Assorted correspondence November 1964

Native Welfare Reports & Correspondence Talgarno Area Assorted correspondence 1964 Letter 1 - 4th November 1964 The Commissioner Department of Native Welfare Adelaide Terrace Perth, WA 4th November, 1964 Dear Sir Preliminary Advice of Movement of Aboriginal Woman During my return from the search of F2 impact area, I called on a small group of Aborigines at Yirilta Soak, 37 miles south of Windy Corner (11 m S. of Taltawara) and 2.4m west of the road. 2. I asked Nawali(na), female, aged about 25 years, if she would like medical treatment for her apparent injuries and she asked if she could accompany me and two guides to Warburton Mission. I took her to the Mission on medical grounds, and she was examined at the Mission hospital on 24 October, 1964 by the hospital sisters and a visiting medical officer. 3. Nawali was suffering from a head wound on the forehead and a serious infection reaching from her upper jaw to behind her right ear. She had also been beaten about the thighs in the same fight. The doctor pointed out an old depressed fracture of the skull and evidence of a probable broken arm from earlier days. She also had several old spear pricks on her shoulders. Medical opinion was that she will recover after penicillin injections and treatment in Warburton hospital. 4. Nawali is a widow with no dependent children and she did not have any very close relatives in the Yirilta group. She was advised that she would have the opportunity of accompanying the next WA patrol back to her area if she so desires. 5. Notes and recommendations about the group will be continued in my forthcoming report on the F2 patrol. JPM Long Notes 1957 - 1962 Yours faithfully R Macaulay Native Patrol Officer Letter 1 - 14th August 1964 Department of Native Welfare 250 Adelaide Terrace Box R 1268 GPO Perth Director Weapons Research Establishment Salisbury, SA Dear Sir Further to my letter of the 3rd August, 1964, it is believed that your Native Patrol Officers will require the services of suitable native guides during their forth- coming activities in connection with the proposed launching. For this reason the Superintendent of Native Welfare at Port Hedland has been asked to locate two suitable guides and he has furnished the following information :- 'Enquiries were made with the assistance of Mr R Tonkinson, Anthropologist, who recommends the persons concerned. (Both at Jigalong Mission.) Tommy Abbott F/B, age about 35 years - has worked on stations and has reasonable command of simple English - he was born in the vicinity of Well No 35 on the Canning Stock Route and speaks, at least, four native languages, including Mandjildjara and the language developed by natives who migrated north, ie Wanmadjari; also conversant with languages spoken in Wiluna and Warburton areas. Mr Tonkinson is satisfied that he knows the Lake Percival area. Midjumidju F/B, age about 35 years - was one of @ Njani party of primitive natives who came into Jigalong Mission from McKay Range area last year. Advice would be appreciated, please, as early as possible, as to arrangements made with the Weapons Research Establishment, Woomera, regarding future intended patrolling of the target area.' Yours faithfully Commissioner of Native Welfare