Notes on the Arranda Tribe - R H Mathews

Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales Volume XLI, 1907, pages 146 - 163 Notes on the Arranda Tribe R H Mathews Arranda tribe located upon the Upper and Middle Finke River, partly in the Northern Territory and partly in South Australia. Table showing examples of marriages of individuals Individual answering questions Section of No Proper Name Section Section of Individuals father Individuals children Pananka 1 Paiarola Paltara ) Knuraia Purula 1A Ndatjika Mbitjana ) Knuraia 2 Jonathan Paltara ) Knuraia Ngala 2A Emily Mbitjana ) Knuraia 3 Thomas Paltara ) Knuraia Purula 3A Katarina Mbitjana ) Bangata 4 Jakobus Panaka ) Bangata Mbitjana 4A Lydia Ngala ) Pananka 5 Makana Bangata ) Pananka Purula 5A Nakara Kamara ) Kamara 6 Toby Purula ) Kamara Paltara 6A Mathilde Mnuraia ) Kamara 7 Johannes Purula ) Kamara Paltara 7A Maria Knuraia ) Ngala 8 Abel Mbitjana ) No child White man 8A Ruby Kamara )