Central Australia Physiological and Psychological Observations - H K Fry

Adelaide University Field Anthropology: Central Australia No. 7 - Physiological and Psychological Observations (H.K. Fry, Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of South Australia, Vol. LIV, 1930) This work was carried out at the Hermannsberg Mission Station in August, 1929. All adult natives tested were full blood. The following Table lists aborigines from Discrimination of Numbers tests. No. Sex Age Name 1 M c50y Aldinga 2 M c40y Parkbaga 3 M c55y Mangaraka 5 M c55y Rodney 7 M c40y Engerilyeka, in gaol as a young man 8 M c45y Minuka 9 M c45y Mulkunda 10 M c45y Naitata 11 M c65y Maleki 12 M c45y Murunda 13 M c35y Tapanya 16 M c60y Wabiti 19 M c21y Tondalbinga 20 M c55y Tjilba 21 M c20y Korongili 22 M c24y Ally 23 M c30y Kurumalyi 25 M c25y Tundabinya 35 M c40y Ezekiel 37 M c18y Kangei 39 M c50y Namitjera 42 M c25y George 43 M c20y Gustav 45 M c24y Dr. George 49 M c25y Albert 50 M c30y Erukinja 52 M c45y Tom 53 M 22y Lucas 54 M c25y Uki 56 M c20y Powell 66 F c25y Yaberkulla 69 F c44y Minekata 101 M c11y Percy 102 M c13y Nikia 103 F 18y Veronica 104 F 14y Eugenie 3/4C 105 M 15y Henoch The following were listed in the Visual Acuity tests for children and adolescentsBoys Arthur 3/4C Percy Eugen Harold Otto Konrad Nikia Rudolph Edwin Henry Walter 3/4C Obed 3/4C Girls Eva Claudia Edda Irene Veronica The following were listed in Visual Acuity tests for primary colours. Adolf 3/4C Obed 3/4C Eugen F/B The following were listed in Tactile Sensation tests. Adult Males Parkbaga Korongili Paddy Manguraka Manasseh Uki Boys Harold Henry Enos Rudolf Percy Obed 3/4C Adolf 3/4C Girls Veronica Claudia Edda The following were listed in Pain Sensation tests. Adult Men Boys Girls Manasseh Henoch Eva Paddy Enos Elfrida Dr. George Otto Veronica Engerilyeka Reuben Elsie Uki Adolf (3/4) Claudia Korongili Rudolf The following were listed in Reaction Time tests. Name Sex Age Koringili M 20y Manasseh M 20y Engerilyeka M 40y Paddy M 50y Eugen M 13y The following were listed in Porteus Maze tests No. Name Sex Age 43 Gustav M 20y 35 Ezekiel M 40y 37 Kangei M 18y 19 Tondalbin M 21y 54 Uki M 25y 49 Albert M 25y 101 Percy M 11y 66 Yaberkulla F 25y 103 Veronica F 18y 56 Powell M 20y 42 George M 25y 53 Lucas M 22y 104 Eugenie (3/4) F 14y 45 Dr. George M 24y Konrad M 12y 102 Nikia M 13y 25 Tundabinya M 25y 23 Kurumalyi M 30y 22 Ally M 24y 50 Erukinya M 30y 7 Engerilyeka M 40y Elfrida F 19y 27 Natjulpuka M 60y 39 Namitjera M 50y