwards 4y 1y Teddy Lina (Father does odd jobs around the Bungalow.) David 10y 6m Peter Frieda Naki 7y 6m Peter Frieda (Father does odd jobs. Mother in Hospital.) Mary Lane 8y 1y Claude Era (Father employed as labourer.) Aileen 5y 1y Captain Mary (Father employed by Jack Peane woodcutter.) Doreen Irabrai 6y 1.5y Freddy Edi (Father is labourer.) (1) Children of whom the parents reside and work in or around the town Name Age Attendance Father Mother at Bungalow Dawn Braeden 10y 4y Toby Braeden Tilly Braeden Valerie Braeden 6y 2y Toby Braeden Tilly Braeden (Father employed J Butler, Sanitary Camp.) Mona Dunne 13y 4y Tiger Dunne Lizzie Alice Dunne 8y 3y Tiger Dunne Lizzie (Father employed J Butler, Sanitary Camp.) Nellie Roverts 10y 2y Bobby Dolly (Father employed J Butler, Sanitary Camp.) Doris Thomas 8y 3y Tommy Winnie (Father employed J Butler, Sanitary Camp.) Henry Pompey 12y 1.5y Pompey Emily Paddy Pompey 6.5y 1.5y Pompey Emily Alan Pompey 4.5y 1y Pompey Emily (Father employed as builder's labourer on Flynn Church. Resides back of Mission Block.) Kenny Mulda 13y 2y Dick Mulda Jean Julie Mulda 9y 2y Dick Mulda Jean (Father employed by Gus Brandt. Resides there.) Joan Peters 7y 1y Peter Lily (Father employed by Gus Brandt. Resides G.B.s farm.) Marie Stevens 11y 4y Francis Stevens Hazel Tommy Stevens 6y 6m Francis Stevens Hazel (Father is Police Tracker. Resides Police Station.) Sidu Johnson 10y 2y Toby Johnson Jean (Father employed by Murray Trucks. Resides at Undoolya.) Charlie Miller 11y 3y Jack Miller Bonny Miller (Father is Municipal employee. Resides at Mission.) Terence Rice 13y 5.5y Willie Rice Hilda Rice Michael Rice 10y 5y Willie Rice Hilda Rice Roy Rice 7y 2y Willie Rice Hilda Rice John Rice 4y 1y Willie Rice Hilda Rice (Father employed at Martin's garage. Mother meployed at D D Smith's? Reside at D D Smith's.) Kim 6y 1y Stanley Emily (Father is Police Tracker. Reside at Police Station.) Priscilla Lane 12y 1y Johnny Lane Emily Marie Lane 6y 1y Johnny Lane Emily Paula Lane 4y 1y Johnny Lane Emily (Father employed as Cement Brick Maker. Reside at Undoolya Camp.) (3) Children whose parents or parent work on outlying Stations where there are no schools Name Age Attendance Father Mother at Bungalow Name Age Attendance Father Mother Millie Cullen 15y 3y Maori Jack Rosee Michael Cullen 11y 2y Maori Jack Rosee Shelia Cullen 9y 2.5y Maori Jack Rosee (Father employed at Bond Springs Station. Mother employed at Bungalow.) Gabriel Lynch 15y 5.5y George Lynch Elsie Lynch (Larkin) Damien Lynch 13y 5.5y George Lynch Elsie Lynch (Larkin) Mildrea Lynch 7y 2y George Lynch Elsie Lynch (Larkin) Gracine Lynch 6y 1.5y George Lynch Elsie Lynch (Larkin) (Father employed at Yambah Station. Mother employed at Bungalow.) Jonny Shilling 13y 4y Pompey Mary Phyllis Shilling 8y 4y Pompey Mary Jame (Jane or James) 5y 1y Pompey Mary (Father employed at Double Crossing. Mother employed at Coppick's Timber Mill.) Marjorie Mulla 12y 3y Mulla Daisy Paula Mulla 4y 1m Mulla Daisy (Father employed at New Crown Station. Mother employed at Bungalow.) Biddy Douglas 8y 4y Dick Ruby (Father employed at Aningie Station. Grandmother is Gardi.) Julie Johnson 9y 2y Johnson Magdalene (Father employed at Todd River Station. Mother employed at Undoolya camp.) Berry Johnson 8y 2y Bill Louisa (Father employed at Undoolya Station. Mother employed at Undoolya Camp.) Benny Lynch 10y 3y Jimmy Lynch Deceased (Father employed at Bond Springs Station.) Stanislaus Palmer 7y 2y Louis Palmer Doreen Eda Palmer 3.5y 1m Louis Palmer Doreen (Father employed at Yambah Station.) Winnie Ross 10y 4y Louis Lady (Father employed at Johannson's Mine Jervois Range. Letter dated 13. 