Patrol Report W MacDougall 25 June 1954

Narional Archives of Australia Canberra Office A6456 R136/004 Native Affairs, Reports by Patrol Officers Patrol Report W MacDougall 25 June 1954 25th June, 1954 Superintendent Range The patrol (undertaken largely on behalf of the State Aborigines Department) to Copley via Coober Pedy, Anna Creek and Maree was completed on 19 June 1954. 2. At Coober Pedy I found that the illegal supply of drink had diminished considerably. Several aborigines made out applications for Child Endowment, which I have forwarded to the Aborigines Department. The need for a school for coloured children is urgent. More claims for Child Endowment were made at Anna Creek. 3. I met Mr Bartlett, Chief Protector; Professor Cleland, Dept Chairman of Aborigines Protection Board and Sister McKenzie, Welfare Officer of Copley. A thorough investigation of possible ways and means of improving the standard of living of coloured people, particuarly those of several generations with a settled way of life, in that area was made. 4. A visit was made to Nepabunna Mission for that purpose. I cannot see any future for this Mission other than to care for the old and the sick and to educate the children. It is essential that a trained teacher be provided. Improved water supply and better dwellings would help. 5. The question of exemptions was discussed at length. In my limited experience I have not seen improvement in status, character or standard of living, brought about by coloured people being granted an exemption. I have seen several families wrecked by being exempted. 6. The few who live up to the required standard do not ask for exemptions as they consider they have nothing to gain. It appears to me that exemption from the licencing Act is the only exemption desired by a very large majority of applicants for exemptions. Those who live up to required standards are not interested in such an exemption. 7. I suggested that the problem be approached from a different angle and that except where they are living on an Institution or Reserve that restriction be not automatically imposed, but that those who abuse the privilege be restrained, thus removing the desire for something that is prohibited just because it is prohibited. It was considered that this would develop into just another way of issuing exemptions. 8. At Leigh Creek arrangements for hospitalisation were made and the possibility of one or two Trust Houses being made available to selected half-caste employees was discussed. 9. The position at Finniss Springs is impossible. The arrangement between the UAM and the owner of the Station, Mr Warren, is proving unsatisfactory with the advancing years of Mr Warren. Tentative plans to purchase the Station, make it a Reserve and set up a training centre there were discussed at length. It was decided to proceed along the above lines. 10. After Mr Bartlett and party left Finniss Springs, a half- caste girl ran a needle into her forearm. After consultation with the Doctor at Broken Hill, it was decided that I should take the patient to Maree and that she should go with Mr Bartlett to Leigh Creek hospital. 11. I then returned to Woomera via Billa Kalina. W B MacDougall Native Patrol Officer Cundeelee Mission Station Australian Aborigines Evangelical Mission Inc Mail Freight Goods Private Mail Bag via Zanthus, WA Kalgoolie, WA List of people here as of 30th June. And list of numbers rationed for the three month period. Adult names Age Sex Condition Health Dick Watson Wadagee 45 M Indigent Good Martie (Marcie?) Watson Earsella 30 F Indigent Good Eric Watson 2 1/2 M Dependent Good Percy Mitchell 65 M Indigent Fair Lulu Mitchell 55 F Indigent Good Jimmie Mardie Simpson 65 M Indigent Fair Maggie Yarrie Simpson 45 F Indigent Good Molly Eondoga 65 F Indigent Poor Jean Juneuna 55 F Indigent Fair Mary Conngeola 65 F Indigent Fair Jimmie Beer Beer 70 M Indigent Fair Don St Clair Durdy 24 M Indigent Good Ralph St Clair Dungardie 20 M Indigent Good Colin West 20 M Indigent Good Johnie West 18 M Indigent Good Bobby Smart 26 M Indigent Good Sargent Kennedy 55 M Indigent Good Alice Kennedy 18 F Indigent Good Maria Kennedy 3 1/2 F Dependent Good Betty Kennedy H/C 5 mth F Dependent Good Toby Jamison 45 M Indigent Good Fanny Willes 25 F Indigent Good Charlie Willes 35 M Indigent Good Peter Weewa 55 M Indigent Good Collie Weewa 55 F Indigent Fair Peter Coomballa Jackson 55 M Indigent Good Maggie Maida Jackson 55 F Indigent Good Tony Youngoogee 50 F Indigent Good Dina Noonee 55 F Indigent Good Gloria Newton 2 1/2 F Dependent Good Ruby Yoobbaa 50 F Indigent Good Johnny Morcome 65 M Indigent Good Morton Morcome 65 F Indigent Good Dan Jones 55 M Indigent Good Fannie Jones 55 F Indigent Good Total of 32 adults, 4 children in camp. HOME CHILDREN Age Sex Caste Health Relation Condition Ron Williams 14 M H/C Good Wadella's boy Good Peter Jamison 13 M F/B Good Chungardie's boy Good Leslie Walker 11 M F/B Good Wadagee's boy Dependent Norman Simpson 11 M F/B Fair Mardie's boy Dependent David Johnston 14 M F/B Good No parents living Dependent Ned Kennedy 9 M F/B Good Long Jack's boy Dependent Ron St Clair 8 M F/B Good Sinclair's boy Dependent Brian Wilkes 8 M F/B Good Nalledn's boy Dependent Stephen Roberts 7 M F/B Good Cherrie's bot Dependent Percy Crawford 7 M F/B Good Parents dead Dependent Dudley Williams 8 M H/C Good Waddell's boy Dependent Lindsay Poopiddie 6 M F/B Good Poopiddie's boy Dependent Robie Franks 6 M F/B Good Wonga's boy Dependent Cyril Willes 4 M H/C Good Neendun's boy Dependent John Watson 6 M F/B Good Wadagee's boy Dependent Johnnie Roberts 5 M F/B Good Cherrie's boy Dependent Raymond McCarty 6 M F/B Good Coorocudual's boy Dependent May Lewa Gordon 13 F F/B Good Mingah's girl Dependent Ida Wilson 12 F F/B Good Parents dead Dependent Mary Franks 9 F H/C Good Wonga's girl Dependent Alice Jackson 7 F F/B Good Coomballa's girl Dependent Jill Green 5 F F/B Good Culladena's girl Dependent 22 children in Home. Numbers rationed during three months Week Adults Children April 5 14 23 April 12 20 25 April 19 20 25 April 26 16 25 May 3 16 25 May 10 24 24 May 17 24 25 May 24 18 25 May 31 18 24 June 7 24 25 June 14 25 25 June 21 31 26 June 28 31 26 281 323 12 months period July 1, 1953 - July 1, 1954 Month Adults Children July 423 162 August 382 171 September 201 103 October 206 106 November 188 129 December 63 96 January 64 93 February 35 86 March 78 105 April 70 98 May 100 123 June 111 102 52 ration days for yearly average of 37 adults and 26 children. Yours Faithfully Robert Stewart Superintendent