Patrol Report W MacDougall 18.11.1964

Narional Archives of Australia Canberra Office A6456 R088/019 Native Welfare Reports & Correspondence Talgarno Area Patrol Report W MacDougall 18.11.1964 Woomera, SA 18th November, 1964 Superintendent Woomera, SA The following is a list of the Aborigines contacted during my patrol of 2nd September to 5th November, 1964. (Other than those living in Settlements, Missions, etc.) 5th September, 1964 Two men, a woman and a child camped at Giles. They wanted to visit relatives at the Warburton Range Mission :- Yuara Male Muluin Female - wife of above Nuggunia Female - child of above Narumpa Male - single man They were transported to Warburton Ranges Mission on 7th September. 10th September, 1964 Met a total of twelve people at Jupiter Well :- 1. Tjagunja Male - aged 2. Wulkumunja Female - wife of above perhaps 45 years 3. Wulkumunja Female - aged wife of above 4. Tjulkinja - child of above 5. Tjininunja Male - perhaps 40 years 6. Mumuirlija Female - wife of above 7. Narinunja Male - child of above 8. Tartuka Female - child of above 9. Mayananyna Male - single 10. Tjirurillinja Male - 12 to 14 years, attached 11. Nunumunja or Inulunga Female 12. Yungganurja Female - child of above 1,3 and 4 were in the group seen by Mr Harman at Jupiter Well in November 1963. 11 and 12 are the wife and daughter of a man seen at Jupiter Well April 1964 and subsequently taken to Papunya by Mr Long. I assured them that I believed their missing friends and relatives were at Papunya and in good health. Condition of my vehicle suggested that I should proceed to Papunya and I agreed to take Munumunja and her child to rejoin her husband, and could not think of a good reason why I should not take the others. Arrived Papunya 13th September. With the exception of the old man, who stated that he did not intend returning to Jupiter Well, all asked could they return after the hot weather for a holiday. Several others at Papunya also asked for transport back also for a holiday. 25th September, 1964 A total of twenty collected on Lake Percival - nine women and eleven children. I subsequently assisted Mr T Long to transport them together with eight others from the Canning Stock Route to Jiggalong. One of the Lake Percival women had leprosy. She and her child were taken to Derby. 30th October, 1964 Two men, looking for the previous party, were camped at Giles. Tjimikunja Male - perhaps 25 married Taparnitinja Male - perhaps 20 single I sent them back to their group who were reported to be somewhere north of Tika Tika and I promised to try and make contact again after the hot weather - in about April. W B MacDougall Native Patrol Officer Appendix A Appendix A is an attempt to identify from my notes the Jupiter Well twelve with the Census notes, page 3, supplied by Mr G Long. Group from Jupiter Well, September, 1964 Census Notes taken by G Long, NT (Page C) Census Notes taken by W B MacDougall IV Yaliyi, hyawi, payi, Njita M 1898 1. Tjagunja M Aged seen by Mr Harman at Jupiter Well 11/63 Manyi (nja) F 1922 2. Wulkumunja F perhaps 45 Nari M 1949 10. Tjirurilinja M 12 to 14 years Tjangkayi F 1959 4. Tjulkinja F 5 years seenby Mr Harman at Jupiter Well 11/63 V Tirundju M 1932 5. Tjininunja M perhaps 40 Mana (nya) F 1930 6. Mumuirlija F perhaps 45 Tjiltjiri (nga) M 1952 7. Marinunja M child of above Nanguri F 1956 8. Tartuka F child of above Nangantji F 1915 3. Wulkumunja F Aged. Seen by Mr Harman 11/63 and recorded as wife of No 1 at Jupiter Well. Nanyuma F 1944 11. Munumunja or Inulunga F 30 years. Was seen by Mr Harman at Jupiter Well April 1964. Nanupu F 1958 12. Yungganurja F child of above VI Kayara M 1944 9. Mayananyna M 25 years, single man