South Australian Aborigines of the Diamantina and Cooper Creek Regions

Adelaide University Field Anthropology: Central Australia No. 13 - Anthropometric Observations on South Australian Aborigines of the Diamantina and Cooper Creek Regions (F.J. Fenner, Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of South Australia, Vol. LX, 1936) The party made its base camp at Pandi Pandi on the Diamantina River, and also worked at Mirra Mitta during August, 1934. Of the fifty or more surviving members of the tribes of the Central and Eastern Lake Eyre Basin, detailed anthropometric observations were carried out on forty-one full bloods. Owing to physical and other disabilities there were a few full-bloods to whom anthropometric methods could not be applied, while the measurements of several half-castes and three-quarter castes are omitted from this series. The natives in question are station blacks living in a semi-civilised condition and receiving rations from the Government; in addition to which some of the men work as stockmen and some of the women as domestics. Ages are estimates except for Arinjanpika and Akawiljika who have exact ages. No. Sex Age Native Name Euro. Name Tribe A J3 M 45y Arupalondika Jimmy Naylon Wonkanguru B J7 M 29y Arinjanpika Johnny Reese Wonkanguru C J10 M 50y Warukili Mungarannie Jack Jandruwanta D J12 M 25y Djitjibui George Andekeringa E J19 M 22y Pokkawinna Arthur Wonkanguru +F J23 M 50y Injili Witturu Pandi Mick Wonkanguru G J24 M 37y Juruli Walter Naylon Wonkanguru H J25 M 50y Injili Parubata Jimmy Wonkanguru I J26 M 47y Djeigina Arunta Mick Andekeringa J J31 M 30y Mendjina Jimmy Finn Andekeringa K J32 M 45y Paputooka Finke Bob Aranda +L J38 M 50y Pidia Leslie Pondi Kujani M J44 M 50y --- Johannes Arabana N J47 M 23y Wangpulu Les Russell Dieri O J48 M 45y Tankaijuna Tommy Lumpkins Wonkanguru P J1 M 75y Njira Taffy Mittaka +Q J2 M 60y Tintibanna Sam Dieri R J8 M 65y Tenpili Nipper Ngameni S J13 M 70y Ngaltjagintata Old Billy Aranda T J46 M 75y Palpilinna Ned Wadikali AA J4 F 45y Karatjarni Lizzie Wonkanguru BB J5 F 19y Keidanankara Clara Wonkanguru CC J9 F 50y Kakuluru Sarah Wonkanguru DD J14 F 40y Ngalijuru Topsy Wonkanguru EE J16 F 48y Akawiljika Maudie Wonkanguru FF J20 F 33y Ekewiljika Topsy Wonkanguru GG J21 F 35y Kappina Topsy Wonkanguru +HH J34 F 19y --- Dorisi Wonkanguru II J35 F 33y --- Esther Wonkanguru JJ J41 F 33y --- Florrie Dieri KK J15 F 72y Minimini Lucy Wonkanguru LL J27 F 60y Tarangoju Nancy Wonkanguru MM J29 F 60y --- Maggie Wonkanguru +NN J40 F 55y Mingipani Aida Wonkanguru OO J42 F 18y --- Alice Wonkanguru PP J45 F 18y --- Olga Arabana a J33 M 17y Kanpili Tommy Naylon Wonkanguru +b J18 F 15y Tjilkeila Nellie Wonkanguru c J22 F 15y --- Thea Aranda d J11 F 7y --- Linda Wonkanguru + Deceased since examination. Numerous physical measurements were taken. Since August 1934 thirteen natives of that area died. These are Pandi Mick Leslie Pondi Sam Dorisi Aida Nellie Sandy, who was measured at Macumba (see Campbell and Hackett) Oscar, not measured Daughter of Aida Daughter of Clara Baby of Dorisi Baby of Esther An old gin