2.1956 About employment of John Shilling aged 14 years, an ex Bungalow boy. Letter dated 13. 2.1956 About the 4 children of Walter Ebatarinja transferring from Alice Springs Public School to the Bungalow School. They are from Hermannsburg. Letter dated 1956 The following school children have not returned to the Bungalow, 1956 Name Possible Whereabouts Biddy Douglas Anningie Station Berry Johnson Santa Teresa, Undoolya Mary Lane Undoolya Station Irene Pope Barrow Creek or Ti Tree Barry pope Barrow Creek or Ti Tree Paul Mulla Newcastle Waters, Elliott Kenny Djugada Yambah Station Gladys Yambah Station Aileen Palmer Valley Station, Barrow Creek Una Horseshoe Bend Letter dated 20. 3.1956 About half-caste boy Billy Wilson. Started at Bungalow School 15. 3.1956. He was brought from Clifton Hill Station to Alice Springs by his mother to attend the Bungalow School. She has since returned to Maree and Billy is living with Mick Pony near the Mission Block. Billy, who is 11 years old, attended the Alice Springs Primary School for about 18 months but left there in June 1953 and has not attended any school since that time. His mother's name is Alice and his father's name is Fred Wilson. Billy has a 9 year old sister, Lorna, who should also be attending school but who has returned with their mother to Maree. Letter dated 1. 8.1956 About weaving instruction. Mentions Mary O'Keefe and Agnes Mussel. Letter dated 10. 7.1956 Return of Part Coloured children attending Bungalow School. Name Age Father Mother at Bungalow Billy Wilson 12y Fred Wilson Alice Wilson (Child appears agreeable to transfer. Is there a vacancy in Special School class at State School.) Lorna Wilson 10y Fred Wilson Alice Wilson (Receiving medical attention (not serious). Requires physical examination by Doctor.) Ena Miller 8y-9y Jack Miller H/C Lucy Miller (Jack Miller is half Arunda. Lucy Miller is half Ahiridja. Truant from State School.) Glenda Miller 7y-8y Jack Miller H/C Lucy Miller (Jack Miller is half Arunda. Lucy Miller is half Ahiridja. Truant from State School. Sister at Bungalow. Strongly advise stay at Bungalow. Urgent medical treatment.) Douglas Singleton 4y Ruby (Not school age. Attending pre-School.) Charlie Miller 13y Jack Miller H/C Lucy Miller (Jack Miller is half Arunda. Lucy Miller is half Ahiridja. Sent to Bungalow because of truancy from State School. Mentally retarded. Educational misfit in any school.) Letter dated 22. 6.1957 Names of children included in the May Return, but did not attend school. Name School Reason Phyllis Shilling None Father does not receive Settlement rations Janie Shilling None Father does not receive Settlement rations Nellie Roberts None David Peters None Joan Peters None Ralph Abbott State School? Douglas Abbott State School? Arthur Abbott Bungalow Christopher Miller Jay Creek Tommy Somerville Hospital? Doreen Somerville Hospital? Jonathan Abbott State School? Letter dated 4. 7.1957 Herewith explanation, in full detail, of all absences of children from the Bungalow School during the months of April and May. (1) Attendance - Bungalow Schoolchildren Mixed Blood (Letter) Month of June : Attendance Billy Wilson absent 6 days. Charlie Miller absent 7 days. Reference the above absences. As the mixed-blood child is a problem, both emotionally and educationally in any society, I feel that in the child's interests he/she should attend a white school from early school age. I also consider it unwise to allow a mixed-blood child to become aware that he/she has a choice of schools, which in the long run appears to aggravate the situation. Would you please give me your opinion on this matter, and a ruling on what action should be taken with any future admissions of mixed-blood children to the Bungalow School. F Kitson Head Teacher Bungalow School. (2) Attendance - Bungalow Schoolchildren Mixed Blood Name Days Reason Barry Pope 2 Different days Paul Mulla 4 Holiday Danny Physic 3 Odd Days Daphne Corrigan 3 Odd days May Waidgel 2 Illness David Harris 7 Reason unknown (Miss Perry) Margaret Wilder 4 Odd Days Doris Thomas 5 Returned week late from holidays Sheila Lane 5 Returned week late from holidays Irene Pope 2 Odd Days Ena Miller 7 Odd Days Glenda Miller 8 Illness Frankie 26 Gone to Jay Creek John Leo 2 Odd Days Henry Pompey 4 Odd Days Priscilla Lane 4 Odd Days Julie Mulda 2 Odd Days Janice Trench 2 Odd Days Nellie Roberts 3 Has since left Billy Wilson 6 See separate letter on mixed blood problem The following children were also absent 1 or 2 days on which the river was in flood. John Rice 1 Tasman Arrinyinga 1 Thomas Stephens 1 Joan 1 Graciene Lynch 1 Teresa Golder 1 Margaret Golder 1 Jennifer Dunne 1 Tony 1 Naki 1 Clem 1 Freddie Muldas 1 Irene Arrinyinga 1 Michael Cullen 1 Charlie Miller 1 John Stewart 1 David Physic 1 (3) Bungalow School - April and May Return Name Date Notes Phyllis Shilling 27. 3.1957 Living at Brandt's Farm Janie Shilling 27. 3.1957 Living at Brandt's Farm Ralph Abbott 24. 4.1957 Attending white school Alice Springs Douglas Abbott 24. 4.1957 Attending white school Alice Springs Jonathan Abbott 24. 4.1957 Left Bungalow School 24. 4.1957 and too young to enter white school Arthur Abbott 24. 5.1957 Returned to Bungalow School W.E.F. 24. 6.1957 David Peters 28. 5.1957 Living now at Napperby Christopher Miller 4. 5.1957 Now at Jay Creek Tommy Somerville 8. 4.1957 Horseshoe Bend. Not attending school. Doreen Somerville 8. 4.1957 Horseshoe Bend. Not attending school. Nellie Roberts 28. 5.1957 Believed to be at Oodnadatta Joan Peters 28. 5.1957 Living at the Farm, Alice Springs List dated 28. 2.1958 Bungalow School - list of children who have not returned to this school Name Reason May Waidjel Gone to Warrabri Philip Waidjel Susan Waidjel Lindy Waidjel Elizabeth Leo Family at Kahilywell Station Peter Leo John Leo Roy Leo Cassie May Golder Family sent to Warrabri, father drinking Margaret Golder Teresa Golder Laura Christopher Miller Attending white school, part-coloured Ena Miller Parents consent for transfer Glenda Miller Freddie Muldas Michael Shadfoot (?F/B) Thomas Stevens Green Bros, Loves Creek Tony Palmer Valley Station Clem Corrigan Daphne Corrigan Doris Thomas Maryvale Alice Dunne Finke Jennifer Dunne Julie Johnson Santa Teresa Mission with Auntie Margaret Nelson Warrabri Michael Norman Family transferred to Hermannsburg Terence Rice Left school and working as stockboys Damien Lynch at Yambah Station Ambrose Anderson Henry Pompey Left school and working for Jimmy Campfoo saddle-maker Violet Norman Left school and gone to Hermannsburg with family Dawn Braeden Run away with young man without parent's permission to Sanitary Gap. Now returned and working as pre-school assistant Letter dated 1.12.1959 from Roy Leo Roy Leo Bungalow School 1st December 1959 Dear Sir or Madam We would like you to come to our Christmas Party which is being held at this School on Wednesday 9th December 1959 at 11 o'clock. The School mouth organ band will be playing and the children will be singing songs. Yours faithfully Roy Leo 12 years old